How Long Can a Parakeet Survive Without Food and Water?

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How Long Can a Parakeet Survive Without Food and Water?

If you’re thinking about taking a bird as a pet, it might be helpful to know that parakeet is one of the most common pet birds. 

Most people are familiar with them, which means if you bring one home, it won’t be traumatic for your kids.

You’ll be interested in this article if you are into parakeets. That’s normal, and if you already have one then you’ll need to know about their food habits.

A lot of people are curious about how long parakeets can go without food or water. Before you need to feed your parakeet, you have to know details about its diet and survival.

If you’re not home to feed your pet all the time, you may need to stash some food and water for them.

If you know about the food habits of parakeets, then stashing up before going on a trip is as easy as pie.

Do Parakeets Need Water?

Parakeets usually go for around a day without food and water. Some might even be able to go 2 days, but 2 days would be very long. Plus, birds are different from parakeets.

When choosing a pet bird, we should know about their basic needs. For example, knowing what to feed them and how often is a must. We also need to know about the water requirements for parakeets, like how often they should drink and how much they can have at once.

Animals need food and water to survive. When we’re not around, it’s important to make sure our animals have the nutrition they need. That can require measuring how much food is needed for a particular animal.

It’s important that we know how long a parakeet can survive without food and water. Generally, they will live to around 24 hours, or one day. After 24 hours, the bird may start to become sick.

A parakeet can survive for some time without food if you’re providing it with water. In other birds, they’ll live a few days without solid food. However, a parakeet will not survive without food. Providing both food and water is vital.

Generally, parakeets have a fast metabolism that leaves them with a need for food often. But if left without food and water for too long, they will die. 

That’s why you’ll need to keep feeding your parakeet from time to time. Sometimes, you have to prepare food in advance and store it away.

Providing water is insufficient for a parakeet’s diet. Only water will make them sick.

You’ll need to feed your parakeet for about a week but it doesn’t need a lot of food. It will need a certain amount of food and water every day and should be provided them consistently.

How Often Should Parakeets Drink Water?

The average household pet can survive without water for 24 hours, but that’s not the case with a parakeet. 

They have a different digestive and metabolic system that needs a higher level of fluid intake than the average animal. Most households will see their parakeets drink water at least twice a day.

Though some pet birds are more tolerant of not having water, it’s best to keep parakeet without water for only one day. If you don’t fatten your parakeet for too long (more than 24 hours) it could get sick.

Parakeets occasionally need water within 48 hours, but you might need to provide treatment if the parakeet doesn’t survive.

A parakeet should drink water 2 to 3 times a day. This may seem like a lot like other animals, but don’t worry, a little consistency in their care will go a long way!

When you don’t provide water to a parakeet in a timely manner, they might go through the flu which is caused by dehydration.

How Often Do Parakeets Need To Eat?

Parakeets need to eat every day. They generally eat normal foods like vegetables, fruits, and cereals. So you can feed them with regular food every day. 

Moreover, make sure food is always available for the parakeets when they need it. The parakeets will take care of eating whenever necessary.

The care and feeding of parakeets is very important to their happiness. We might not always be able to provide food twice a day, so you’ll want to make sure each bird is getting fed as needed.

A wise practice is to check on the parakeets once a day and make sure that they have enough food. 

Despite the fact that parakeets can survive 24 hours without food, it’s not a good idea to keep them waiting for food.

It is important to feed a parakeet food on a regular basis to keep their metabolism going. If they don’t eat, it can harm their health because they burn calories more quickly than other birds do.

What Happens When Parakeets Don’t Eat Or Drink Water?

If a parakeet doesn’t eat food and drink water, it will begin to have health-related issues. When this happens, let’s see what happens.


When parakeets neglect food and water, dehydration will set in. Water is one of the main ways to prevent dehydration. 

When dehydration occurs, the risks for the parakeet increase and it can become weaker. As you can imagine, dehydration is not good for the parakeet’s overall health. 

For this reason, it’s important that a parakeet eats food and drinks water regularly!

Problems with metabolism:

Parakeets burn more calories than other birds at a fast rate. This means they will need food on a regular basis, too.

For example, if a parakeet doesn’t eat enough food and drinks water, it’s metabolism will be affected.

Problems with digestion:

Not feeding the parakeets and not giving them water will lead to digestive issues. If they don’t eat and drink, their digestive system will lose its regular balance.

Weaker health:

If you don’t feed parakeets or give them water, they won’t look healthy. If you withhold food and water from parakeets, they’ll start looking unhealthy much faster.

How Long Does It Take For A Parakeet To Starve?

If a parakeet goes too long without food or water, it could start to show signs of hunger and thirst. Not enough water or food can cause the bird to starve for up to 48 hours or so. 

However, you can take some steps to protect your parakeet. For example, it’s important to keep your bird well-hydrated.

Parakeets don’t need any food or water to live for a day. However, after this time they will start to dehydrate. It will also have an effect on their metabolism, digestion system, and even their overall health.

It can be really difficult for a parakeet to go without food and water for 48 hours. Don’t keep them without both food and water for up to two days.

What Are The Signs That My Parakeet Is Dehydrated?

If your parakeet is dehydrated, you will see some symptoms. For example, your parakeet might stop eating or even start wasting food.

When it’s tired, your parakeet will look tired. Even though you may not notice it from the short amount of time you look at it.

But if you notice for a while (like any pet), you’ll see that the bird looks tired and panting constantly.

Have you ever seen your parakeet panting? If they aren’t showing signs of dehydration, they probably won’t be panting. However, your parakeet might pant if they are dehydrated.

You might not be able to determine if your parakeet is dehydrated or not. However, if you notice the symptoms above in your parakeet, it’s possible that your parakeet is dehydrated.

What Are The Best Ways To Motivate Parakeets In A New Environment To Eat And Drink?

Sometimes, when your parakeet is in a new environment or you bring a new bird to your home, the parakeet might lose its appetite.

The parakeet may not feel like eating or drinking in a new environment. Here are some tips that you can use to keep them happy and healthy in a new environment:

  1. Make sure your parakeets have a designated area of the room they are roaming in
  2. Put dishware or food dishes within the “safe and open” area so they don’t need to go far for their food and water
  3. Alternate perches for resting
  4. Instead of a deep bowl, provide a wide and shallow one. This will prevent your bird from wasting food by throwing it all out of the dish.
  5. Make sure that parakeets get their favorite food, like lots of veggies and fruits, as well as seeds.
  6. In order to feed your parakeet adequately, you should give it food 2-4 times a day. Additionally, make sure there’s enough water for 10-15 minutes each time.
  7. If your parakeet is sick, take them to the vet and keep them away from other birds while they’re recovering.
  8. Do not give the parakeet rotten food or seed.
  9. You can cut the food into tiny pieces and make it easier for the parakeet to eat.


A parakeet can’t live more than two days without food or water. The bird needs a lot of energy, and it doesn’t consume energy for a long time.

Make sure you provide your parakeet with food every day so it has the energy to survive until its next feeding.


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