The 8 Must-Have Elements in Your Photography Website design

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A photography website is equally important as that of your small business. But the traits of this website niche is different than that of the regular websites like food/restaurants, product or service-based websites.


Having a photography website is incredibly important. It not only grows your revenue but also helps in boosting the traffic. And when your site is tailored to the photography traits completely then it becomes prolific and leading in the competition.


But if you own a photography website, there are some features that you should always include on your website or else it can cost you dollars.


So, here are some not to miss elements in your photography Web Design Agency which you can’t afford to ignore.


  1. Your Portfolio


If people are looking to book your agency for their events, the first thing they’ll search on your website is the Portfolio. Your portfolio should vary according to the events so people can have a variety of choices when they pick you. Like Halloween portfolio, birthdays, weddings, corporate events and more.


Clients want to see your potential and the way you click photos, the choice of angles and the quality of pictures. Your portfolio should be able to provide all that. Make sure you only put your best shots in the portfolio. If you include thousands of photos that show no creativity and neither your artistic mind then you can lose potential clients.


The portfolio is the first element every photography website design should have.


  1. Your Values


There are millions of websites existing on the Internet, why should the client choose you?


  • What’s your mission/vision?
  • What separates you from the rest in the crowd?
  • What are your values?
  • Why should your customers choose you?


There are some unique traits of every website that separates their identity. If a customer is coming to you then there should be some reasons for choosing you. Find the why and nurture it. If you’re a freelance photographer and not an agency then what’s that special feature about your freelancing niche. Find that and grow your brand keeping that features in mind.


  1. Easy to Book Feature


If you’re serious about converting visitors to your customers then you must have to make the booking easy for them. If you make the bookings challenging for them, they can leave your website without doing the needful.


Add the booking feature on top or bottom of your websites and make it visible to your audience. If you want to collect their details then ask only what is required and don’t bore them with long details.


  1. Location


When you offer photography services, you offer it in a specific region because some photographers aren’t open to traveling for work.


If you don’t add your location on the website then your customers will assume that you exist in their state which will rise the ambiguity for them. So, if you want your customers to be clear about your presence, do mention your contact details on the website.


  1. A Blog Section


A blog section on your photography website grows your web presence and strengthen the bond with your audience. It also keeps your presence updated on the search engines. And when you’re constantly writing tips and tricks for your audience, you grow your worth in the competition.


  1. Live Chat


Live Chat features enable your customers to stay on your website. When you give customers the prompt response to their queries, you make them more loyal to your business.


  1. SEO Tactics


SEO is the backbone of all website; be it photography, small business, web design agency or your product-based company.


SEO increases the organic traffic of your website. If you launch your website without SEO then you won’t experience the traffic growing on your site.



  1. Responsiveness


70% of the audience view the websites on their smartphones rather than desktop. If your website isn’t optimized to the screen sizes then you can miss the potential customers who choose to book your services through mobile.


Apart from all these factors, a good design, simplicity and white spaces make your website prolific. So, whenever you’re creating your photography website, keep the eight factors on top.


I hope you’re now ready to create an excellent photography website, aren’t you?


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