3 Week Old Rabbit: Size, Weight, Food, Training And More

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How big will my bunny be? – Rabbits are fully grown at a year old, but depending on the breed, they can grow and weigh as much as 3 pounds in just a few weeks!

There is nothing cuter than a bunny as a pet! They’re easy to socialize with, so they’ll get along with their person soon. Additionally, rabbits can be trained without too much effort.

If you’re looking for the perfect pet that won’t give you a lot of trouble, rabbits may be your answer.

A 3-week-old baby bunny weighs around 50 grams and is 10 cm long. In order to give them the best care we compiled a short guide containing information about size, weight, food, training, and more. If you would like to read it click here.

3 Week Old Rabbit: Size, Weight, Food, Training And More

3-week old bunnies are about 5-7 inches tall on average and female rabbits are bigger than male ones.

Depending on the breed, the size can also vary. Bunnies grow rapidly at this age so they look like adult rabbits except they’re smaller in size.

A 3-week-old rabbit starts to grow properly because at this stage, their organs and muscles develop quickly.

The fur on a 3-week-old rabbit is fluffy and fuzzy because they’re growing a lot of fur all over their bodies.

Rabbits will grow in size from 5 inches to 7 inches by the time they are two weeks old. They want be at least 7 inches tall at 3 weeks of age.

A female rabbit is usually bigger than a male rabbit in just about every breed out there.

Their size can range from 6-9 inches depending on the breed, and with that height they often look much bulkier than 3 week old male rabbits who would be smaller in size.

Baby rabbits grow rapidly until they’re about 3 weeks old. Adult bunnies are generally 5 to 7 inches taller, so you can tell a young rabbit apart from an adult.

3 Week Old Rabbit Weight: Ideal Weight

A 3-week-old rabbit will weigh, on average, between 3 and 5 ounces. But the weight will vary depending at what stage they are in their life. There are factors that can also affect a rabbit’s weight, such as genetics or species.

Baby rabbits at this week often look bigger than adult rabbits, but in reality their weight isn’t the same.

The standard weight for 3-week-old bunnies is 3 to 5 ounces. Males and females have different weights. Females are generally heavier than males.

Weight Of A 3-Week-Old Rabbit Varies Across Different Breeds Or Species

The weight of a 3-week-old rabbit should be

Breed Of A 3-Week-Old RabbitWeight Of A 3-Week-Old Rabbit
3 week old cottontail rabbit male1½-2 pound
3 week old cottontail rabbit female1½ – 2½ pound
3-week old wild rabbit maleapproximately 2-3 pounds
3-week old wild rabbit female2-3 pounds
3 week old lionhead rabbit male2-3 pound
3-week old lionhead rabbit female2½ -3½ pound
3-week old rex rabbit male2-3 pound
3-week old rex rabbit female2- 5 pound

3 Week Old Rabbit Food: What To Feed?

When you’re a new rabbit parent, it’s important to study all aspects of caring for your baby rabbit, from what to feed it to where to play.

This can be especially hard if you have a 3-week old bunny and have no idea about their menu.

During the fourth week of their life, rabbits go through different changes, both in their body and behavior. That’s why they need enough protein to develop properly.

Rabbits should be fed milk exclusively for the first four weeks. However, from week three on you can introduce solid foods like pellets, pre-made bunny food, hay and alfalfa to the mixture of milk.

Rabbits can eat green food as early as 3 weeks old. And while many people assume that you can’t feed them green foods at this age, you can introduce them to green and fresh foods progressively.

How Much Food Ideally Should A 3 Week Old Rabbit Eat?

It is very crucial to take good care of a baby rabbit is its diet. To make sure that it’s always satisfied and growing the way it should, you should know how much food a baby rabbit needs.

3 weeks of age is the perfect time to start feeding pellets and hay to your rabbit. Limiting the amount is important.

A 3 weeks old rabbit needs to eat 2 times a day. That’s the recommendation from experts, but it can vary depending on the size of the rabbit.

Baby rabbits have to have formulas fed to them using droppers or syringes. You’ll want to learn how much food a 3-week-old bunny should eat and then measure the food accordingly, using 15 cc per meal for a 30 cc syringe.

Baby rabbits can start having fresh food at 3 weeks old, as long as there is a treat once or twice a week.

3 Week Old Rabbit Behavior

Rabbits are social creatures and react to their surrounding environment, new foods and lifestyle changes. In general, a rabbit’s behavior is heavily influenced by its age. 

Let’s take a look at what a 3-week old rabbit might be like. At this stage, baby rabbits start to move. They often take a walk and become fluffier with fur. 

Rabbits at this age love to get along and have fun by cuddling and playing with others. These rabbits also look for more freedom and try to be active as much as they can.

How Much Sleep Does 3-Week Old Rabbits Usually Need?

The sleep schedule for a 3-week-old rabbit is quite different to that of other animals. The reason for this is that they mostly spend their time sleeping during the day, and as such need sufficient sleep in order to thrive.

A wild rabbit will typically sleep for about 10 hours a day. This may vary depending on the breed and health of the specific animal. Some captive rabbits might need more than 20 hours in order to function well.

How Much Exercise For A 3-Week-Old Rabbit?

Rabbits are energetic and lively by nature, but they need to have regular exercise if you raise them out of their natural environment. 3-week-old rabbits’ exercise includes jumping, running around, hopping, etc.

A baby rabbit that is three weeks old needs four hours of exercise every day. This is the maximum amount of time that a young bunny should spend exercising outdoors. 

To make sure the baby rabbit doesn’t get tired, you can split up the duration into two parts so that it gets enough rest.

Sometimes you can let your baby bunny play and explore the hay. They’ll run and jump, wrestle with mom or dad, and explore the world around them.

How To Take Care Of 3 Week Old Rabbit?

Young rabbits are fragile and need to be kept in the dark, warm, and quiet place. A cardboard house or nest is a good idea for their comfort. They need a lot of sleep, so when they’re napping, you should leave them alone.

3-week old rabbits need more protein to develop their bodies. Feed them rolled oats, hay, pellets, or even whole milk twice a day.

Healthy and active rabbits play outside every day–if they’re only 3-weeks old.

What Does A 3-Week-Old Rabbit Look Like?

Young rabbits tend to develop more quickly when they are 3 weeks old. At that age, they are 5-7 inches tall and their organs are more developed, and muscles are stronger.

Three-week-old rabbits are nearly as big as adult rabbit.

How Many Hours A Day Should I Leave My 3-Week-Old Rabbit Out Of Its Cage?

Rabbits should be allowed to roam freely, preferably next to nature. If you’re raising a 3-week-old bunny, it should get at least 3 hours of free range time every day.

How To Train A 3-Week Old Rabbit?

Because of their curious nature, rabbits need to start learning new things as young as possible.

The sooner you teach them how to behave, the more time you’ll have to get them used to their environment and vice versa. Here’s an example of what you should do to train your 3-week-old rabbit:

Potty training:

Potty training can be rough, but it’s not impossible. Our goal is to make your journey a little easier by providing some tips to help you along the way.

Fill a litter box with hay, sawdust, or paper. Keep the empty space in your rabbits’ living quarters clean and accessible so that they are reminded to use it as a toilet.

Place the rabbit near the litter for more time so it can spot its new bedding.

When the rabbit is outside of its cage, it will notice the litter and make sure to deposit it in the litterbox.

Name training:

Your rabbits will learn your names when you talk to them. Say their name every time you feed or play with it, and they’ll learn it quickly. Use treats and toys to reward the bunny. Prefer a certain toy? Reward it with that toy!

If you repeat its name enough, it will eventually start to recognize that name and respond to it.

Final thoughts

Rabbits are born after an average of thirty-eight days, and 3-week-old rabbits can be 5 – 7 inches tall. 

Females are generally taller than males, and their average weight ranges from 3 to 5 ounces up to 8 ounces for a really big doe.

3 week old rabbits can vary in size depending on the type of rabbit and what breed they are.


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