How Long Can a Cockatiel Survive Without Food and Water?

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Sometimes the first impression people have with a cockatiel is that it is grumpy, but this is not always the case. Cockatiels are normally lovable and friendly birds, who enjoy affection from humans.

The cockatiel, even though it prefers a distance from humans, is still attracted to the attention and cuddling it gets.

So many people who own birds as pets end up buying the cockatiel due to its loving nature.

We’re about to discuss the lifespan of cockatiels. To fully understand this article, though, you’ll need some basic knowledge about cockatiels.

How Long Can A Cockatiel Survive Without Food And Water?

Cockatiels can go without food or water for a maximum of about 19 or 23 hours. Many bird owners report that their cockatiels are able to live for a full two days, but many experts say the survival time is much shorter around 50 to 60 hours.

You may be wondering why anyone would ever neglect a pet, but sometimes neglect is intentional. A cockatiel, for example, doesn’t require much food or water to survive. 

If they didn’t already have depression when they come into your care, then giving just enough to keep them alive might be an effective form of abuse.

As humans, never leaving a bird without food or water is key to their health and well-being.

In the event that you might have to leave your cockatiel for more than two days without food or water, it’s best to leave a sufficient amount available for them.

Usually, they can go for about two days without either. Some say that a cockatiel can survive for up to two days on its own.

According to many researchers, this may be due to an instinctive built-in protection mechanism necessary to help them survive. 

Some bird experts have denied this fact, claiming that even if they do live through the day, it won’t be a guarantee they’ll make it another day.

Cockatiels can survive for as long as 19 hours in the best circumstances, but this will decrease to zero after 23 hours. Without food or water, a cockatiel may fall into depression and die over time.

Baby cockatiel:

A newborn baby cockatiel cannot survive for more than 2-3 hours without food and water. This is because it requires more food to do so than the older ones do. The young are delicate, and need careful attention.

Baby cockatiels are born with closed eyes and few feathers. They require constant care and feeding.

The baby should be fed every two hours, and the first feeding should start early in the morning.

Baby cockatiels only need to be fed by their parents for a few weeks after birth. Keeping the baby away from its parents will have little impact on its daily food requirement and quality of life.

To Survive, How Often Should Cockatiels Eat?

Circumstances arise when we need to spend time with our bird or have it out of its cage. While your cockatiel is in his or her cage and you are preparing food, make sure your cockatiel does not skip meals. 

Feed him or her twice a day at least and never let your bird go hungry for a long period of time. Cockatiels should be given three tablespoons of seeds or pellets each day to survive. 

It’s better to feed your pet cockatiels with pellets instead of seeds, because pellets will provide them with more nutrients.

Fresh fruits and vegetables can also be fed to cockatiels. When you provide fresh food, remember to cut them into tiny pieces. This will help the cockatiel swallow easily.

However, if you’ll be gone for a day or two, it’s okay to leave some pellets or seed inside the cage.

You could even ask a friend or neighbor to look after your Cockatiels while you’re away.

Do Cockatiels Need To Drink Water Frequently?

Drinking water twice a day is necessary for cockatiels. Cockatiels usually drink one or two teaspoons of water per day. 

But if the weather is hot outside or they’re given food that makes them thirsty, they may drink more than that.

Cockatiels feel like they are burning up when it’s warmer outside. Make sure you give them cool water to drink if the temperature gets too hot outside. When it has been sunny, make them drink fresh water, not contaminated water.

Cockatiels don’t usually drink much water. But sometimes they do, for reasons such as stress or too much activity. 

In most cases, drinking more water than usual is just fine. However, if your cockatiel keeps drinking too much water, you may want to speak to an avian vet.

Does A Cockatiel Die If It Does Not Consume Food And Water?

It is rare for a cockatiel to stop eating food or drinking water just for no reason. If a cockatiel stops eating and drinking, there must be something wrong with the bird.

For example, if a cockatiel doesn’t eat or drink water they may experience some discomfort.

Getting used to the new environment:

One side-effect of bringing a new cockatiel to a new environment is stress.

This means that they’re not as hungry as they were in the past. Moving from a place where you’re comfortable to somewhere new is always challenging, even for animals and humans.

If you notice your cockatiel not eating or drinking, it’s a good idea to contact a vet. A vet’s advice may improve the health of the cockatiel.

Introducing new types of food:

Cockatiels are most comfortable with familiar food, and they can become attached to the same food for a long time.

You should not feed the cockatiel anything new. Provide it with the same type of food that it was eating before.

The cockatiel is probably suffering from health issues:

If you see your bird has been sitting for a long time in the same place with its eyes closed and is making no noises, there could be a problem. It’s a good idea to start testing their droppings.

If you find the droppings to be of different colors, watery, or something else unusual, there might be a problem. 

If your bird doesn’t eat and shows other symptoms as well, it is recommended that you take him/her to a vet for assistance.

What Is The Best Way To Tell If A Cockatiel Is Hungry?

When a cockatiel is hungry, it will try to catch the owner’s attention. There are a few reasons we can say the bird is hungry:

It starts screaming:

A cockatiel will scream when it has gone without food for too long, but if you give it a healthy and balanced diet, the bird should be quiet.

It moves its head up and down:

This young cockatiel moves his head up and down to draw attention when he feels hungry.

When a cockatiel moves its head up and down, it’s telling you to look at it.

It sits idle:

Sometimes when your pet cockatiel isn’t doing anything, it means they’re either hungry or burdened by a serious health condition.

A hungry-yet-still-determined cockatiel is just standing around on the ground.

When Does My Cockatiel Get Thirsty?

When the temperature is warmer, it’s natural for a cockatiel to feel thirsty more often. Here are some signs that your cockatiel may be feeling thirsty:

It exerts much:

If a cockatiel flies around the house, it will naturally become thirsty. It’s possible that after flying for a long time, your cockatiel may get tired. That, in turn, may make your bird feel dehydrated.

It feels stressed:

It is common for cockatiels to feel stressed when they are introduced to a new environment.

The best thing to do if you see your bird is stressed is to give it some time to adjust and recover. Once the bird has come back to relaxation, they’ll instinctively drink more water.

If the weather is hot:

Because it can be hot outside, cockatiels naturally need more water when the temperature is high.

Final Thoughts

The cockatiel can survive without either food or water for about 18 hours, and the younger ones at six to 10 hours if they are being constantly fed.

It’s not recommended by experts to leave a cockatiel without sustenance for any length of time – even one day is too long.

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