5 Simple Ways To Secure Your New Home

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5 Simple Ways To Secure Your New Home

5 Simple Ways To Secure Your New Home
5 Simple Ways To Secure Your New Home







You’ve made the leap; you are now a homeowner with a dream home. What now?

Well, the next thing you should put on your priority list is to make sure your home is secure from thieves and burglars. We live in different times; there are more daring criminals out who are desperate to get a few bucks despite any consequences. Here below are mentioned a few simple ways you can secure your new home.

1. Secure your doors

Number one rule when it comes to securing your brand new home is to make sure that your door is always, always secure. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the middle of the day or late at night, you should always lock it. Thieves and criminals are active the whole day and won’t hesitate to force entry into a home if they have the opportunity.

Other ways you can secure your door is by ensuring that the door frames are strong enough. It should be made with strong wood or other material that can take on a heavy beating. Your hinges should be strong as well, able to withstand impacts. Other ways you can secure your door is by installing a deadbolt for added protection and security. A strike plate is another great idea. This is a metal plate on the doorjamb that keeps the door closed. Consider upgrading to smart locks. These are new iterations of door locking mechanism that does not require any key to open, instead of using electronic means from an authorized device.

2. Secure windows

The windows in our homes are another favorite entry point that many strangers, thieves, and burglars prefer to use. This is because doors are sometimes too conspicuous, often facing the street or a neighbour’s house. But there are more options for windows. Some windows are facing hidden parts of the house unseen from the street. Some are in dark corners of the house and would be perfect for gaining entry into the house. Plus, most windows are made of weak and flimsy material, often requiring only simple and common tools to open.

Securing windows are not at all that complicated or expensive, you just need to be a little creative to outwit attackers. You can replace window latches with a more robust one. You can also go with key-operated locks and making sure that they are always shut and locked. For glass windows, you can add a window security film to keep the glass from shattering when someone tries to break it. Should you want a little more security, you can add window bars. These require professional work and a little more money, though.

5 Simple Ways To Secure Your New Home
5 Simple Ways To Secure Your New Home

3. Light up

The path towards our house should be well lit especially at night. Don’t just focus on the front yard; make sure the back and the sides of the house is visible at all times to prevent any thieves from gaining entry. Pathways, garage, decks, and patios should have ample light to discourage anyone from going near your home or to easily see anyone trying to sneak in. This has the added bonus preventing you from stumbling or falling when trying to get to the front door.

For added security and to lower the cost of electricity from keeping lights on all night, consider having a motion-activated light. These are very common now and many homes have installed these. They flood an area with light the moment movement is detected. You can set the sensitivity of the sensors so it doesn’t get triggered by swaying leaves or small pets. Solar-powered lights are also a great option at lowering your electric bill. They charge all day and can be turned on the whole night.

4. Gear up the garage

Just because our garage doesn’t have any large windows or anything valuable to steal doesn’t mean it can’t be used as a point of entry for home invaders. Many instances of house attacks start because the garage is not secure. And many criminals know this and exploit this to their advantage. Always make sure to keep your garage doors and windows locked and secure at all times even if you don’t frequent that part of the house. You might also want to consider keeping the garage door switch inside the house instead of your car.

Other ways to secure your garage is to upgrade to a smart garage door opener. These nifty little gadgets won’t open for anyone other than devices that are pre-programmed for entry. You may also want to cover anything of value inside so they are not seen when the doors are opened. Adding more locks for security is always a good idea especially for a room that is so spacious and easily accessed. Consider also mounting a spy wireless camera right by the garage door for continuous monitoring and to prevent strangers from attempting to gain entry.

5. Install a home security system

If your new home doesn’t already have one, then consider getting one installed for security. Security systems have become almost mandatory in many modern homes, often a requirement in applying for home insurance. They come in in different varieties with a huge range of options from a simple burglar alarm to complex cameras and home automation.

Make sure you get one that is the right fit for your home and the neighbourhood you live in. Getting in touch with your local police station can help you decide the perfect system for your home.

In choosing one, consider the installation, if you can do it yourself or have a professional do the installation. Make sure that the company that sells it has reputable customer service as you might need to get in contact with them every once in a while. Scalability is also another consideration.

You may additionally want to upgrade in the future and the system should be capable of doing that. Cost is also a major factor, whether you have to pay upfront or on a monthly basis. Add-ons can also be included like carbon monoxide and smoke monitoring.


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