Best tools for Telephone repair

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The list of telephone repair tools and equipment and the list of professional telephone repair tools with the price.

How to select the best telephone repair tools

When choosing the telephone repairing tools, it is important to choose the best tools, even it is worth little. Competitive or low-cost tools and devices simply can’t work when repairing the telephone.

On the other hand, a few costly but excellent tools and devices will help you to repair a telephone(telefoon scherm reparatie dordrecht) easily and appropriately. Many tools and devices are available in the market or online. These excellent tools and devices are a few expensive but in the lifelong period, you will be glad that you acquired the excellent tools.

List of telephone repairing tools and equipment

Thousand of telephone repairing tools are available in the market but choose the best one. Professional tools and devices are mentioned in the following list.

  1. Soldering iron 2. Solder station 3.Multimeter 4.pcb holder
  2. solder wire 6.esd mate 7.microscope or magnifier air blower
  3. Battery tester 10. DC power supply   11. Test JIG box. 13. Telephone opener, etc.

1 soldering iron

A soldering iron is used to repair small units like microphone, capacitor, transistor, resistor, speaker, etc. 50-watt soldering iron is better for mobile repairing.

When you getting a soldering iron to choose one that is comfortable to grip and don’t burn your hand. The soldering iron should have the option to select and choose the different variety and pattern of soldering bits or tips. These bits or tips are removable.

2. Soldering station

A soldering station has two units –a station and an iron. It has the option of controlling the temperature depending on the heat required for the soldering work. This makes soldering work very easy. When you getting a soldering station for telephone repairing one should always choose ESD safe.

3. PCB Holder

A PCB holder is used to keep different varieties of PCB for the telephone while soldering or repairing. It keeps the PCB vary greatly and does not grant it to move thus helping in repairing.  It’s important to choose a better quality PCB holder rather than a low-cost one.

4. Solder wire

Solder wire is used to fasten electronic units, ICs or jumper. Soldering wire is accessible in different width like 2.0mm 0.5mm 1.0mm, etc. 0.5mm solder wire is very useful for telephone repairing.

5. Multimeter

A multimeter can be digital or analog. In telephone repairing, usually, digital multimeters are used to detect an error, check tracks and component.

6. Antistatic Mat (ESD MAST)

An antistatic mat set in the workbench where is telephone repair. The mat is erected using a grounding bone or common ground wire. This avoids the loss of static electricity.

7. Hot air blower

A hot air blower is also known as surface mount device workstation and SMD repair system. It has the control of balance or manages the climate and side of hot air. You should get a good quality hot air blow.

8. Microscope or magnifier

These tools are used to see the magnified view of PCB electronic units. These tools are available in various zoom options like 2x 3x 5x 10x etc. Because the SMD units on a telephone PCB are very good, we need magnification tools and devices to see the PCB units.

9. Telephone repairing tool kit

A telephone electronic toolkit is mostly comprised of small tools that mostly required for repairing. Most of these tools include soldering iron, solder wire, screwdriver, etc. Therefore, there is no need to get these tools personally.

10. Telephone opener

They are used to open the telephone body. Telephone openers are also able to perform different modes in different ways. A telephone opener is found in various and is prepared by different unique materials such as hard plastic and metal. You should always use non-metal and ESD safe mobile phone openers to avoid the loss of static electricity.

11. DC power supply

Regulator DC is used to supply current to the telephone. Most repairmen used DC power supplies to turn on the telephone without battery.

12. Battery tester

This device is used to test and evaluate the status and condition of the telephone battery.

13. Test JIG Box

This device is used to analyze or detect the problems on the telephone. It allows a telephone to work or work out in the case or residence. This helps in analyzing and checking other test points on the PC.  This unit helps telephone work without a battery.

14. Jumper wire

A jumper wire is a thin covered and smear copper wire used to jumper from one point to another on a step of telephone repairing.

15. Liquid Flux

It is used to clear PCB steps and legs or pin or electronic units during soldering. Liquid flux clear quality of soldering.


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