6 hazardous driving mistakes that rookie drivers make

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From tailgating and overspeeding to overlooking hints and postponing the maintenance of the vehicle, these are the most common mistakes that new drivers make when they get behind the wheels. 

Not Maintaining Enough Distance with Other Cars 

The ideal distance between your car and the vehicle in front of you must be at least two-second driving distance. If you drive too close to the vehicle next to you, the driver may get intimidated. Hence, driving too close or tailgating can put your life at risk by increasing the chances of a collision, especially on wet roads. 

The driver in front of you may have to take a hard stop and the reasons for it are infinite. For instance, a person starts to walk in front of him or his lane is abruptly blocked due to an accident or some other reason. So, if you are tailgating, you might end up hitting the next car. 

Don’t over speed 

Speed thrills but surely kills. Over speeding is among the top mistakes that new drivers make. You might be so engrossed in driving that you fail to realise how fast you are driving. People who overspend don’t only put their lives in danger but others too.  

Many beginners just focus on the surface in front of them while they are driving. This is called narrow looking. Always keep an eye on your surroundings and try to look far away while driving. Try noticing the outlets on your sides or look for road signs as you drive.  


Not keeping the windows clean 

Clean and transparent windows are important to drive safely. Before entering the car, inspect the windshield and make sure that there are no spots on it which can hinder your sight. If your windows are hazy, reduce the temperature inside the car. Lowering the temperature will stop the moisture from getting condensed on the glass. 

Lack of Car Maintenance 

Maintaining the car is a tough task whether you are a new driver or an experienced one. However, the new drivers will find it more challenging to maintain the machine in the beginning. 

A vehicle is an investment, so you have to take good care of it. If you abandon or delay the maintenance, your car will yield expensive mechanic bills.   



Piling into the car 

Don’t overload your car with more people. Many experts believe that if there are more people in the car, the risk of a fatal accident will increase. Now, the factors behind it can be different. For instance, the driver may get angry or he might be distracted.  

Whatever the case is, never pile too many people in your car. And, if you ever encounter a situation like that, don’t lose your cool and be calm. 

Not analyzing the road situation ahead of time 

When you are behind the wheels, you need to analyze the situation of the road ahead of time. If you are driving a large-sized vehicle such as a large truck or an SUV, you will have a better view of the road. 

A vehicle of short or average height will struggle to see the broad view of the road as car tyres are short in height unlike truck or SUV tyres. 

But don’t worry, you can observe the other drivers who are behind the wheels. Since they have a broader view, if you feel they are changing lanes all of sudden, follow them. It is probable that they have seen a road blockage or an accident. 

One common thing with beginners is that they panic quickly and lose control of the vehicle. As a driver, you will make bad decisions if you are in the effect of anxiety or fear. So, take a deep breath, calm down and don’t lose your confidence when you encounter an unpleasant situation. 


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