5 Benefits Of Reading: Why You Should Read Every Day

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5 Benefits Of Reading: Why You Should Read Every Day

5 Benefits Of Reading: Why You Should Read Every Day
5 Benefits Of Reading: Why You Should Read Every Day








Benefits of reading may be a deniable assumption, but people who read are more intellectual than those who don’t. The more people garner information from books, the more they fill their brains with more knowledge that others don’t even have a clue about.

Both children and adults alike should make it a habit to read daily. And I don’t mean reading from Facebook posts and Instagram captions. I meant sitting down for a few minutes or hours daily to immerse yourself into a book.

Whether it’s a magazine biography, a comic book, a novel, poetry or an essay, reading makes you feel a whole lot better. In case you haven’t gotten into the habit of reading every day, here are the top 5 benefits of reading that will make you pick up a book.

1. Prevents Memory Loss

I an unaware about you, but there have been books I read before, that were extremely difficult to decipher. Even the names of the characters were difficult to pronounce! Because reading stimulates you mentally, it can be a form of exercise for your brain.

In turn, when you create new memories, this also creates new brain pathways and amplifies the current ones. Due to this, it improves short-term memory hence, prevents memory loss in the long run.

We all know how daunting the effects of old age are. Dementia and Alzheimer’s diseases are the most common types of memory issues. Reading daily at an early age may prevent the onset of these mental conditions.

5 Benefits Of Reading: Why You Should Read Every Day
5 Benefits Of Reading: Why You Should Read Every Day

2. Great Stress-Reliever

When I read a book, it’s like the entire real world collapses and I become a part of the book. I paint an image in my head and always put myself in the characters’ shoes. Reading, for me, is a great stress-reliever.

Once you find a great book in your favourite genre, sometimes you can’t help but lock yourself in your room or bask in the sun for hours on end. Like exercise, reading a book can relax you one way or another.

3. Strengthens Critical Thinking

Can you tell me how many times have you debated with your bookworm friends about the plot of a book? Reading allows you to analyze details that are way beyond your comprehension.

Although nonfiction books are relatively easy to understand, young adult fiction books are relatively more difficult to dissect. That’s because you have to read between the lines and discern all the symbolism involved. Because of a more profound way of thinking, this develops your overall analytical skills.

4. Expands Knowledge

“A reader no doubt lives a thousand lives before he dies while the man who never reads lives only one.” True enough, an avid reader can live vicariously through the characters. He will also have more information up his sleeve than someone who never picks up a book every once in a while.

Not only do you obtain information about a lot of things, but you also expand your vocabulary. Expansion of the vocabulary is beneficial, especially in the workplace, as it makes you more eloquent.

5. Excellent Pastime

Some people prefer going to the mall as their pastime while some prefer reading. I prefer the latter because although reading doesn’t offer physical benefits, it provides a lot of mental benefits that transcends through the physical aspects.

Plus, when you equip yourself with a lot of books, it can be a great conversation starter with friends or random people.

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