7 Best Hair Styling for Men

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Every men like handsome and beautiful. Hair is an important part of the body. Hairstyles are just as significant as anything else that affects our looks. Some men’s hairstyles to get encouraged from for when looking for a new do.

Short cuts are considered to be men hairstyles classic cuts.


Short hairstyles


Short hairstyles are often being deliberated out of style, which brings us to medium length haircuts. Various ways of wearing a short cut could be with bangs forward or at a certain vertical angle. Using some of your hairstyling products to get a recent spike effect is also a very trendy way to have your hair. This look is also gained by messing up your hair right when you come out of the shower and using a hair styling product such as paste, wax or gel, but instead of pushing the hair forward, the bangs are pushed back and the hair is all over the place.


Mop Hairstyle


Another hairstyle is a mop. This hairstyle really reveals off this model’s amazing thick hair. Butch/Buzz cut hairstyle is cut with clippers to a parallel length all over the head. A low maintenance style, which can suit thinning hair.


Flattop hairstyle


Flattop hair style is cut alike to a Crew cut, except the top is cut to form a flat shape. This style appeals to most ages and professions. Long hair is a hard style for men to wear. Men will normally have thick, strong, waved or curly, and stubborn hair. When it starts to grow too long, instead of falling down it will twist and turn into a massive bush… undesirable to say the least. Other long hairstyles also include dreads which aren’t occasional and still fashionable, there is never anything wrong with honoring your roots.


Long on the top hairstyle


Long on the top hairstyle, keeping hair short on the sides but longer on top admits you to brush your bangs to the side. Low Fade hairstyle is shaved to the skin around the core of the sides and back of the head and then tapered, blended or ‘faded’ into the length at the top. High and Tight hairstyles are shaved completely free of hair. The top is normally cut in a short flat top, or hummed to around 1/7 or ¼ inch. The high and tight is a fairly standard cut for US Marines.


Medium cuts hairstyle


Another hairstyle is medium cuts. This style isn’t simply a scuffle and go. Ironically, the bed head look needs a bit more work. Adding some type of gel to hair will get this new look we are discussing about. Burr hairstyle is cut to 1/8 inch all over the head. A perfect low-maintenance hair style.


Classic Taper hairstyle


Classic Taper hairstyle is cut precariously shorter lower down towards the nape of the neck. It tapers down. Generally done with electric clippers to give a scrunch, freshly cut look. There are plenty of choices out there for men’s hairstyles in Jersey City that are waiting to be explored.


Dreadlocks long hairstyle


Dreadlocks long hairstyle style is favored by men. The hair may be only as long as the collar, or it may stretch to the waistline. Afros is a natural hair style where the hair stands out in a halo or huff around the head rather than being confined, straightened or trimmed. Many afros are only an inch or two long, while others may be several inches in length for very evident styles.


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