Andharban Forest Trek 2019: Explore the Dark Forest!, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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Andharban (or Dark Forest) is a thick woodland situated close Pimpri in Maharashtra, 90 minutes from Lonavala. Andharban trek is a perfect storm trek, concealed generally, and its claim to fame is that it’s a plummeting trail the whole distance. This is an evergreen Sahyadri woodland, canvassed in fog and fantastic backwoods scene in the Tamhini Ghats. 


The foliage is bounteously thick with falling cascades just as still water lakes. You will appreciate shocking perspectives on Kundalika Valley and stunning types of widely varied vegetation. Individuals additionally go late evening trekking in Andharban. 


Fast Facts 


Area: Pimpri, In Tamhini Ghat, Maharashtra 


Height: 2160 feet 


Trek Time: Approximately 5 hours (13 kilometers trail) 


Trouble level: Easy 


Best Time For Andharban Trek 


Pre-storm, rainstorm and just after a storm, i.e., June to September are the greatest months to appreciate this trek. Be that as it may, trekking here from October to January is a smart thought as well, as the timberland stays as thick as ever, with included winter fog and chill, which loans it an otherworldly, enchanted air. 


The most effective method to Get There 


Trekkers crossing stream on Andharban Trek 


The trek begins from Pimpri town in Maharashtra. 


Street: Lonavala is around 50 kilometers from Pimpri town. You can take a taxi or a transport to Lonavala. From that point you can take a taxi or transport to Pimpri Village. Contract a self-drive vehicle in case you’re coming directly from Mumbai. Trekkers who are not originating from Mumbai or any of the urban communities situated on the west of Pimpri would first be able to reach Pune and from that point, enlist a private taxi to Pimpri town. 


Rail: Many trains take off from Mumbai to Lonavala and Pune. Attempt the Pune Intercity or Deccan Express and Udyan Express. In case you’re originating from a north attempt, Hazrat Nizamuddin Express. Most prepares from South India to Mumbai stop at Pune. 


Flight: You can likewise travel to Pune, which is reachable from significant urban communities in India by flight, and afterward take a taxi to Pimpri. 


Trekking Route 


Trekkers at Andharban 


The trek begins from Pimpri Village at a spot called Independent Point close Pimpri Dam. You can contract a nearby guide from that point to control you on the trail. The trek should begin promptly in the first part of the day. The underlying trip will be totally concealed with thick trees and a lot of water streams and you will get the chance to appreciate the backwaters of Bira Dam. The way will take you through the highest point of a divider abutting Pimpri dam and afterward lead you to an open zone, further ahead will be poppy fields. 


Andharban trail 


You will get the chance to appreciate the shocking perspectives on Kundalika valley here. You will slowly enter the dull of the backwoods after a couple of winding courses. You can stop at Bhirdi town for a little refreshment break. At that point the plunge starts toward the Konkan course. 


Return Journey 


Andharban Waterfall 


Past Bhirdi town, you will trek on a compliment ground with backwaters of Bira Dam. In the wake of intersection a waterway, you will begin to reach Patnus town. There are restaurants and cabins here where you can unwind or even remain medium-term. Or the consequences will be severe, you can continue to Pune, Lonavala or Mumbai. On the off chance that you’ve procured a taxi for throughout the day, request that the driver lift you up from Bhira Dam End Point. 




Late evening outdoors at Andharban 


Fog on trail 


Convenience: Overnight remain in a hotel in Patnus will cost anyplace between Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000. 


Travel: From Mumbai to Lonavala, transport passage is Rs. 500. 


Contract a self-drive vehicle (with driver) from Pune to Pimpri for Rs. 3000 (counting return). From Lonavala to Pimpri, taxis will cost you around Rs. 2000 (single direction). 


Nourishment: Food will cost around Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000 for every individual, contingent upon where you eat. 


Andharban Trek Packages: Adventure travel suppliers charge from Rs. 1500 (per individual) onwards for the trek. 


Other: There is Rs. 50 extra charge at the trek passage point. 


Spots To Stay 


You can remain at one of the hotels in Patnus town or appreciate medium-term outdoors or lakeside outdoors at Bhira Dam. On the other hand, you can come back to Lonavala or Pune and discover an assortment of spending stays and inns there beginning from Rs. 1200 to Rs. 3000. There are a few woodland cabins and resorts close Andharban as well. 




Have a full breakfast in Pune, Lonavala, or Mumbai, whichever city you’re going from. 


In case you’re originating from Pune side, you can stop at Mulshi before Pimpri and appreciate eating real Maharashtrian nourishment in close by dhabas, particularly Dream Land or Basho’s café. 


Originating from Lonavala, you will discover numerous restaurants and dhabas on the interstate. 


Nonetheless, Pimpri has numerous neighborhood restaurants you can eat at. 


Spots of Interest 


Investigate Tamhini Waterfalls, Plus Valley Trek, Devkund Waterfall and Hemant Waterfall, a couple of kilometers from Pimpri, just as Tamhini Ghat View Point and Tamhini Hill Top. 


Boating in Kundalika 


Around 10 to 15 kilometers from Tamhini Ghat, you can go water boating in the Kundalika waterway. 




Two hours from Pimpri town, you can investigate the picturesque and lavish spas and resorts in Lavasa or you can attempt an assortment of experience sports there like ziplining, swimming, lakeshore kayaking and stream skiing. Additionally, look at the Temghar Dam. 




Among Lonavala and Pimpri course, you can investigate astounding spots like Sudhagad Lake and Takmak Point, Ekole Valley View, Morgiri Fort, Shivling Point, Korigad, Anghai Fort, Thanale Caves, Sarasgad Fort, Tung Fort, Lonavala Lake Waterfall, Bhushi Dam, Lohgad Fort, Kune Falls and Bhorghat. 


Wellbeing and Travel Tips 


Wear full sleeved garments and convey an umbrella. 


Pack two or three sandwiches or light tidbits and vitality bars. You may run out vitality before coming to Patnus. 


Convey lights and a swiss armed force blade. 


Convey a sprain reliever, painkillers if there should arise an occurrence of startling wounds. 


First-time trekkers should procure a trek manage, in case they become mixed up in the forested areas. 


Wear great trekking, canvas shoes and an agreeable knapsack. 


Convey a lot of water. 


Pack a power bank. 


Start the trek between 9 am to 10 am as it may get dim on the off chance that you leave late. 


Convey mosquito repellent for late evening trekking or medium-term outdoors. 


Contract a private taxi or self-drive vehicle with driver as opposed to depending on open vehicle.


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