All you need to know about an Austin car accident attorney

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Austin is one of the fastest-growing cities in this country, which leads to rapid expansion and growth of cars nowadays. Due to the rapid growth, the roadways of New York and California have not been able to maintain the traffic properly which gives rise to car accidents. The state has the second-highest car accident rates in the country. It is reported that Texas roadways had over 561,582 crashes in 2019.

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Some common factors which lead to car accidents in Austin, Texas

Texas is a hotspot for business and it is filled with a large amount of traffic. An increase in traffic may result in an increased risk of car accidents. These accidents usually call for a careless driver who does not think about other’s safety on the roadways and they commit an impulsive action.

Here are some usual reasons for a car accident takes place in Texas:

1. Texting while driving

2. Distracted driver’s

3. Driving under the influence

4. Speeding

5. Road work

6. Traffic signal or lighting does not function properly

7. Improper vehicle maintenance

Compensation for accident victims in injury cases

The state of Texas covers personal injury claims against the liable parties. According to Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code section 16.003, the drivers, pedestrians, motorcyclists, and bicyclists who go through injuries in a motor vehicle crash, have two years to file the case from the date of the accident.

The compensation that the state provides to the accident victims are:

1. Car repairs

2. Medical costs

3. Transportation to medical appointments

4. Loss of wages

5. Wrongful death

6. Loss of consortium

7. Loss of ability to work

8. Pain and suffering

It is very difficult and painful to survive a traumatic experience of a car crash. Insurance companies will have attorneys who will try to decrease your suffering and shift blame on you to minimize the payout. Now you don’t have to struggle with the next steps after your car accident. You can contact Jerome O. Field, PLCC, to comfort your burden regarding the compensation claim. His experienced attorneys will suggest to you the next right thing to do and they will work on your side to get you fair compensation.

How the law firm of Jerome O. Field can help your Austin Texas car accident case

Quickly after your car accident, you might find a personal injury lawyer to receive any compensation. But it is very wrong. Their expert attorneys will manipulate you into taking their pitiful settlement offers. Afterward, they will try to shift the blame on you to decrease the payout.

But Jerome O. Field will focus on your healing first, as well as they will make sure that you can receive fair compensation and covers your loss for now and into the future.

The qualities that you should seek in a skilled personal injury attorney for your car accident case including:

1. They should handle all claim paperwork and court filings on your side

2. They compensate for your circumstances and answers all your concerns

3. They should negotiate for a fair compensation amount with the liable insurance company

4. They should determine economic, non-economic, and punitive damage you should pursue

5. They should focus on your welfare for now and in the future.

Trust reputable Texas personal injury attorneys with your car accident claim in Austin, Texas

Every day millions of people are driving on Texas roadways to lead their daily life and every day, thousands of people are getting injured in road accidents. You may doubt the attorney who is representing your case.

At the law firm of Jerome O. Field, our car accident expert attorneys can understand this concern. If you want to hire an attorney in Austin, they will take your call, listen to your case and give a consultation free of cost. Personal injury trial attorneys not only respect their clients but also take genuine care of you and answer all of your questions.

So, do not think twice to contact us and hire our attorney quickly after your Austin car accident attorney Texas. We are here to help you and guide you. You will make the right decision in our supervision.


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