5 Tips For Choosing The Best Slatted Bed Base

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A bed base, which has long been the most traditional structure of rest, contributes many things to your sleeping hours, but above all comfort and adaptability. It does not matter if the base you want is a slatted bed base or another type: the choice will always have to go in line with the mattress on which you sleep.

Did you know that a good bed base takes up to 20% of the mechanical effort of all the rest equipment? In addition, if it is in good condition it helps the durability of the mattress.

Since a base also plays a relevant role in the enjoyment of a restful sleep, knowing the keys to choosing the best slatted bed base or the most suitable base is essential.


A suitable base is the essential complement to a good rest equipment. Find the best one for you, and make sure it has lots of sheets, very narrow and close together. It is a golden rule.

It is advisable to choose the mattress before making a decision on the bed base. This way you make sure that the mattress technology is adequate, and vice versa.

Pay attention to the supports. It is advisable that they are resistant to withstand the passage of time. Also known as ‘studs’ are another element that must be in tune with the mattress material.

With the passage of time and thanks to the work in innovation, the slatted bed base has been greatly technician, for example, reinforcing it in the firmer part of the trunk, which is the heaviest. Look for those who have this extra support.

Springing fixed or electric? The slatted frames are also part of the range of options. They allow a greater variety of postures during sleep and almost all of them respond to the natural curvature of the body. By placing the body at different angles, the weight is better distributed and circulation is improved, benefiting the deep sleep of those who feel more comfortable in this type of base.


If you know what each product offers you, it is much easier to make the choice when buying. Surely, if you have researched the slatted bed base, you will also have discovered the upholstered bases. Do you want to know the differences?

The slatted frames offer adaptability, ventilation and durability. Flexible sheets offer more ergonomics and adapt dynamically to changes in posture. In addition, the space between sheets allows air circulation for a more hygienic and pleasant environment. There are several types of slatted bed bases:

Slatted wooden bed base: made up of several layers of wood that, for a good rest, should be of high quality.

Fiberglass or carbon fiber bed base: made of a very resistant material and specially designed to last. Specifically, the carbon fiber ones are exclusively designed and manufactured. They adapt perfectly to any type of mattress.

The rigid or upholstered bases also have several types. They range from the Divalent , which is an upholstered table with legs, to the rigid canapés , with a double structure that gives it greater presence and height, and folding canapés , which in addition to being a great resting base, become authentic cabinets under the mattress.

Mydeal mid-range and high-end rigid bases have the so-called Base Air System to facilitate the perspiration of the bottom layer of the mattress thanks to the creation of an air chamber. This is how they adopt one of the fundamental characteristics of a slatted bed base. Check this best user guide for more details.


To resolve this question, it is only necessary to test a mattress on a rigid upholstered base and then on a slatted bed base. Important: on a quality bed base and not any hard ‘board’ posing as this product.

What is truly relevant is making sure that the mattress fits the bed frame, so that both are in charge of providing adequate rest. We give you two practical examples to understand it better:

Despite beliefs, a high-quality foam mattress can be placed on a rigid base. The mattresses with Bolted or Comforted technology allow this given their high level of permeability.

If you have a firm and ergonomic mattress, your back will not suffer at all if you combine it with an upholstered base.

The choice is much easier when you understand that choosing a slatted bed base or an upholstered base only depends on what each person asks of their sleeping equipment. Do you want flexibility? So the right thing is a slatted bed base. Do you prefer to bet on firmness? An upholstered base is the best solution because it is more solid than the bed bases.


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