4 Items You’re Forgetting to Pack for College

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4 Items You’re Forgetting to Pack for College

By: Alexis Pike


It’s been a summer of fun and games and catching up on some serious sleep. Now that the season is coming to an end and the new semester is looming, whether you’re a veteran college student or starting your freshman year, you’re not going to want to miss or forget the important things before heading out the door. Oftentimes some essentials are missed when packing for college. Whether you thought you weren’t going to need it, or just forgot to throw it in a box before leaving, chances are you’re going to regret not grabbing something. Here are four things you didn’t pack but need to ASAP.


Surge Protector + Extension Cord


After eighteen years or even just a summer of having your own room and living space, you’re not used to sharing your precious outlets. Not only does college tend to mean sharing a room, but it also can mean sharing outlet space. Outlets are not always in the most ideal of locations through the dorm or bedroom and sometimes frankly there’s just not enough of them. Having an extension cord and surge protector will help combat this issue. There’s nothing worse than having to keep your phone charger across the room or having to sit in the most inconvenient spot in the house just for an empty outlet.




When you’re a college student with a full class load, having to wash and fold laundry can be a daunting task. Folding tends to be a time-consuming activity and, especially when you have a test to study for, it takes second priority. After your clothes have been in a pile on your bed for a while they are most likely a wrinkled mess. Instead of going through the process of pulling out the ironing board and iron, and then the begrudgingly ironing your clothes, buy a steamer. Not only will it fit in your ‘poor college student budget’, but they also heat up pretty quick. You can even use it on your shirts while they are still on the hanger, enabling you to quickly remove wrinkles before putting it on and running out the door.


Pepper Spray


As much as we want to believe that walking everywhere, including walking around campus late at night after a study session is safe, it isn’t always the case. While being away from home and in a new place, it is important to stay alert and be aware of what is going on around you. Pepper spray is a good thing to always have with you and carry around. You can also purchase a practice bottle of pepper spray filled with water so that you can be sure you know how to use it and ensure you don’t injure yourself in the process of trying to use it.


To ensure you stay safe while at school, make sure you know where your campus security office is and have campus security and local authorities numbers saved on your phone. Try




avoiding going places alone at night and, if you have to, be aware of your surroundings, walk confidently, take your headphones out, and make sure someone you trust knows your plans.




It’s easy to be excited for new classes in a new semester, but in order to keep the momentum going throughout the semester, it’s vital to stay motivated. Trying to get back into a schedule and habit after a summer of not having one, is a little tricky. It’s important to stay organized so that you don’t miss any deadlines or important assignments. Staying on top of your to-do-list as long as possible in the semester will help keep you motivated and will make for a strong semester. Keep a fairly consistent schedule for your days. Include breaks while you’re studying so you don’t get burned out. It’s also necessary that you let yourself have fun and you aren’t glued to a computer screen the whole semester and miss out on fun events and things happening on and off-campus.


Regardless of if this is your first semester or your last semester, it can be overwhelming and trying. Colleges offer orientations to help familiarize yourself with the campus, the area and activities to get involved in. Going off to college is supposed to be a fun, and exciting time and with the right tools and tricks, it can be. However, it can end up being more stressful if you forget some important items. By making sure these things are on your packing list this semester it will hopefully make for a smoother transition into your new normal.


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