9 Tips to Become a Productive Student

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Being Productive 

Being productive means you do more work in less time. You utilize time appropriately and are capable of completing your tasks thereby saving some time for yourself. There are many benefits of being a productive student like time management, clarity in work, more intelligence, completion of work within the deadline, loving oneself, less stress, low anxiety, clam personality, etc. are some of the valuable advantages of being a productive student. 

Some students look at this as a competition and mess things up trying to win it. But students must remember that this quality is not to showcase it to others. It is required to improve yourself. No other will get benefited of being productive other than you. Hence, try to adopt good habits and attain these habits to enjoy its benefits. 

By getting productive, you learn to do the right things accurately, make fewer mistakes, finish more work, save time, do things you like, etc. Therefore, if you are not able to complete your work on time or achieve your small goals, have issues in doing things, have stress, etc., then you are in a dire need to be productive. 

How to become productive?

Here are the steps listed below that can be used to become a productive student:

    1. Avoid multitasking – Although, it may seem that multitasking makes you look cool. But in reality, you should do one task at one time. Multitasking can hinder the efficiency of both the work and you as well. When two tasks are done simultaneously, it can happen that you miss out on something and this degrades the quality or the performance of the work done. 

In multitasking, we have to switch between both the works, this switching of work makes a student tiresome and due to this, the student cannot even concentrate on a single task. Hence, while doing work put your full efforts and dedication, it will help you finish it fast and go on to the other work.  

    2. Concatenate similar work together – Instead of doing multitasking, try to combine similar things and then perform the work. While switching between two different tasks, the major focus goes on opening and closing, starting the first one, then continuing the second task, etc. This consumes too much and causes distraction. 

For example, let’s assume that you have to write an assignment in the morning and later in the evening you also need to help your friend by providing him assignment help Melbourne. In such a case, you can help instead of doing the similar work twice in a day, you can call your friend in the morning and do the work together. You can also write your assignment in the evening and help your friend with it. By implementing it you will save your time. 

    3. Relax – Relaxing means take a break. If you have been working continuously on something, then get up and take a break. Doing a monotonous work can cause boredom and the brain does not help in giving creative ideas. To refresh yourself, you need to close your eyes and relax for a few whiles. Take deep breaths and start again after some time. You can take a break for 10 to 15 minutes and replenish your lost energy. 

    4. Maintain cleanliness – It may a bit weird to you but it helps in increasing your productivity. The untidy room or workspace can cause a lot of distraction. If your study area or room is untidy, it will cause distraction. Due to which, you will end up losing more time than you saved. Hence, try to keep your surroundings clean and tidy. It will help to avoid distractions. Also, try to keep fewer things or objects on the table to avoid getting distracted. 

    5. Identify your drawbacks – The things that don’t let you become creative are your bad habits. Yes, it’s true, nobody is responsible for your unproductive behavior except you. Bad habits like laziness, untidy, pushing work on tomorrow, etc. are some of the bad habits. You have to curtail these habits and convert them to go to habits. If you become successful in this, then you can easily become a productive person. It can be difficult to get rid of such habits but you need to motivate yourself to eradicate them out of yourself. 

    6. Note down your work in a diary – Create a diary to note down all the things you do in a day. Doing so can help you in a number of things like improving your writing skills, keeping a track of your work, analyzing your productivity, etc. In the diary, write about all the work you did in a day also mention the time taken by you to do the work. Even if you just sat for a while to use your phone, don’t forget to mention it. 

After a week, go through your diary. Analyze the time you took to complete a task and the time you wasted. Then take steps to avoid wasting time. For example, if while doing a work you wasted time by using your mobile phone or playing a game for a significant time span, then you know where you need to improve yourself. 

    7. Make a list of goals and achieve them – Take a page or a diary and write about small goals you want to achieve. Make sure your goals are achievable and small. For example, if you want to improve your speed in completing the homework, then write it down. Don’t go for goals like – drive or buy a Ferrari or Lamborghini, or to meet your favorite celebrities, etc. these goals are long term and might not be possible. Hence, write about small goals like – getting up early, working out for at least 30 minutes, etc., then frame plans to accomplish them.  

    8. Self-pampering – Caring for yourself is a significant factor. It is also required to be productive. If you love and take care of yourself, then you can focus on other things. if you are not confident and feel negative about yourself, then you will hardly be able to focus on the work. For taking self-care you must do exercise regularly, remove some time for meditation and eat healthy food. 

Go out and spend time in the sunlight, stay close to nature, spend alone time and talk to yourself, etc., It will help you to stay happy from inside. Remember, happy inside is equal to the happy outside. If you stay stress, it will make you look dizzy and unattractive as it affects the physical appearance and health of the body. Hence, keep smiling and love yourself. 

    9. Get up early – Getting up early gives you more time to complete your work and also helps you to stay fit. If you get up on time, you will also be able to sleep on time which is a good habit. You can go for a walk or do exercise or do your daily prayers/ meditation, etc. As early morning is the most suitable time for performing these activities. You might have heard – “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise”.  So, follow this poem and get more productive. 

If you implement these tips, and live in this manner, then you can become a more productive student and a good person. Embed these tips in life and make sure you follow them. You need to stay motivated and dedicated if you really wish to change yourself.


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