Best Floral Mehndi Designs for Kids 2019

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Back hand side mehndi design for right hand designed with heart filled with intricate patterns and left hand with minimal floral mehndi design.

Mehndi not only symbolizes The Indian culture but it also attracts women and kids of all ages to embellish their hands and feet with beautiful mehndi designs. As we all know, kids don’t have much patience, hence they end up getting it messy.


So apply mehndi designs on your kids hands that they adore and give them an insight into their dreams or fantasy world.


Flowers are adored by all age kids and they love to get their hands designed by different patterns and styles of florals.


So, here is the list of beautiful and creative floral mehndi designs for kids.



  1. Dark Red Flower mehndi design for kids 

Dark colours fascinated by all the kids so here is dark coloured mehndi design with motifs.


Almost every kid is fond of dark colors, especially when it comes to mehndi designs. So let your children get their favourite flower on the center of their palm filled with mehndi to make it more dark and attractive to them.


You can also use some traditional figures or motifs around the flower drawn, to give it a more extraordinary look.



  1. Glittery Floral mehndi design for kids

mehndi design filled with glitters and sparkle.



Glittery florals always give an amazing look to the backside of the kid’s hands. To keep the kid’s hands with minimal designs, you can use this new concept of flowers filled with different coloured sparkles and glitters.

So, have fun with your kids experimenting with some glitters and sparkles on their hands to amuse them.



  1. Flowers with leaves mehndi design for kids

Cute baby showing her hands and feet with flowery mehndi design

Kids will definitely love this eye-catching mehndi design of arabic rose on the back of their hands and feet with several other natural elements like leafy extensions and some swirling patterns blending together seamlessly. This design will look intricate and fantastic for both hands and feet.



  1. Florals with dangling chains mehndi design for kidsLittle cute hand of a baby girl showing her mehndi design

This design is not only simple and easy to draw but also looks very cute and adorable on the kids’ age between 2 to 4 years with dotted curves joining the florals on both ends.



  1. Haathphool mehndi design for kidsBack hand mehndi design showing haathphools by a baby.


If you are going to attend some wedding function in your family or relatives then this design is the best concept for small children who loves mehndi.

As this haathphool design will look vibrant with your kid’s Indian attire.



  1.  Band style with flowers mehndi design for kids


This design looks like a small band sprawled across the palm. This design will look elegant on the kid’s palm whether its a festive occasion or wedding in a family.

Flowers of different sizes joined by dots giving this band a more stylish and unique look.



  1. A basic flower like pattern mehndi design for kids

For all the infants whose parents want to follow this indian ritual of applying mehndi, a minimalistic floral mehndi design detailed with dots and some droplets works best. 

  1. A neat floral mandala mehndi design for kids

A floral mandala designed with intricacy and accompanied by some simplistic motif patterns. The fingers have got the lesser concentration of design still adding glamour to the design.



  1. Floral motifs with spiral lines mehndi designs for kids

This design will definitely be loved by all the kids as it has got such classy floral motifs joined with spiral lines.

10. Flowers and paisleys mehndi design for kids

This design is simple and sober yet trendy and eye- catching. Simple central floral motif, tiny leaves, shaded paisleys, and some twirling lines make this design look appealing.

11. Beautiful flowers and twinkling stars mehndi design for kids

This design will make any kid’s hand look elegant and stunning.  The floral pattern made here is simple with scattered stars on the back of the kid’s hand. This design will surely catch your kid’s eyes.


12. A floral trail for foot mehndi design for kids

A floral mehndi trail can not only be designed on your kid’s hand but can also on your kid’s foot. In the above design, a flower on the center of the kid’s foot is followed by swirling patterns. 


13. Cute and simple floral design for kids


Children have a very small areas for their palms and these will look stunning on their hands. The small flowers and the chain of leaves gives an admirable look to the hands. This design tries to fill their small hands with minimal art and gives them an exquisite look.

Additional information related to mehndi designs  for kids

  • If you are buying mehndi cones from outside then make sure they are of a good brand but it’s advisable that you make mehndi cones at home especially for kids because they are in habit of licking their fingers and hands which could be harmful for them.
  • Before applying mehndi to kids always do a small patch test on their skin to make sure they are not allergic to mehndi.

  • As kids are clingy and messy make sure you keep mehndi designs simple and minimal.

  • Try to choose mehndi designs for kids that they fantasize about because this will encourage them to have patience till it gets dry.

Mehndi design for kids should always be simple, easy and beautiful. If mehndi cones are made at home from organic mehndi then it will be a great option as it will keep your kids away from harmful chemicals.

Mehndi designs should include their favourite flowers, cartoons, stars, moon, short your creativity blended with their imagination will give them a world intricate on their hands. Therefore, mehndi designs for kids should be innovative and related to the environment which inspires them to have mehndi on their hands.


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