Can Baby Squirrels Drink Cow Milk? 

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A common question people have when they’re trying to take care of a baby squirrel is what they should feed the animal. 

As it’s unusual to see house pets in the form of a squirrel, people often don’t know what is best for them.

Here is an attempt to answer a few common doubts of the people who feel obliged to learn about what baby squirrels can or cannot be fed if you ever found a baby squirrel.

Can Baby Squirrels Drink Cow Milk?

Cow milk is dangerous for baby squirrels. It can lead to diarrhea and dehydration, and in the worst-case scenario, it can cause death. Baby squirrels have a reactive digestive system, so they should not drink milk.

Newborn squirrels or orphaned baby squirrels have a fragile digestive system. Their bodies are not compatible with many foods, which is why their digestive system cannot consume those food types.

Unlike many other animals, baby squirrels are reactive to cow milk and dairy products. Even when they’re fed with milk, which is a healthy source of nutrients, many prefer giving their pets cow’s milk.

The more cow milk or foods made from it you feed to a baby squirrel, the more likely they will be to fall sick. 

In fact, studies show that cow milk causes baby squirrels to have diarrhea and to suffer from dehydration. 

More upsetting still is the fact that if you continuously feed them this type of food, they’ll perish.

It would also be inadvisable to give a newborn squirrel cow milk. Although it may be good for human health, it is simply not made for baby squirrels.

Don’t feed wildlife until you know the food is safe for them to eat. If you don’t know which type of food is appropriate, it could cause problems such as allergies, stomachaches, or more serious illnesses.

It is especially important to be careful when feeding baby squirrels.

baby squirrel care: Why Is Cow Milk Not Good For Baby Squirrels?

The digestive system of baby squirrels is weak, unlike that of adult squirrels, and cannot process any type of food. Many people believe milk to be bad for these animals.

Cow milk is considered harmful for a number of reasons. Baby squirrels should not drink cow milk for the following reasons:

Cow milk is low on fat:

In the wild, baby squirrels consume a diet of high-fat squirrel milk. That’s 62% fat–less than one-quarter the fat that can be found in whole cow milk!

A baby squirrel’s natural growth can’t be helped because they have low levels of nutrients in their food. They’ll also grow weak due to a lack of energy and vitamins.

Cow milk causes illness:

According to many scientific studies, squirrels can’t digest cow milk very well. In many cases, baby squirrels will contract diarrhea and dehydration due to ingesting cow milk at an early stage in their growth.

Baby squirrels’ immune systems can’t handle milk from a cow, which is expensive and difficult to produce.

Because it’s milk, these severely malnourished baby squirrels are especially vulnerable to severe health problems.

What Sort Of Milk To Feed A Newborn Baby Squirrel?

The digestive system of baby squirrels is very sensitive and should not be fed human milk, cow milk, or soy milk. These formulas can result in diarrhea, dehydration, and worst of all, shock.

But if you want to feed a newborn squirrel, you can try –

Puppy milk:

This kind of milk is more appropriate for baby squirrels than all other kinds of milk. It should be given at a lower consistency, though, if it’s the only kind you give your baby squirrel.

Goat Milk:

Goat milk is another option for your baby squirrels. Although you should only give them fresh goat milk and not the processed kind.

Increase food portions gradually, beginning with 25% of the desired consistency and increasing it by 25% every week.

How Much Milk Should You Feed A Baby Squirrel?

Baby squirrels are born with a weak digestive system, so at the early stage of life they can’t tolerate many types of food. As mammals, baby squirrels need milk to thrive.

Every squirrel baby is different, and their tastes vary when it comes to milk. Squirrel milk might be the best option for some, but for others it just won’t work. 

However, other kinds of milk are accessible and can be given to new babies. For baby squirrels, the guidelines suggest a limit of no more than 5% of their body mass at one time. 

That means you should never give a baby squirrel milk that is not less than 5% of its current body mass at one time.

You want to be careful not to overfeed the baby squirrel. Feeding it too much can make its belly round but not fat.

what do baby squirrels eat? How Do You Feed A Baby Squirrel Milk?

If you want to try feeding a newborn squirrel, then there are a few things to consider. Feeding them milk or human food, for example, is not a good idea. 

But if you’re interested in trying out some natural foods, there are some options.

Choose the milk:

When you want to feed a baby squirrel, you should begin by figuring out what kind of milk the baby is most comfortable with. 

Some kinds of milk can have crucial effects on baby squirrels, so it’s important to choose wisely.

Make a hurry:

Sometimes you need to babyfur squirrels if they don’t eat right away. 

If you don’t make a fuss, the baby will be starving so you should go to the nearest super store or vet store as early as possible to get the milk.

Keep the baby warm:

If you’re planning to feed a baby squirrel, here are five tips to help first. The first is making sure it’s wrapped with warm towels or has been wiped with lukewarm water.

This will help the animal get cozy, and then you can feed it.

5% formula:

When you feed milk to a squirrel, it should be no more than 5% of its total body mass. So for example, if a baby squirrel weighs 100 grams, you would only feed it 5 milliliters. 

Giving an excessive amount can lead to an upset stomach that is round instead of flat like it should be.

When Do Baby Squirrels Stop Drinking Milk?

Baby squirrels are mammals, so their primary food should be milk at the early stage of their life. They can start eating solid food around six weeks old.

Around age 9 to 10 weeks, a baby squirrel will develop a taste for solid foods, and start looking for food. 

You can gradually replace your milk by introducing small amounts of solid foods. This will help them maintain their weight more easily.

One way to break their habit for milk is to start giving them one day off from it every week after 16-17 weeks. This can help change the habit for good.

Can A Baby Squirrel Drink…

Human breast milk:

There are no adverse effects of human breast milk on baby squirrels. There are missing nutritional needs in human breast milk for baby squirrels.

Breast milk will not necessarily harm baby squirrels, but it can cause a lack of growth and hinder their healthy development.

Almond milk:

Baby squirrels can’t drink almond milk. Almond milk is a nutritious and delicious drink, but it has toxins that can cause baby squirrels digestive problems and skin irritation.

So, it would be in your best interest to not give almond milk to baby squirrels.

Kitten milk:

Baby squirrels should never drink cat milk. They can have different nutrient requirements, so their digestive system is also different from a cat’s. 

They may not be harmed if you feed them, but it’s best to feed them with more appropriate milk.

Goat milk:

When it comes to providing nutrients for baby squirrels, I recommend fresh goat milk. It’s important to avoid commercial and powdered goat milk, as the additives and process can be harmful.

Whole milk:

Some people believe whole milk is good for baby squirrels. However, many believe this is untrue. Whole milk only has about 4% fat, whereas squirrels need about 62%. 

That’s a really big difference in nutrients, so you should try to find another way to feed them.

Coconut milk:

But baby squirrels can’t consume coconut milk, since it isn’t good for their digestion. The study found that coconut milk caused diarrhea and dehydration.

Final Thoughts

Baby squirrels are lactose intolerant, so they should not drink cow milk. 

Drinking cow milk can cause a number of problems that can intensify over time, including dehydration and more acute digestive issues.


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