Advantages and Disadvantages of a Concrete Kitchen Worktop

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I’ve notice that many reader are very interested in advantages and disadvantages of kitchen worktop, so this is my second article about kitchen worktop and I would like to talk about concrete worktop. I hope with the information you will be able to make a decision which worktop is more suitable for your lifestyle or at least have an understanding about concrete worktop.


o Can look rough, rugged and raw or smooth and refined.
o Can be colored before being cast.
o The surfaces are waterproof, alcohol resistant, non-yellowing and anti-microbial as well as having good heat resistance and excellent wear properties.
o If cast on site, it has no joints so is perfect for large areas or long runs.
o Easy to clean using a mild soap and water (avoid ammonia and bleach).
o Suitable for under-mounted sinks, integral sinks and drainer grooves.
o Concrete kitchen worktop surfaces exude quality and suitable for a modern kitchen or contemporary kitchen.


o Needs professional installation as it is not DIY friendly.
o It is heavy, so your units and the floor need to be strong enough to handle the weight. Some installer might required all the cabinets including island to be bolt to the wall and floor.
o It is porous so needs to treated with a sealant and you might have get inspected once a year if you use it everyday.
o It is not sound absorbent, so when you work on it it’s a bit noisy.
o Anything dropped onto it is likely to break as it does not absorb any impact.
o Fittings for concrete worktop can be expensive.
o There might be some surface discoloration, if spillage of oil or acid based items and not removed in a short time.

I will continue to write about other types of worktop in my next few articles, so keep log on to for your future reading about kitchen cabinet ideas or visit my blog.

Kenny has been in furniture manufacturing business for the pass 15 years. He has consulted a number companies who wanted to set up a manufacturing plant producing kitchen cabinet. He also has 5 years experience in setting up kitchen cabinet retail business. He has strong technical knowledge on many types of wood furnishing, cabinet construction and other kitchen cabinet ideas.

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