3 Authentic Food tastings in Orangeville: Travelling is Yummilicious!

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The only thing I like besides travelling is food. If you look from my point of view, travelling adventures rely heavily on food intake as well.

You gotta eat something even to make the generous miles too. And well so what is a journey without some of the delicious food? No matter in what part of the country you are, there’s one thing common that combines every culture i.e. love for food. So why would Canada be any different than the rest of the world?

Orangeville is not out of fiction

Smaller in size, this town has a lot of history jumbled up on Broadway. Once you visit the place you get to know the pure history in its landmarks and buildings with lots to do. And just so you know old is gold.

Someone hand me a fork and knife and Orangeville limo to ride…

food tastings in Orangeville

With so much sightseeing yearning for a good restaurant meal never end. Pleasingly during my adventures in Orangeville, Ontario, a small town quite near to Toronto, I tried some of the food tastings. Going from one discovering point to another on limo I got to try some of the amazing restaurants and cafes elongated in this historical town;

1. Blue Bird Café

What’s on the menu for lunch or dinner? Blue Bird Café is the right spot to stop by when indulging in your favourite outdoor activities in Orangeville. The starters, entrée, and desserts every item on the menu is mouthwatering.

I ordered the custom made woof fired oven pizza (why not bake it the traditional way?) and after getting my fill with the best margarita in town, I had topped it up with the perfect cherry pie. This place is popular for its Chicago-style certified Angus sirloin and chicken breast marinated in fresh herb…just mentioning it has my mouth all wet.

But being the Italian based café, the pasta courses are the real bomb in the menu. The hot Italian sausage and penne pamero…the handmade kinds of pasta by chefs are the best.

2. Mono Cliffs Inn

What do you have to do in winter but warm up near the hearth? Wood crackling and a hot cup of mocha warming your tingling toes…pretty good eh? It’s not only the food but the ambiance of the eatery that attracts you too.

Mono Cliffs Inn is what I’m describing here people. Travelling on the next day for a planned lunch after taking ample pictures of Town Hall and Public Library, this stone fireplace and the original wood floors reminded me of why people love this town.

Preserving the character and novelty of the area, it can hold up to 35-40 people (and that’s a house full). The innkeeper is a real charm here and loves to welcome people with open arms. Besides, that food is simply delicious and off the charts, with a reasonably priced menu. You can enjoy a quick wine tasting at the wine cellar as well. While the inn is divided into Pub, patio, a private room for dining and the main dining room with large picture windows open to the outside view.

I just fell in love with the cozy ambiance and hospitality towards guests.

3. Angel’s Diner

What can be better than having your breakfast in the town’s best eatery? Serving their best breakfast items, this place rocks! Being a traveller you have to rely on your first cherry of the day and skipping breakfast is never healthy for a soul either, so the moment I got up hitched the ride on Orangeville limo waiting outside of my guest house, I simply went to experience the food just for sake of doing a delicious breakfast.

Comfort, value and food are what this fine family eatery relies on. Get yourself a serving of French toast, chicken tenders, fresh salads, club sandwiches and what not? Opened at various locations, you can experience the menu with your family and friends when visiting Orangeville.

Good food means Good Mood

Orangeville is a true surprise bundle with some of the finest places to enjoy a good time and taste some good food.  Your love for food is as sincere as your first dream.

I had my experience when will be yours?


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