Anime Costumes to Recreate with Anime Contact Lenses

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There is no doubt that anime and manga are two of the most followed and loved forms of visual art throughout the world.

The fan following for these shows is immense. Moreover, there are a great number of episodes and characters that each anime show contains.

Therefore, anime can be a great source of inspiration as well as ideas for your Halloween costume this year. Not only will this be an extremely unique costume, but it will also attract attention from all anime fans around you!

If you are amongst those people who love watching anime, this costume will make you achieve your wildest dreams by transforming yourself into your favourite anime character.

Also, you can add horror effects to normal anime characters or duplicate them entirely; the creative choices depend entirely on you.

How to wear Halloween contact lenses?

A great part of your anime Halloween costume is your entire makeup look which consists of the lenses you choose for the eyes.

Now, most of the people get scared or hesitant while using Anime Contact Lenses which is entirely natural. However, with our guidelines, you will be able to carry out this seemingly impossible feat super easily.

Inserting contact lenses in your eyes

Before picking up your lenses with your hands, make sure to thoroughly clean your hands. You can also use a special tool to carry out this step.

Place the lens gently on the tip of your finger in such a way that the circular side is on the bottom. Bring it closer to your eye and look on the side.

Insert the lens gently on top of your eye and slowly move your eyeball around to fix the lens in its place.

Taking care of your Anime Contact Lenses

Maintenance is very important for your contact lenses to last for a long time before getting ruined.

You need to keep changing their solution and keep them in a cool and clean place. Moreover, avoid washing them with water or anything other than a specific lens solution.

No one but you should use your contact lenses, or it will cause transfer of bacteria and irritate your eyes.

Some extra precautionary measures you need to take

Make sure to buy your Anime Contact Lenses from a proper store. Do not buy contact lenses being sold at random websites online or local pharmacies without any prescription and if you ever do always read the reviews before.

Make sure to not go near fire or not rub your eye too hard while you are wearing contact lenses. Inspect the lenses thoroughly before putting them in because they may have dirt, debris, or even cracks on them which may cause extreme discomfort.

Some legendary Halloween Anime looks you can create with coloured contact lenses

Here are some legendary Halloween Anime looks you can create with coloured contact lenses. Keep on reading and find some amazing ideas.

1- Attack on Titans

Attack on Titans has been a great success, and everyone seems to be talking about it for a long time.

This costume will be a huge hit among your friends’ families because no one will have trouble recognizing who it is.

The female titan in this show is a very famous character known for her agility, strength, and anatomy that is very strange.

Draw on the skeleton and muscles with the help of black and red body paint while also looking at a picture of the female titan constantly. Also, add light blue coloured Halloween lenses, which will elevate your look greatly. Adding a blonde bob-cut wig will also be a great decision!

2- Kaonashi from Spirited Away

Kaonashi from the famous anime movie Spirited Away is basically faceless creature which means you will not have to use advanced makeup skills.

All you need is black, white, and purple body paint to cover your face with. You may also need to contour and highlight certain areas, according to a picture of the Kaonashi.

This costume is not too hard to put together either. Wear an all-black robe with black gloves and shoes, or buy a Kaonashi costume from eBay.

Adding all black coloured Halloween lenses to this look will introduce a spooky element to it.

3- Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul

One of the all time favourite characters from the anime world is Ken Kaneki. His look consists of an eye mask and a face mask too.

You can either draw these with face paint which will take up a lot of your time, or buy them online or from a Halloween store.

Moreover, being a half-ghoul, he wears a special costume that you will need to buy specifically.

If you do not want to go for a bodysuit, you can also put items from your wardrobe together to make this costume look amazing.

You need knee-length fitted shorts and a top that is also fitted and black. This character has bright red coloured eyes which look vicious and scary.

Red coloured Halloween lenses will help you achieve this look to perfection.


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