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Early in the morning, I found out that I am not able to get up. My legs can not move I am fixed. I am glued helplessly at the ceiling and tried to call for help but I realized that I cannot speak. I noticed that I cannot even open my mouth to call for help.

I got so nervous and thought perhaps the last has come.

But how can such a thing happen to me?

Can God be so rude and unempathetic?

Is it destined to be like this?

I remembered that there was a list of tasks not done.

A list of chores not done.

A list of relatives and friends not seen.

A list of places not visited.

Actually, I never had the time nor could I take out the time to see life and to sense life.

My success didn’t have much value for me or for anyone today. I soon became the past.

I lied helplessly with tears rolling down.

My mobile was nearby but useless as I was immobile to make a call.

I am a captive now in my fully air-conditioned 4 bhk apartment which I owned recently.

A body that was once a pinnacle of beauty is worthless today. I never ever dressed up and deck up that way I wanted. It was ever been a paucity of time.

I could barely find the time for my gym routine or matches of tennis.

Surprisingly I never ever had time to freak out for movies or socialize on dinners with friends.

A long sigh… deep repentance…

I lived a life on register full of DON’TS…

A code of conduct comprising of REFRAINS AND RESTRAINTS.


Never tried of “fun and probabilities”

Never worked on “self appreciations”.

Only the mind was working and eyes could gaze at the flashbacks.

The self-appraisal which was once full of twenty pages writing down accomplishments and achievements to please the bosses was today a blank page.

Life is now a standstill.

There is now an ample of time full of regrets.

All moving objects seem to tease me.

The future if at all was full of no hopes.

The past has been so busy in focussing on my own endeavors that I couldn’t get time to socialize either.

I worked tirelessly for the family and today even the family isn’t nearby. The kids are hostlers away from home. Hubby on posting at a different station.

I focussed the entire life on success. Like Arjun could only see the fish’s eye, I could see only success.

Couldn’t even notice the charm and charisma of nature. I missed it.

Though I felt I succeeded but today I realised these things never ever matter.

I was a lone and a hard-working mother who was ever working from dawn to dusk. Struggling like a honey bee the entire day to collect nectar forgetting to enjoy the charm of the flowers visited.

I was trying to make the life comfortable but never thought at what stage?

Aweeee….. What if I could walk again..?

What if I could speak again…?

One more chance O’ Lord.

My eyes opened. The nightmare was over. The numbness was still there but the reality was different. The vision was clear.

Success had a different definition. I could speak. I could talk and walk.

It was new dawn full of realisation and a Second Chance.

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