Can Bearded Dragons Eat Mint?

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You probably don’t know how to keep a Bearded Dragon happy. We’ve got you covered. Here are all the tips and information you need to enjoy success with these ferocious reptiles!

Mint is very easily grown and kept in the garden. It’s a highly available green food that can be used whenever we’re cooking something up.

In case you own a bearded dragon, then you might consider feeding it some mint.

This article is about whether bearded dragons can eat mint. We will also discuss how to prepare the leaves for bearded dragons to ensure that they are safe. 

So without further ado, let’s read ahead to learn more about mint leaves as a suitable snack food for bearded dragons.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Mint?

Bearded dragons should have a small number of mint leaves on occasion. 

Published research shows that mint leaves are rich in important nutrients and very high in water content, so it will be good for your bearded dragon. But make sure it’s only an occasional treat and not their staple food.

Bearded dragons enjoy eating mint, as it offers them a great source of water content and nutrition. They also prefer to chew these leaves on before they eat them.

You should give your bearded dragon greens often. And mints are a great source of greens. 

Mints are easy to grow and care for, so you can have your own supply of greens that you’ll use in recipes or as a conditioner for your beard dragons.

However, you should not feed your bearded dragon too much mint. It doesn’t actually contain any harmful elements.

Your bearded dragon should only be eating mint rarely – as a treat for occasional good behavior.

This is why, besides protein, fiber content, and water, mint is also rich in a range of elements, including calcium, phosphorus, acid, sugar and fat. 

Having so many of these in large quantities may prove to be harmful for your bearded dragon. That’s why it’s discouraged to feed them any large quantities.

Baby bearded dragons:

Baby bearded dragons enjoy eating mint. However, it’s important not to feed them only mint since they need green vegetables every once in a while; any greens will work for this.

Feeding your dragon too many mints may not be healthy. By feeding your dragon more calcium than phosphorus, you risk stunting its growth and hindering its digestion. 

The problem is, most store-bought mixtures for bearded dragons contain plenty of phosphorus, but very little calcium. 

When selecting food for your dragon to eat, make sure that the ratio of calcium:phosphorus is two-to-one.

In addition to green mint, here is a list of other good food items that are safe for your baby bearded dragon.

Is Mint Good For Bearded Dragons?

Mint isn’t harmful, per se; they’re actually nutritious for bearded dragons. However, you should avoid feeding them too much mint or it will be counterproductive.

Bearded dragons need plenty of calcium, along with a 2:1 ratio of calcium to phosphorus. Mites also love to eat bearded dragon food.

But mint has a higher ratio in this case. This means that you shouldn’t feed them too much mint. It also contains significant amounts of water and protein.

You should only offer bearded dragons occasional portions of mint and not make it a staple in their diet because otherwise it could prove to be unhealthy.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat These Mints?

There are many different types of mint. Do your research before picking out a specific type of mint for your bearded dragon.

Sweet mint:

Yes, bearded dragons can eat sweet mint. But you should only feed them these foods occasionally. You should not give them mints on a regular basis.

Basil and mint:

There’s nothing special about the basils when it comes to feeding your bearded dragon. However, you need to remember that occasionally is all. You can offer them basil and mint, but don’t overfeed them.


Peppermint is safe for bearded dragons. You can feed it to them from time-to-time, but never offer it on a regular basis, since they may become addicted.

You should be aware that peppermint contains some strong menthol agents which may be bothersome for bearded dragons.

Because of this, you’ll need to observe their reaction after consuming peppermint before giving it to them.


These herbs are also safe for bearded dragons. They offer rich water content and high protein, making them valuable for your pet.

But don’t forget, be sure to avoid overfeeding your bearded dragon with peppermint. If you do that, the food will end up hurting them instead of helping them!

Chocolate Mints:

It’s safe to offer bearded dragons chocolate mint. Not too often, though-because their digestive systems haven’t evolved enough to process it.

Lemon mint:

Bearded dragons can eat things such as lemons, but they don’t like them as much as mint.

Although the lemon mints are rich in energy-fueling nutrients, they contain too many calories to intuitively feed them regularly. 

So you should only provide these delicious herbs for a special occasion.

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2 Reasons Why Bearded Dragons Can Eat Mint

There are many reasons why bearded dragons eat mint. We will explore 2 of the most prevalent reasons that bearded dragons eat it.

Water content:

Mint is a plant that comes from the mint family. The most common reason people eat this herb is that it contains a lot of water, about 80%!

Though dry, dehydrated, and non-nutritious, mints can still be good for bearded dragons. This because of their high water content.

A beardie’s thirst is satisfied by eating mints. That’s why bearded dragons can eat mint.

However, be careful not to overfeed your bearded dragon with mint. Since it comes with a high water content, large quantities of this herb may lead to diarrhea.

Soothing herb:

Mint is a very refreshing herb. It is consumed to eliminate stomach aches and diarrhea, and tea made with it are popular because of the mint flavor that makes it easy on an individual’s stomach.

This herb not only has anti-inflammatory properties, but it also contains antioxidants. This makes it very helpful in soothing a bearded dragon when they feel sick in their stomach. 

It is for this reason that bearded dragons are able to eat mint, since they can use it to help soothe an upset stomach.

What Nutritional Values Can Bearded Dragons Get From Eating Mint?

There are several important benefits of mints. One is that they are beneficial to bearded dragons.

Bearded dragons require essential ingredients like vitamin C in their diet. However, it’s not easy to find in fruit or vegetables. 

Luckily, mint contains vitamin C and calcium. It also contains protein, fat, fiber and carbs. The calories in mint are pretty low too.

Such are the nutritional benefits of mint. If you offer mint to your bearded dragon, make sure to provide this herb to them only occasionally. 

Overfeeding them with mint can be counterproductive for bearded dragons as it comes with a high potassium-to-calcium ratio.

How Can You Prepare Fresh Mint For Your Bearded Dragon?

Mint can be fed to bearded dragons, but it should only be done in the right quantities. Too much can be unhealthy for them.

Mint is fine for your pet to eat. Just keep in mind that the amount of calcium and potassium might be a little high for them.

That’s why you should only feed your bearded dragon mint leaves every now and then, not every week.

How Often Should Bearded Dragons Consume These Mint Leaves?

Bearded dragons can safely eat fresh mint leaves. Just be careful with how many you’re giving them because they don’t always love the taste.

Mint leaves are rich in some important nutrients, including water content.

Bearded dragons love their fresh leaves, but the problem is that it’s easy to feed them too many and end up with a mess. 

Mint leaves are wetter than other plants, so you need to watch out. Too much will make your beardie develop diarrhea.

Bearded dragons should only eat mint leaves a couple times a week. Otherwise, the leaves may be harmful to their health because it can become a staple in their diet.

Final Thoughts

Bearded dragons can eat mint leaves. But you should be careful not to offer them too many of them on a regular basis. 

Consuming large quantities of mint leaves too often may prove counterproductive for your bearded dragon. Menthol, which is present in some raw mint leaves, may cause irritation as well.


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