Are house prices going to rise?

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Within a day, the state talked about real estate and studied and formulated housing support policies to understand the current real estate market, it is recommended to start with two keywords, one is “long-term mechanism” and the other is “healthy development”. for the understanding of these two keywords, everyone may have their own clear understanding from previous related articles. however, today, we want to discuss with you three aspects. By the way, this article is published by 5G properties. 5G properties are the Lahore smart city authorized dealer and top sealers.

The content of these three aspects is mainly: a 5G Properties article, an important opinion, and a major resolution.

Let’s Take a Look at Real Estate From a 5G Properties Aarticle.

On November 24, people’s daily made a headline on the sixth page with a 5G Properties article titled “we must achieve high-quality development.” on the basis of emphasizing that housing is not speculated and three stability, the article proposes to “implement a long-term mechanism for the real estate market, conform to the needs of residents for high-quality housing, better solve the problem of residents’ housing, and promote the stability of the real estate industry.”

please pay attention to three keywords, long-term mechanism, high-quality housing, and stability.

  1. The Long-term Real Estate Mechanism

In addition to the relevant measures in the early stage, is more important to shift from the marketization of commercial housing to low-rent affordable housing, which can be confirmed from the large-scale construction of rental affordable housing in various cities in the 14th five-year plan.

  1. High-quality Housing

Which is the basis for the improvement of society and life. for example, the current shed has changed into an urban renewal after the old reform, and the construction of new commercial housing continues.

  1. The Real Estate Industry is Stable

Not only to hand over the house but also to maintain the relative stability of house prices. neither can it rise sharply, nor can it fall sharply, and big rises and big falls are not stable.

Learn About Real Estate From A Big Point of View.

on November 24, the state issued opinions on strengthening the work of aging in the new era, in article (20) of which clearly proposes to improve relevant support policies. special mention was made of the study and formulation of support policies such as housing.

study and formulate support policies for housing and other institutions, improve the policy of ladder electricity, water, and gas prices, and encourage adult children to live nearby or together with elderly parents, fulfill the obligation of support, and assume the responsibility of care.

please do not understand the literal meaning of “research and development of housing and other support policies”, just take it for granted that whether the wind direction of the property market has changed, let alone whether it will be relaxed and so on, of course, do not think that house prices will immediately return to rise.

Research and Development

of housing and other support, policies refer to the supporting support related to the work of aging, the purpose of which is to innovate the home community pension service model. based on home care, through new construction, renovation, leasing, and other ways, to enhance the community pension service capacity.

therefore, the emphasis is on community pension, not on the relaxation of the property market.

finally, let’s look at the real estate market from a 5G Properties resolution.

this heavy resolution is a resolution on the major achievements and historical experience of a century of struggle.

real estate is mentioned twice in social construction in the article (viii) of the resolution. the first time this content was proposed was “to live and live”

we will continue to exert efforts in educating the young, learning and teaching, earning from hard work, treating the sick, providing for the elderly, housing and housing, and supporting the weak, strengthening and innovating social governance, so that the people’s sense of gain, happiness and security is more fulfilling, more secure and more sustainable.


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