Are Bonito Flakes Good for Cats?

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There are many kinds of cat foods and snacks available. Some are healthy, others are not. You need to know what your cat is eating if you want to ensure his good health and diet.

You might wonder whether bonito flakes are good for cats. 

Well, you should know the ingredients and the process of making bonito flakes before you can decide if they contain any harmful ingredients.

Bonito Flakes For Cats: What Are They?

Bonito flakes are generally fish-based flakes made from dried bonito fish. They contain healthy contents for cats. Bonito flakes are typically made from dried bonito fish.

You can find bonito flakes in cat snacks sections. Bonito flakes contain natural fish oil, which is good for cats’ urinary tract health. 

In addition, bonito flakes smell and taste good, which is also good for cats’ health. Hence, bonito flakes for cats are dried fish snacks for cats.

Read This First: Are Bonito Flakes Good for Cats?

The bonito flakes are pretty good for cats. They contain natural dry fish and other natural ingredients, so they are not toxic to cats. 

Moreover, these flakes have an excellent taste, so your cat will love them. In addition, bonito flakes also provide some health benefits.

The bonito flakes are usually made from tuna bones. Cats are known to benefit from tuna fish. Furthermore, these flakes contain fish oil, which helps cats’ fur stay shiny and healthy.

Bonito flakes don’t need to be mixed with other seasonings or prepared when you give them to your cat. Simply sprinkle the flakes on your cat’s regular food or give them as daily snacks.

In addition to being good for cats’ urinary tracts, bonito flakes also contain fish oil. Bonito flakes are tasty and beneficial for your cat, so you can feed them to him.

Are Bonito Flakes In Cats?

When it comes to flakes for cats with kidney disease, bonito flakes are the highest quality flakes. You may be concerned about the health of your cat if he has kidney disease.

Because of this, bonito flakes can be given to your cat as a dry food or snack. There are no harmful elements in these flakes that can cause kidney disease.

The dried bonito flakes are made of dried fish such as bony, tuna, etc. So, these dried fish also contain natural fish oil, which is good for cats with kidney disease.

If your cat’s , he might suffer from kidney disease, so you need to feed your cat foods that are good for the urinary tract. 

It is because of this reason that bonito flakes are great for cats suffering from kidney disease.

6 Reasons How Bonito Flakes Are Good For Cat

Some healthy benefits of bonito flakes make them a perfect treat for cats. Let’s see why bonito flakes are beneficial for cats.

Good for the urinary tract:

Bonito flakes contain fish oil, which is excellent for your cat’s urinary tract. Even cats with kidney disease will benefit from eating bonito flakes.

Contain Taurine:

The amino acid taurine is a pretty beneficial amino acid for cats. Taurine protects cats from serious eye maladies. Bonito flakes contain taurine, so they are also good for cats’ eyes.

Natural ingredients:

As bonito flakes are made from natural ingredients, they contain all the natural nutrients. That’s why bonito flakes are safe for cats.

Good for hair and fur:

In addition to helping to reduce hairball build-up in your cat, bonito flakes also make your cat’s fur shine and strong with their natural fish oil.

Protein source:

Cats need a good amount of protein in their diet. For your cat, bonito flakes are a good source of protein.


Bonito flakes are super tasty to cats. Thus, they also love to eat them. Taste is pretty important when feeding cats.

Do Cats Like Bonito Flakes?

Cats enjoy bonito flakes. The taste and smell of bonito flakes make them a great protein treat for cats. 

Many people use bonito flakes as snacks or sprinkle them over cat food as a healthy protein treat.

The taste of bonito flakes makes them popular to use in cats’ training sessions. 

In addition to having the smell of fish, bonito flakes are also free from preservatives and additives, so cats love them because of their natural scent.

Why Do Cats Love Bonito Flakes?

There are many reasons why cats love bonito flakes. Although bonito flakes have many healthy ingredients, cats also love them for many other reasons. Let’s see why cats love bonito flakes.


A tasty treat for cats is bonito flakes. Since bonito flakes do not contain additives or extra ingredients to enhance taste, they have the excellent taste that cats love. Bonito flakes are generally made of fish, making them a tasty treat.


Cats love the smell of bonito flakes. They have a savoury and fishy smell that makes them so appealing to cats.

Furthermore, since bonito flakes are made from sea fish, they also have a slight sea scent. Therefore, cats love bonito flakes.


The crunch of bonito flakes, combined with their taste and smell, have made them one of cats’ favorite treats.

What Are Bonito Flakes Used For?

The use of bonito flakes is pretty diverse. Now, let’s take a look at the uses of bonito flakes.

Treat for pets:

You might only know bonito flakes are good for cats, but they are also good for dogs. These flakes are good for both cats and dogs due to their high protein content and healthy nutrients.

Moreover, bonito flakes contain elements like fish oil that are beneficial to the fur and hair of dogs and cats, so you can use them as a protein treat for them.

As a topping:

Many people use bonito flakes as a topping on their food, especially in soups, stir-fries, and casseroles. Adding these flakes to your food will give it an umami flavor.

Traditional food:

Some traditional Japanese dishes, such as Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki, also contain bonito flakes.

Mercury Is Present In Bonito Flakes?

Since bonito flakes are made of bony fish, a fast-growing skipjack tuna, they might contain a little bit of mercury. However, the amount might not be harmful to your pets.

Mercury contamination is low in bony fishes, so bonito flakes are generally mercury-free.

Several types of tuna fish contain a high level of mercury, which is why some people think bonito flakes contain mercury too. However, bonito flakes are healthy for cats and dogs.

As a result of the process of making bonito flakes, the flakes are safer than mercury-containing bonito.


There are a number of tasty and healthy flakes for cats. The hair and fur of your cat will benefit from bonito flakes. 

Further, they are considered good for cats suffering from kidney and eye problems. Besides, bonito flakes contain a lot of protein. Therefore, they are convenient snacks for cats.

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