OriginElle | 5 Precious Tips To Help You Get Better At Pregnant|Uterine polyps or Endometrial Polyps

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A Guide About Conception And Tips To Help You Get Pregnant Fast

by Prashant

OriginElle | 5 Precious Tips To Help You Get Better At Pregnant|Uterine polyps or Endometrial Polyps

Whenever you want to start your family, you need to prepare your body first. There’s no fixed time for conceiving. Every female body is different, so conception time varies from person to person. But, as soon as you start your family planning, no one wants to wait. Though conceived a baby is not in your hands, but you can definitely improve the chances of pregnancy.  If you’re planning for pregnancy and want consultant then OriginElle is the best place for you.

5 Precious Tips To Help You Get Better At Getting Pregnant

Here is a guide that will let you know about tips to get pregnant fast and problems with conception.

Consultation for preconception:

Before pregnancy, you need to make your body ready for conception. Whether you’ve any iron deficiency or any hormonal imbalance, this can be detected by performing consultation and different tests. If there will be any deficiency in your body then you’ll be prescribed prenatal vitamins and supplements. Make sure you are having iron and zinc to prevent any kind of birth defect in the baby. Doctors will also advise you about the diet and exercise to increase the chances of pregnancy. If you have any medical issue, then it is important to treat it before conception.

Quit stress:

There are times when couples don’t conceive naturally or when it takes too much time in conception. This is no doubt a stressing moment for the couples. But in many studies and researches, it has been found that stress reduces the chances of pregnancy to a great extent. The main reason that lowers down the pregnancy is the stress as it imbalances the hormones. To get rid of this, you can go for exercise and yoga. The best option to overcome the problem of stress meditation.

Know your cycle:

Another important tip that you need to follow is to know your cycle. It means you need to know when you’re ovulating. The most fertile period that’ll help you to increase the chances of pregnancy in your fertile window. For this, you can make use of ovulation strips. With these strips, you’ll be able to know when you’re ovulating. Making relation during ovulation increases the chance of conception.

Get proper sleep:

For maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you need to have a proper 8 hours sleep. Sleep is essential for both mental and physical health. When you don’t get proper sleep, then your body’s hormone gets imbalances and makes it struggle a lot. Not only for pregnancy, but sleep is also considered crucial for complete health. So, if you are planning pregnancy, then make sure you having proper sleep.

Limit the intake of alcohol and smoking:

According to the experts and fertility specialists, intake of alcohol reduces the chances of pregnancy as it affects the ovulation. Apart from affecting the ovulation, alcohol can also affect the quality of the sperms. It is probably better to quit smoking and drinking when you are planning conception.

Live a healthy lifestyle:

When it comes planning pregnancy, you are needed to live a healthy life. To achieve a healthy lifestyle, you can include proper exercise, diet, and physical activity. Regular exercise is healthy habits that can de-stress you and help you in ovulating.

Maintain ideal weight:

Your weight can affect the chances of conception. If you are heavyweight then you will be advised by the doctors to lose some weight. Being too thin is also not good for your health. So, you need to maintain ideal body weight so that you can conceive fast.

Diet rich in iron, vitamins, and nutrients:

Proper diet and pregnancy are related to each other. A balanced diet of iron and vitamins can increase the chances of pregnancy. Green leafy vegetables, legumes and salmon fish are superfoods that balance the hormone. Apart from this, omega fatty 3 acids are an essential element that helps in conceiving your fast. If you wish to get pregnant fast, then you need to include omega 3 fatty acids in your diets such as flax seeds and sunflower seeds.

All these tips are essential if you’re planning to conceive, but there are times when a couple doesn’t conceive because of different fertility problems. 1 out of every 6 couples faces problems with conception.  Let’s discuss what the possible reasons that cause conception problems.

Problems with conception

Ovulation disorders:

There is no doubt that ovulation is the main reason that helps you to conceive. If there will any problem or no ovulation and then this will affect the pregnancy. Poor egg quality is also a factor that reduces the chances of being pregnant. This mostly happens in women who’re older than 35 years. With the passage of time, both quality and quantity of eggs decrease resulting in a lower chance of conception. During basic infertility treatment, follicular or ovulation study is done to find out about eggs formation, quality of eggs and number of follicles. The entire treatment will help you to know when you are ovulating so that you can have a relationship at that particular period.


Another reason that can cause infertility in women in Uterine polyps or Endometrial Polyps. These are mainly growths that occur in the inner lining of the uterus, which is known as the endometrium. These extend in an inward direction in the uterus. Usually, Uterine polyps are noncancerous but cause infertility and problems with a regular cycle. This problem is more likely to happen with older women than younger ones.

Chances of uterine polyps increase if the woman has high blood pressure or is overweight. Some common symptoms of uterine polyps include unusual spotting between the cycle, irregular menstrual period and spotting or bleeding after menopause. Treatment for uterine polyps includes hormonal medication and sometimes surgery. This can be detected by performing a few tests like

  • Endometrial biopsy
  • Transvaginal ultrasound
  • Three-dimensional ultrasound
  • Hysteroscopy
  • Hysterosonogram

If polyps get detected in the tests then hysteroscopy is done for their removal. Doctors commonly prescribe this treatment because of its higher success rate.

Fallopian tubes problems:

Another common problem that can be seen in many cases is the issues related to the fallopian tube. The main function of this tube is to make the sperms and egg meet. If there’s any scar, damage, adhesion or blockage in the tube, then you won’t be able to conceive naturally. To detect this, different tests are performed. If any kind of issue in the Fallopian tube is detected, then it can be treated through laparoscopy and other treatments.

Any pelvic surgery can also cause damage or scar in the tube. Thus, it is necessary to perform all the tests to find out the root cause of the infertility problem.

Thyroid problems:

One of the common problems that stop you from conceiving the thyroid. 1 out of every 5 women is having the thyroid. A thyroid gland is capable of imbalance your hormones and if you’re having imbalanced hormones then it is difficult to conceive. Thus, it is always advised to go for a routine check-up for thyroid.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS):

Because of lifestyle changes, there are a number of women who suffer from this PCOS problem. In this, the ovaries function in an abnormal way which causes problems in ovulation. There are a number of hormonal medications for treating this problem. Apart from this, a proper diet and regular exercise can also help in getting rid of PCOS.

Frequent menstrual cycle:

This is also a common reason for infertility in many women. Regular cycles occur between 21 days to 35 days. Thus, proper evaluation of menstrual cycle is very important if you are trying to conceive.

If the couples cannot conceive naturally then there are a number of treatments that can help in conceiving. These treatments include follicular study, IUI, IVF and many more. These treatments increase your chances of conception to a great extent. Though there is no 100 percent surety of success, these treatments will make your hormone balance and provide you a way to conceive through medications and injections.


OriginElle is the best fertility center where you can consult for your gynecological problems on conception, pregnancy, and infertility. Here you’ll find a number of experts who are highly qualified and experienced.

OriginElle | 5 Precious Tips To Help You Get  Pregnant|Uterine polyps or Endometrial Polyps


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