4 Tenant’s Rights Basics: Obligations as per the Landlord-Tenant Law

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Landlord-tenant laws are developed to serve as a blueprint to manage certain rights and responsibilities for both the parties. They are the two important parties that are associated with the lease for a house or an apartment. Adhere to the terms, regulations and the lease agreement, the landlord must provide a safe and functional habitat in exchange of monthly rent by the due date. On the other hand, tenants are also responsible to follow specific aw as per the federal, state and few local lows. These also include the right to a habitable house, the right to not be discriminated against and the right to not be forced to pay more apart from a security deposit and the decided rent amount. Know some of the basic tenant’s rights that are mentioned as an overview with the reference to the law of California.

  • The right to avail a habitable house: A reasonably fit house that can be termed as a habitable home to be lived in. If you are renting that doesn’t mean that you relocate anywhere at any condition. Inspect the entire property or get an agent to find the right property for rent and or contact Tenants rights attorney for discussing the basic rights, if you are new to the city. Know the basic right to avail a habitable home:
  • Warranty of constant habitability
  • Know the duty of landlords in term of maintenance, repairs, notice period and agreement.
  • Follow anti-discrimination laws
  • Definite Security deposits
  • The Right to Privacy
  • Follow Anti-Discrimination Laws: According to the federal Fair Housing Act, landlord should not show any sign of discrimination to their present or any prospective tenants on the ground of gender, colour, race, familial status, national origin, ethnicity, religion, or disability and also note this point, the LGBTQ individuals must be treated with respect. Moreover, under some notably directed laws, a landlord can evict you if there is an issue that may trigger eviction. Hence consult with Eviction defense attorney to know more about it. As per the anti-discrimination laws, there are few things to observe and they are:
  • History and law of housing and civil Rights
  • Know your rights about Housing discrimination
  • Fair Housing Act
  • Learn the Tenant’s Right to Privacy: As you are living in a rented place, that doesn’t give the privilege to your landlord to barge in whenever they need. Maybe, they own the entire property, still it is strictly against the rule and the right to privacy. A reasonable level of privacy is always important for any tenant and thus, know this right and always talk accordingly about the landlord’s entry if needed. For example, there are times of repair or property check and so on, fix the time beforehand to avoid such intrusion. On the other hand, your landlord has other reasonable rights like,
  • Evaluating prospective tenant’s crime records
  • Checking credit history
  • Background screening of the Tenant
  • Manage security deposit or rent amount: The tenant has to pay the due amount of rent by the stipulated date and also, ensure security deposit while availing the place. This deposit acts as security money in case tenant fail to pay as per the lease agreement. Moreover, as per the state and legal security standards, there is a set of security deposit amount and no one can reach beyond that maximum amount of security.

There are also few other basic guidelines to follow to prevent any discrimination by the landlord and it is always better to know about your rights to take action on time. Know your legal responsibilities from Tenants rights attorney and discuss thoroughly if you need any kind of help or experience consulting.


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