Best WordPress Portfolio Plugins For Creative Persons


Looking for a great WordPress portfolio plugins to showcase your work? If you are creative of any kind, you probably have a collection of work that you share with potential clients or employers.

Using a WordPress portfolio plugin allows you to display those pieces in a user-friendly manner so that your work gets the attention it deserves.

While there are lots of great free portfolio themes and premium portfolio themes, the advantage of a portfolio plugin is that you can integrate it into an existing theme or site.

So if you already have a WordPress site, or if you are just in love with a theme that does not have portfolio functionality, then want to use one of the plugins in this list.


Essential Grid

Essential Grid is also a responsive grid plugin, not specifically a portfolio plugin. But if you think about it, most portfolios are just grids! And Essential Grid also has some other features that make it a great choice for a portfolio.

Types of portfolios you can create

  • Essential Grid is quite flexible as it lets you display any content in your portfolio.
  • A simple implementation would be just uploading and creating images that are essentially a gallery of your work.
  • Essential Grid also allows you to create a grid by post or post type.
  • you can also create a custom post type for a portfolio item and then use the Essential Grid to display that content, with a link to the full portfolio item where a visitor can learn more about the project.
  • if you are a filmmaker, you can use the video in your grid to show your reels – the required grid supports players for both video and audio files.

Other Relevant Features

One of the most relevant features for the portfolio is the dynamic filter feature you saw from the example. With this, you can tag your portfolio items and then filter visitors at will.

The required grid also includes a ton of templates that you can use to create more interesting portfolio layouts. And if those templates are not enough, the required grid also includes a view builder if you want to create your own.

Finally, if you want to let visitors see your work in more detail without the need to click to a different page, the Essential Grid supports lightbox functionality, with a clean lightbox for visitors to play videos in a lightbox The facility is also included.

Essential grid pricing

There is no free version of the required grid. You can purchase the full plugin at CodeCanyon for $ 27.


The Grid

You can probably guess from the name that this is another grid plugin that is easily adapted to work as a portfolio plugin.

In fact, you will see many similarities between essential grids, so your decision will probably come down to the template/style of each.

 Relevant Features

  • The grid provides the same filterable portfolio feature that lets visitors sort by tags without reloading a page.
  • You can also choose from a set of pre-made templates or create your own templates using a drag-and-drop skin builder.
  • Finally, the grid also has lightbox functionality.
  • Again, I would say that for most portfolio users, styling is the most notable difference.

Grid pricing

One area where the grid is quite different (!) Is pricing. While Essential Grid will cost you $ 27, The Grid weighs just $ 26. So you can take that dollar and get it treated at McDonald’s.


WP Portfolio

Unlike the previous two plugins, WP Portfolio is marketed exclusively as a portfolio plugin. If you can use it for anything, this plugin really excels if you are a web designer showing off the full websites you have created.

Types of portfolios you can create

  • When it comes to creating a portfolio of websites you create, WP Portfolio excels.
  • you can also create portfolios of images or videos. Those types use a more traditional lightbox approach.
  • Finally, you can also create images that link to different pages for different portfolio items.
  • Other Relevant Features
  • WP Portfolio also includes a filterable tag functionality that lets visitors filter portfolio items without reloading a page.

You also get a short-builder that makes it easy to customize:

  • Which portfolio items are included
  • How many columns to use in the portfolio grid
  • You can also include search functionality specifically for large departments. And you also get infinite scrolls for people to see everything, as well as lazy loading to avoid slowing down your site by loading all portfolio items at once.

WP portfolio pricing

There is no free version. The paid version starts at $ 49. Or, you can also get it as part of bundles of churning force.


Media Grid

Let’s go back to grid plugins! Media Grid is another solid option that lets you put your portfolio items together in a flexible grid. One neat thing here is that you can add a search box to your portfolio display, which can be especially handy for displaying large portfolios.

An example of a media grid portfolio …

Other Relevant Features

  • I have already pointed out the fact that you get both tag filters and search boxes.
  • Another good thing about the plugin is its grid builder. You have a lot of control over each individual grid item, which allows you to create some interesting designs:
  • Media Grid also supports lightbox popups so visitors can see each portfolio item in more detail.

Media grid pricing

Media Grid costs $ 25 on CodeGrid.


Go Portfolio

Go Portfolio is a popular WordPress Support portfolio plugin that comes with a ton of pre-made portfolio demos that you can plug-and-play into any WordPress theme.

The Go Portfolio comes with 38 pre-made portfolio styles. Here’s a look at one of them …

Types of portfolios you can create

The Go portfolio works like a lot of grid plugins in which you can include both “original content” (images, videos, audio, etc.) as well as drag them to WordPress posts or post types.

A useful thing is that thumbnail and lightbox types are dedicated to it:

  • Images
  • Video
  • Audio

So, you can embed playable videos from YouTube or Vimeo into your portfolio.

Other Relevant Features

  • The Go portfolio comes with 38 starter templates, as well as many design options, such as:
  • 2 filter types
  • 4 default styles
  • It has the option of adding tag filters as well as lightbox support, including the option to play videos in the lightbox.

Get Portfolio Pricing

Go Portfolio costs $ 24 in Kodaikanal.


FAT Portfolio

FAT Portfolio is a dedicated WordPress portfolio plugin with some dedicated display options.

One unique thing about this plugin is that it includes carousel and sliders in addition to the more traditional grid approach that a lot of other plugins offer.

Types of portfolios you can create

  • FAT WordPress Portfolio plugin supports both images and videos, including the option to use post types as portfolio types so that you can link to individual pages for each item.
  • You can also use the FAT portfolio to embed a Flickr or Instagram gallery, which can come in handy when you are a photographer and want to show the work you are posting on social media.

Other Relevant Features

The FAT portfolio includes a tag filter option similar to other plugins. But what’s cool is that you can also add filterable tags for the carousel (these pages work without reloading).

You also get various animations, as well as controls for:

  • Pagination
  • Slow loading
  • Infinite list

You can also open a portfolio item in a lightbox gallery if you wish.

Fat portfolio pricing

The FAT portfolio costs $ 22 at CodeCanyon.



So far we have discussed some of the best WordPress Portfolio plugins these plugins. You are now being able to create your own Portfolio by using these plugins. With the help of these beautiful portfolio plugins, you can outshine your creativity skills to the world. I really hope that the information provided is really sufficient for you. If you have any suggestions and feedback, please mention it in the comment box.

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