4 Robust Digital Marketing Trends to Boost Your Company Easily

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Next year promises a lot in terms of online or digital marketing for business improvement. The digital marketing is gaining more and more space in the modern-day business world and its impact on various brands to engage with your target audience is significant. It is therefore essential that we keep an eye on this ever-changing environment so that we can identify new digital marketing trends, behavioral changes and the emergence of new technologies.

We are a Website Designing Company Dubai based operating for years and in fact we have gained the momentum by thoroughly reviewing, adopting and implementing the innovative digital marketing trend each year. 

So in this article, Digital Graphiks provides you with very useful tips on how to boost your brand or business in 2020 by following the new and existing digital marketing trends. 


1.      Social Media Marketing

Digital marketing is strong based on various social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube among others. All these will remain the stronger social media channels in 2020. We all know this but how will they do in the coming years for exponential growth of the business. Instagram will be the king and this channel has already surpassed Facebook. It means that investment in Instagram ads will help increase the number of users. It has already noted in 2019 that more and more companies are increasingly shifting their investments from Facebook to Instagram. However, Instagram is not the only one to see triple-digit growth in advertising revenue, YouTube also grew 189% per year, based on Q2 through 2019.

2.                  Voice Searches

For some years there has been much talk about the increase in voice searches, and the need to adapt SEO strategies to this type of search. But the question is how to adapt to this new behavior? The general consideration is to create content around semantic phrases instead of the typical keywords, and use a conversational tone, relying on “long tail” keywords. But not only voice searches are performed on Google. In general, searches performed on devices such as Echo or Google Home is not transactional … for now. People do not use smart speakers to buy, but for other functions such as playing music or talking about the weather.

This does not mean that they do not offer opportunities for marketing, quite the opposite! The creation of specific brand content for these channels will be the trend throughout the coming year and beyond.

More and more brands are working on creating content of value for the user adapted to smart speakers, such as Alexa skills. Do not be left behind!

3.                  Videos 

In the trending session that is already underway, we give special emphasis to the videos. That’s right, video marketing remains a gamble for next year. Currently, this content format is a favorite of users, so much so that YouTube is the second most used search platform in the world. And why are videos still trending? This format is currently one of the most versatile, allowing for a variety of approaches and styles, as well as encouraging engagement by combining image, sound and motion. Videos typically show content that is easier to digest and entertain. 

If you still don’t think video is worth investing in as part of digital marketing strategy for boosting your company, here’s one last thing: Format is a marketers’ favorite because it brings a higher return on investment than other forms of content.

4.                  Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be the core of digital marketing in 2020. The most common form of AI implementation today is the hats helping companies maintain customer service without having to invest much. For example, the customer service industry is faster and does not answer slower than human to answer any kind of common user question, they are integrated into websites and messaging applications like Facebook Messenger which is the most used today in digital marketing. 

Besides answering questions from clients, it will increasingly be used in online businesses for direct sales of products and services, such as ordering a taxi, making a reservation or even scheduling an appointment with your dentist. 


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