Beauty Injections: Myths and Reality

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Beauticians have long been using Botox as a means to combat wrinkles and facial rejuvenation. However, controversy constantly arises around this tool, and the expediency of its use is accompanied by myths. Here are the most common fables that we will try to dispel or strengthen with additional information.

The first myth: Botox has a temporary anti-aging effect, does not improve the structure of the skin, and does not have a preventive effect against wrinkles.

Truth: The skin fades according to its own laws and beyond that, did the injection or not. In fact, after botex, old wrinkles disappear and new ones do not form. For prevention, mesotherapy using vitamin preparations, hyaluronic acid is better. You can do procedures that affect cell regeneration and have a rejuvenating effect.

The second myth: Botex injections are not effective for everyone, even with increased doses.

True: not every time Botox blocks the action of muscles. And this is possible if antibodies are present in the human body that counteract botulinum toxin (the main component of the injection) or a vaccine is given for this disease. The development of antibodies can be carried out during the initial use of the drug with the introduction of large or frequent small doses. With repeated administration of Botox, an effect can be obtained, but it can be weakened. Two years will pass and sensitivity to Botox injections is restored. It is also verified that people with a negative Rh factor do not get the effect of injections with botulinum toxin. Well then, you can enter Dysport.

Much more depends on the professionalism of the cosmetologist, since he may incorrectly administer the drug, having missed the right muscle. In this case, the effect of the procedure will not be.

Third myth: Botox should be done after forty.

Not true: If facial wrinkles appear, you can do Botox procedures regardless of age. Small wrinkles disappear faster, unlike deep wrinkles. Young people use facial expressions much more actively, bringing wrinkles closer. A preventive botex procedure helps prevent these processes by avoiding frequent grimaces.

Fourth myth: Botox makes a face motionless.

Not true: in fact, changes in facial expressions do not occur if there is no neurological pathology in the patient, as well as lesions of the facial nerve, deviations in the anatomy, physiology of the facial muscles. The cosmetologist calculates the dosage of the drug and makes injections professionally. In this case, no deviations occur if all actions are performed correctly. However, after the procedures it is difficult to actively grimace, but this was one of the goals that moved the procedures.

Fifth myth: An addiction to Botox begins, requiring an increase in doses.

Not true: Botox is addictive to the same extent as other procedures aimed at improving appearance. After the procedures, the woman will not be satisfied with the reflection that came before them. For her, grooming and toning of the shapes of a face that has no defects and wrinkles will be the norm. Chemical addiction to Botox does not exist. The dose of the drug is calculated by specialists, and it does not depend on the number of procedures.

Sixth myth: Botox can be used to treat diseases.

Truth: Botulinum toxin is used to treat a disease of the eyelids called blepharospasm, strabismus, and is also used to relieve headaches and in violation of the functions of the facial nerve. A neurologist has the right to prescribe treatment. Botox is used for violation of the activity of the autonomic system, excessive sweating, for the prevention of cerebral palsy.

Seventh myth: Atrophy of muscles, a disorder of the nervous system is observed after the accumulation of botulinum toxin in the body.

Not true. Botox does not penetrate into the blood. The action of the drug is localized exactly where it was introduced. Doses of botulinum toxin administered do not affect the body. The drug has a blocking effect only from signal transmission in the direction from the nerve to the muscle, which is pre-selected by a specialist. This gives the effect, expressed in the internal weakening of muscle contraction. Nutrition and blood supply to the muscles are not disturbed. Even after injections, atrophy does not occur many times. You should not do Botox if you have skin infections, neuromuscular diseases, during pregnancy or lactation, and also with increased bleeding. And it is better to carefully choose a beautician to avoid problems.

The eighth myth.

Botox as a procedure is simple and painless. Injections are done quickly.

Not true. After the injection, it is forbidden to take a supine position in the next four hours. You should not visit the solarium for a week, do not sunbathe in the sun. Also, do not massage your face, visit the bath and do physiological procedures. Do not drink alcoholic beverages. Edema, swelling will be visible on the face and this is normal. Therefore, it is better to go on an injection before the weekend, and not after. in case you are willing to buy botox online, you can get in touch with the best providers online.



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