All About Construction Project Planning when building a church

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Building a church involves many steps and processes. Just like any other construction project, you require detailed planning and management. This article goes over all the necessary steps to take and all the factors to consider when building a church.

Set project objectives and goal

The first step of building a church is establishing the objectives and goals and determining your project’s start and completion dates. What are the values of the church? What is the aim of the project? Do you want to build a youth church better suited for older people?

A project without clear goals and objectives will be subject to overruns, delays, and overall dissatisfaction at the end.  Not setting a timeline for your project can cost you more in terms of overruns and poor planning.  

The goals and objectives for your project are crucial in preparing your construction project plan. They are also necessary for creating the design and layout for the building. 

Source for funds and prepare your budget

 Having the perfect vision of your church building is one thing; bringing it to life s another. Churches get funding through grants, donations, and fundraisers. In some cases, a church may opt to take a loan for the project if it has reliable means of paying it back. 

The budget is one of the biggest deciding factors in constructing a church building. Project Cost can be grouped into three:

  • Hard costs: Hard costs are incurred in the payments for materials and labor.
  • Soft costs: Fees, permits, and payments for professional services are all grouped as soft costs.
  • FFE costs: FFE stands for furniture, fixing, and equipment. FFE costs include seats, pews, computers, electronic devices, installation of an HVAC system, etc.

When there is a budget deficit, the usual suspect is that the soft and FFE costs were overlooked.  So in planning for the budget, you should start with the FFE and soft costs.

 It is also advisable you accommodate for unforeseen expenses. A rule of thumb is to allocate 10% of its budget. 

We are getting construction project planning and management for churches in Alaska.

Meticulous planning and management must be involved for a construction project to succeed. Working with professionals who provide construction project planning and management services is more efficient and easier. 

Effective project planning accounts for all the activities involved through all the phases of completing your building project. A construction project plan is a document that details the timeline and scope of work for your project. This includes the tasks and duties assigned to parties involved in construction and the strategies and methodology employed in the project.

A construction project manager works with your committee’s goals and objectives to plan and manage your project to make sure things run smoothly and meet up to schedule. Construction project management services in Alaska benefit you in the following ways:

  • It saves cost by ensuring timely delivery of work and avoiding cost overruns.
  • Assesses risks and provides mitigation strategies.
  • Project managers can improve processes and design by providing technical insight and experience.
  • Ensures quality and compliance to industry standards.

Construction inspection for your church building.

Project monitoring and inspection run alongside the execution of the construction phase. A construction inspector may be an independent body or included in the project planning and management team. Companies that provide construction inspection services in Alaska carry out the following duties and more:

  • Inspect construction processes and materials to comply with the standard.
  • Carry out an environmental inspection to ascertain a safe work environment.
  • Keeping important documents such as checklists and records.
  • Give daily on-site inspection reports.
  • Testing of materials and scrutinizing specifications.
  • Perform inspections hand over inspection after the project.

Construction inspection services in Alaska are crucial in delivering quality work and compliance. This requires that the building process adheres to regulation and industry practices, and the health and safety of workers are taken in the highest regard.  It also serves to track progress and discover setbacks during construction.


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