Movie Review: Annabelle Comes Home

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Movie Review: Annabelle Comes Home

Movie Review Annabelle Comes Home
Movie Review Annabelle Comes Home

The movie begins with Daredevil duo Ed and Lorraine brings the doll home. They lock it up in their basement, in addition to host different horrifying memorabilia from their infamous cases. The room is full of ghostly items which can be full of hell to break free. In the meantime, his daughter Judi is having a tough time with school bullies due to the fact what her mother and father do to survive. This element is dealt with sensibly.

However the story rapidly comes into action mode, when the couple goes out for a weekend, leaves their daughter with a young midwife, Mary Ellen (Madison Iseman) who is a responsible woman.

By then everything is fine, until the moment her best friend Daniela (Katie Serif) does not bend around the house, with hopes to reconnect with her father who was dead. Another well-executed plot is indicative of an emotional attachment of the character and justifies its moves. What follows is a frightening one that will take you into the residence of horror.

The background score is compelling when used with some original thoughts to inspire fear and adds to the impact. And once the ghastly business started, there is hardly any dull moment. Doberman throws in some comic relief when young Bob (Michael Camino) a fearless neighbour – is surrounded by Mary Ellen, tries to woo him, but gets stuck in the crossfire.


With his cinematographer Michael Burgess, Doberman uses every nook in Warren’s house for fastest maximum fangs – estimated, the artefacts well in the artefact room are the strongest of the film’s choreographed scenes. And yet, while it is fun to be included in an all-girls’ squad, who avoid a sleepover fear festival, fear of “Annabelle Comes Home” does not push the envelope much, which is the extreme floor and There is a lot more than hidden magnitude. The camera’s view later appears only for a few seconds for fear of generic jump.

But the actual problem here is the lack of an honest story. In Daniela’s forbidden room, with initial and complete breaks – clearly marked with various warning signs – after that, the case of Annabelle was opened with a large scale “Positive Not Open Open” notice, very little Makes sense.

We only understand vaguely that a curious teen can be fearless, and sympathizes with his reasons only for his sympathy, which puts everyone at risk. In the meanwhile, the script (by Durban, also from Wan’s story) does not provide Daniel’s generosity to smart.

For the most part, his actions and bravery seem absurdly insulting, asking of this question, why cannot he say that Warren would say to secure his relationship with his father if he did all this can go?


In terms of performance, child artist McNena Grace does an excellent job with her restrained work even while delivering the most horrific turn of events. The rest of the cast also played together There is limited screen time near Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson, but with so many nonstop actions, their absence is hardly felt. The Victorian setting of the Warren house and the subtle dark colours added excuses to the proceedings.

Overall, ‘Annabelle Comes Home’ is a textbook, which is not to be complicated or sermons about gods and demons, to fulfil their promise.


Thankfully, the director/colleague Gary Dauberman, an experienced couple of both series and things, was a K-go-bump-of-the-word story (he was one of many scribes who worked on it) This is not a serious name. If Annabelle Comes Home is one of the three films ever – low-times, but still – because he well knows that the simple story works best as a cross between a haunted house and a carnival farmhouse Does.

This is a highly skilled skier machine, trapping your trio of young women in a board game-filled house, which bursts with hands and is a folk tale nightmare known as a ferryman (“You will pay your toll, devil Will take your soul “), the ancient Japanese warrior armor who is eagerly looking forward to his surroundings.

A lovely boy (Michael Cimino, no relation to the late director) briefly enters the picture, as does any hellish creature. When all others fail, then only someone has pulled violently by the unseen forces or adds unknown whispers.


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