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January 20, 2020

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What Parents Should Know About Teenage Clinical Depression

Add dUnfortunately, depression isn’t a disorder that plagues only adults. Teens are known for experiencing it as well, which can be a major challenge for any parent, especially if the parent has never experienced depression before.  Definition Teen clinical depression  →
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Parenting Strategies That Are Bound to Backfire

Most parents in the world have the best intentions for their children. With that in mind, most parents are also imperfect in their attempts. Parenting is a difficult adventure. Read this list of parenting tactics that will most likely backfire  →
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Health and Beauty How to Look Young and Preserve Your Youth

How to Look Young and Preserve Your Youth The time comes for everyone when you’re looking in the mirror and you don’t recognize the person staring back at you. It feels like with just a snap of a finger you  →
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Pest Control//Winterize Your Home Against Unwanted Pests

It’s almost winter time here in the western hemisphere, and you know what that means. Holiday gatherings, fantastic feasts, and colder temperatures. And although the bees and mosquitos are taking a break from bothering us throughout the days and nights,  →
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Dental Health/Tips to Stay Healthy During the Holiday Season

The holidays are, by far, the hardest time of the year to stay fit and not lose track of any health progress you have had throughout the year. Truth be told, everybody needs a little bit of a push to  →
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Real Estate/Tips to Memorize Before Buying Your First Home

If you’re considering buying your first home soon, then you’re likely a little daunted by what lies ahead. When you understand a few fundamentals about the home buying process, however, buying a home need not be something you harbor anxiety  →
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Non-Traditional Therapy Methods for Better Mental Health

Therapy is a helpful tool that should and can be utilized by every single person. It creates greater opportunities to strengthen ourselves internally and lets us more easily “check-in” with ourselves on a daily basis. Often, when a person begins  →
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Get Ahead on Your Winter Skincare By Lexi Pike

Get Ahead on Your Winter Skincare  By Lexi Pike We know that winter is notorious for drying out basically everything. We cover our whole body in layers to prevent all of the dry skin, so why don’t we do things  →
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Introspection and Emotional Intelligence in Recovery

Many people view drug rehabilitation as a process that rids the body of harmful substances and sets a person on a path to physical sobriety, but there’s much more to it than that. Maintaining sobriety requires more than just becoming  →
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Gardening in the Harvest Season

  As we enter September, we can feel fall just around the corner. It may still be hot outside, but slowly and surely the days are growing shorter. For some, this means less time outdoors, or time spent in their  →
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