3 Major Warning Signs Which Indicate You Need New Tyres

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Anything that has been in use for a long time gets old and loses its efficiency. The tyres of your car lose some tread every time you take them for a drive as they take damages from uneven roads and potholes. Now it does not matter how carefully you drive, the harm that tyres take from the surrounding is inevitable.

If your tyres are in a bad condition, you can experience a sudden breakdown or even a tyre blowout which can cause a terrible accident. You can avoid any major breakdown by keeping a check on the condition of your tyres.

While you can increase the life of your tyre by having a better driving style, there will come a point where you will have to replace them with new tyres. But the question is how do know your tyres have become redundant and you need new tyres.

If you visit a mechanic timely, he will alert you when the tyres are dead. However, you don’t need to visit a mechanic just to know the conditions of your tyres.

We are going to share a few helpful ways to know whether your tyres are in good conditions or need to be replaced.

Depth of tyre tread

The tread you see in the tyre is required to maintain traction with the road and to grip different surfaces. Different types of tyres have different treads. A high-performance tyre will have a smooth tread with less depth that maintain the optimal level of traction with the ground and at the same time helps maintain great speed. A tyre with aggressive treads such as all-terrain tyre or mud tyre will a strong tread with deep tread and big voids which grip rugged terrains and resist skidding.

This tread gradually wears out and a point comes when the tyre goes bald. When this happens, it is not able to grip any terrain or maintain traction with the ground. Different countries have different minimum tread requirement. In Saudi Arabia, you need to have at least 1.6 mm of tread depth

The minimum tyre tread that is required to drive safely on roads is 1.6 millimetres. If your tread falls below this, change your tyres immediate because driving on bald tyres can pose a threat to your life and the lives of other people.

Measuring the tread depth

Measuring the depth is not a difficult task either. You can use a depth gauge. If you can get obtain an American penny from somewhere that it will become quite simple for you to measure.

American cent has Abraham Lincoln’s image on it. You can put it into the tyre with Abraham’s face directed towards the tyre. If you can see Abraham’s head after putting it into the tyre, this means your tyres have worn out.

If Abraham’s whole head can be seen, then this means your tyre’s tread has worn out.

New tyres are coming with tread wear indicators. These are hard to see when the tyres are new but as they grow old, the bars start getting visible. There are many bars. If you can see more than two bars, it is time to get some new rubber.


Cracked Sidewalls

Where you need a gauge to measure the depth of tread, when it comes to sidewalls, you can simply look for cracks and damage. Minor cracks are okay. But if you see any major crack or cut then it means the tyre is prone to blowouts or skidding.

Bulges on the outer surface

As your tyres get old and take more damage, the outer surface becomes weak. When the surface is fragile, bulges and blisters can occur as they hit a pothole or rocks.

Bulges on the outer surface should not be taken lightly, the reason being these can cause immediate blowouts.

These are the major signs which indicate that your tyre is in bad condition. If you notice any of these tyres then take immediate action. You can browse a ton of best tyres in Saudi Arabia, online.


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