Can Bearded Dragons Eat Corn?

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The bearded dragon can make a great pet for your home.

Although many people believe them to be difficult to take care of, they are actually quite polite and calm.

They have some strict eating habits that we’ll talk about in today’s article.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Corn?

Corn is a favorite bearded dragon food. But you’ll want to be careful about the kind of corn you feed them. Cooked or canned corn has salt and additives, so it’s not good for them. 

Raw corn, on the other hand, is excellent for the beardie’s body and diet. The eating habits of bearded dragons are pretty complicated.

Generally, they like to eat foods with vitamins and nutrients that crickets and worms offer.

As you know, bearded dragons requires to eat multiple times a day. Corn is processed in multiple ways. Below we will discuss how to feed a variety of processed corn to bearded dragons:


One thing to remember when feeding your bearded dragon is that your bearded dragon needs a diet of raw corn rather than cooked or processed corn.

The bearded dragon scenes should not include cornbread. There is no nutritional value in them.

Corn on the cob:

The bearded dragon loves to eat corn on the cob. You can peel off individual kernels and feed them or cut off the corn from the cob if they refuse to eat it that way.

Corn tortillas:

Many people doubt the effectiveness of fiber when it comes to proper digestion. It is not recommended for bearded Dragons to eat corn tortillas because they need high levels of dietary fiber and efficient nutrient absorption in order to process food properly.


The bearded dragons can eat the leaves and flowers of corn. This will help them to grow up nicely. In addition to that, it will fulfill their nutrition needs.

Corn worms:

The bearded Dragon needs very high-value protein in order to survive. They rely on worms, crickets, and other insects for that protein. That’s how corn worms can be an excellent choice for a Bearded Dragon as their meal.

Corn husks:

Beardies grow up so fast! And they need lots of fiber to keep their hungry little bellies full. So instead of giving them lettuce, try using corn husks.

Corn and peas:

Bearded Dragons can be fed corn mixed with peas, but canned corn and peas contain preservatives and salt that are toxic to Dragons.

Corn flakes:

Corn flakes will provide your bearded dragon with no nutritional value, so they are basically useless and you should not feed them to your pet.

Corn Chips:

Unlike corn flakes, the corn chips don’t provide any nutritional value, so it won’t do your bearded dragon much good to be eating them.

Corn salad:

Bearded dragons can’t eat most of the ingredients in corn salad, so this dish is not recommended for them.

Is It Ok For Bearded Dragons To Eat Corn?

Corn is a great food for bearded dragons, as long as no other ingredients are added to it.

Bearded dragons need about five meals per day, so they need a lot of food to keep them feeling full and energized.

The corn you feed to bearded dragons must be fresh or frozen. Avoid feeding corn in cans or tins, as these products contain a high amount of salt, sodium, and preservatives which can be harmful.

The corn will disrupt their growth and digestive system. Also, be sure to avoid cooking or baking corn for them since they won’t get any of the nutritional benefits from it. If you do feed them this food, they’ll stop getting any nutrients at all.

One thing to keep in mind with corn is variety. The more types of foods you feed your pet, the lower the chance of developing a nutritional disorder.

Can Baby Bearded Dragons Eat Corn? 

Baby bearded dragons can only be provided with limited amounts of corn. Providing the majority of corn to baby bearded dragons can harm their health.

Though corn is a good food for chickens in the short term, providing them with it for too long could have negative side effects. You should instead focus on feeding them more protein than corn.

It is prohibited for bearded dragons to eat any canned or cooked corn. Corn contains many preservatives and additives, which are not good for the bearded dragon.

Canned corns have salt and lots of sodium which is unhealthy for a bearded dragon. Sometimes these are mixed with other chemicals to make them tastier, which can be damaging to bearded dragons as well.

The nutritional value of cooked corn is also zero, so it should be avoided.

3 Reasons On Why Bearded Dragon Can Eat Corn

The three reasons bearded dragons can eat corn are that it provides high-quality protein, slow-burning complex carbs and irresistible textures.

Although bearded dragons require lots of protein in their diet for optimal growth, it’s important to make sure they also have a sufficient amount of fiber in their diet. A well-balanced diet with a good mix of vitamins and minerals will keep your dragon healthy and strong.

The bearded Dragon needs to be fed several times a day, so corn is a great option if you want to make sure they stay full. Corn can also be helpful to boost the immune system of the bearded Dragon. 

It also contains types of vitamins that help to improve the vision, and reproductive systems in bearded Dragons. The following is a more detailed discussion on why bearded Dragons can eat corn:

They contain a high amount of fiber:

Food is a big part of ensuring that your bearded Dragon stays healthy and happy.

To keep their digestive system running properly, they need to make sure they have enough fiber in their diet. It is for this reason that corn is the best food to feed.

These vitamins are perfect for any bearded dragon:

Corns can be a great option for bearded dragons. They need to eat a variety of foods and insects multiple times per day, so make sure you’re providing them with plenty of food options.

The bearded Dragon can often be fed a variety of foods. Some of these choices are economical and easy, such as corn.

Some ingredients in the products provide a hydration boost:

Corns are a great choice for bearded dragons that need hydration. Containing 77% of the water your bearded dragon needs, these simple crops will provide them with a healthy immune and growth system.

How Often Can Bearded Dragons Eat Corn?

Corn is a great option for bearded Dragons to eat. Cardboard, hagglers, and crickets are some of the staple foods they rely on, but corn can be cost-efficient and convenient. 

Corn contains plenty of nutrients like water, fiber, calcium, and vitamins. Corn is a good food for bearded dragons, and it’s recommended that you feed them corn once or more a month.

In order to avoid the potential dangers of corn, you’re going to have to be aware of the kind of corn you’re feeding them.

Bearded Dragons are known to overeat if they don’t get enough supervision.

 It can lead to serious health issues, which is why it’s important to determine the diet plan for your particular creature by looking at his feeding schedule.

How Do I Feed Corn To My Bearded Dragon?

Before you feed a bearded Dragon, it’s important to have everything you’ll need. The first is picking out the right type of corn with fresh and raw textures.

You can wash the corn or soak it in water before cooking it. If you plan to use any chemicals to wash the corn, make sure to remove them beforehand.

If a bearded dragon doesn’t want to eat whole corn, you can peel the kernels and offer them to the dragon.

Corn can be a good addition to your bearded dragon’s diet, but it also has to be kept in moderation. Here’s how much corn you should feed your orange-spiked reptile.

Wash them thoroughly:

When buying food for your bearded Dragon, you need to make sure it’s fresh. Raw corn will provide the healthiest snacks for your pet.

After this, you will be required to wash them to remove all the chemicals and additives on them. Some coins have salt in them, so it’s important that you wash them.

Peel off the corn kernels:

Bearded dragons usually don’t eat the kernels in corn, so you might want to peel the kernels off of acorns and provide those to your bearded dragon for eating.

Feed them occasionally:

Corn may be one of the best sources for nourishment that a bearded dragon can eat, but it’s not something you should give them every day.

Bearded dragons can’t be fed very often because the larger ones are very rare, and all food sources for them at pet stores are already taken quickly. 

They also need to be experienced with the wild bearded dragon, so they will have a higher chance of surviving in the wild.

Final Thoughts

The bearded dragon can eat raw corn, but you have to make sure that they don’t have any canned, processed or cooked corn. 

Raw corn is considered the best option because it provides high nutritional value and matches the balanced diet of a bearded dragon.


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