Life in Gurgaon can be most rewarding as well as most punishing, depending on how you take it. It is truly a millennium city. You can see people from almost all the States of India coming to work over here.

Over the last decade one can truly see the clear divide between old Gurgaon (where the railway station is) and New Gurgaon (where Metro station is situated).

Call Girls in Gurgaon

Call Girls in Gurgaon

If you expect normal & decent behaviors from others, from your neighbor to your fellow passengers in autos and bus, from the people on the road to people in your colony; you can be in for a surprise. Life is very fast paced here. You should not expect people to be reasonable here, they can behave weird. May be the heat of the environment goes to their head. Summer and Winter can be testing for those who are not used to it. Driving on roads is crazy.

Though one can expect good jobs and salaries with almost all of the big MNCs having a office here, from Google to Maruti and Hero, Gurgaon is a manufacturing as well as a Service hub. Many billionaires’ lives in New Gurgaon. However, all this has made property prices risen so high that it is very difficult to have a decent house.

Locals have flourished in past few decades and they prefer to rent out their properties to people coming from outside in search of jobs. This saves well at both ends. I would say more than half of the population of Gurgaon lives on rent (a wide guess though). DLF cyberhug and Ambience Mall has become points of great attractions in past few years.

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