Best Practices for Working in a Hardwall Cleanroom

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If you are thinking about upgrading your cleanroom system without harming your projects then you would have to understand the best practices to implement in a cleanroom. There are several aspects that you have to look into while working in the cleanroom and in this article, you will learn more about them.

Do a thorough risk assessment

You need to undertake a complete risk assessment before you undertake clean room works. So, you have to know how exactly contamination can set in and put the cleanroom at risk. You must also look into the specific type of work that you do inside like welding, installing stuff, and creating medical devices. Each of these will need you to use different equipment which may need different conditions for proper functioning.

You will also need to look into the specific seating arrangement of your cleanroom. This will help you to ensure that all work is efficiently covered inside. You would have to keep a safe distance between workers and equipment. Also, projects that require several types of equipment should have those devices near. Alongside these, you must also invest in high-quality cleanroom furniture and tables. Remember, you must make a solid one-time investment so that your furniture and devices can last for a long time.

You must take adequate steps to protect the devices, and also the floors and walls of the cleanroom. You can consider using packaging materials that are laminated with aluminum as it will provide you with low-cost protection for your cleanroom floor.

How should you upgrade the cleanroom?

When you want to upgrade the cleanroom, remember that several outside people will infiltrate the working environment so you have to check who all are coming in. You must maintain strict control over whatever they access. You need to provide temporary access to controls during your upgrading activities. It will ensure that only trained persons who wear the right protective gear will get access to the cleanroom.

You must also not rush in to get the cleanroom system back to complete operations after the upgrading is completed. You should initiate the processes in a gradual and planned manner. Remember, it is crucial to have a slow start because if you rush then you will risk undermining all the upgrades. Also, remember to plan ahead of how you will tackle your operations or else, you may risk putting too much pressure on your devices immediately after the upgrade.

What should you look for in a good cleanroom?

The new Hardwall Cleanroom clean rooms will give you a clean and structured work environment. You will no longer require ceiling supports. You can find a lot of cleanroom options that can suit your specific needs. All the hard wall cleanroom components are generally prefabricated and have 100% modular designs. The modular cleanrooms are also easy to install. You should ensure that there is periodic maintenance done inside the cleanroom so that everything works perfectly.

Some benefits of working with hard wall cleanrooms:

These are super flexible and you can easily expand or upgrade them in the future. You can easily relocate devices inside the clean rooms. These are quite inexpensive and do not disrupt regular operations. You can easily monitor the environmental controls.

Hardwall Modular cleanrooms also have pre-wired raceways which will give you a beautiful interior surface that you can use for your electrical outlets and to write your essential data. Consequently, you can minimize the time required for construction and there will also not be any disruption in the facility.

You can get all essential cleanroom equipment and supplies from both online and offline suppliers. However, online suppliers can provide you with more discounts and a better range of products.


Modular hard wall cleanrooms are excellent for labs these days because they are cheap, customizable, and flexible. You can conduct several types of projects in these working environments as you will be able to easily monitor and control the environment inside the cleanroom. You need to train your workers on the proper way to handle cleanroom equipment and ensure that there is no cross-contamination. You must also be careful before upgrading the cleanroom and make adequate plans about how you want to complete the pending projects. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.


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