7 Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing Best IAS Coaching In Delhi

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7 Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing Best IAS Coaching In Delhi

7 Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing Best IAS Coaching In Delhi
7 Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing Best IAS Coaching In Delhi

In India, thousands of students prepare and appear for UPSC Civil Services Exam. For the preparation of this tough yet most prestigious exam, a huge chunk of aspirants come to Delhi, to get the best education.

Due to the huge demand for IAS coaching, Delhi hosts many institutions offering UPSC Exam preparation, which makes it difficult and challenging for the students to choose the right one.

Points Which Should Be Kept In Mind

Here are some important points which should be kept in mind while looking for the Best IAS coaching in Delhi

Spend Some Time In Doing Research

Selection of a coaching institute is not something that can be done overnight. Carefully evaluate various crucial factors so that you can take the appropriate decision.

Check The Reputation Of The Institution

The reputation of the institution cannot be hidden. It is clearly visible through the pass results, word of mouth, consistency in producing excellent results and students who have studied there earlier.

This plays a very important role in finding the best IAS coaching in Delhi that can provide good coaching.

Take the Feedback

Those students who are studying in the institute today or have studied there in the past were at the same stage, you are in today. So, no one better than the students can give you genuine feedback about the institute.

They can help you to understand how good are their preparation strategies, and how good are their study modules, etc. among other things.

After all, they have the first-hand experience with the coaching center. Such feedback can go a long way in getting to know the institute up close.

Talk to the Faculty

Every institute has its own set of notable faculty members. You can directly speak to them and find out about their teaching methodology. Having a one-to-one talk with the faculty can give you a fair idea about their knowledge and experience in the field of IAS Exam preparation.

Also, find out if the faculty is available during break hours if at all you need their help and are they easily accessible? How do they form a repo with the student to give them ease and comfort?

These are very important questions that need to be looked into before you finalize a particular institute for helping you achieve your dreams. The teacher who is supposed to coach you IAS exam should be highly trained and experienced faculty

Ask For A Demo Class

IAS preparation isn’t cheap. A good amount needs to be paid to institutions to grab education.

A Demo class can be helpful for you in taking the live experience at the institute you have chosen before you actually enroll with them. Most of the good institutes allow you to take live demo classes.

It will help you in getting a fair idea about the methodology followed by the trainers. Besides, this will also help you to network with the existing students and get their feedback about the coaching there.

7 Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing Best IAS Coaching In Delhi
7 Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing Best IAS Coaching In Delhi

Check For The Course Material And Online Class

Before you enroll with the institute, make sure that they provide up to the date course material. There is no point of referring to the stale and outdated information. Institutes offering Best IAS coaching in Delhi also have their online portal to share study material with the students. This also enables to you get help from the teachers even after the course at the center is over.

Support After The Course Is Over

Many instances have been cited when you may get stuck with your queries during self-study. Find out if the institute offers support after the course is finished. It could be either online or offline, but the whole idea is to have support classes.


If you are not the local resident of Delhi and coming from outstation, to study for IAS exam; make sure that the institution that you have shortlisted offers hostel facility.

Many such coaching centres do have this facility for outstation students. This will also be helpful for you to save time, money and hustle of everyday commuting and focus more on your preparation

Bottom line

In a metro city like Delhi, there are many institutes that claim to be the best in different fields of education, especially when it comes to UPSC exam preparation; but it’s up to the student to make a careful and wise choice.

Hopefully, by correctly assessing these factors, you can choose the best institute that helps you achieve your dreams.

Best IAS Coaching in Delhi for UPSC Exam Preparation

If you are looking for the Best IAS Coaching in Delhi for UPSC Exam preparation, you may consider checking out the following:

SHRI RAM IAS Study Centre
Vajiram and Ravi IAS Coaching
Plutus IAS Coaching
Analog IAS Coaching
ALS IAS Shalimar Place
Next IAS Institute
Khan Study Circle
Drishti IAS Coaching
These institutes have reputation and expertise in UPSC Exam preparation.

Please note: This list is collected on the basis of the past success rate of the institutions).

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