Can Bearded Dragons Eat Potatoes? (Explained)

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In this article, we’ll investigate the question of whether bearded dragons can eat potatoes.

What about potatoes? Can bearded dragons eat them?

Do you have any concerns about the health effects of potatoes on your bearded dragon? Do you wonder whether there are benefits or risks involved with this practice?

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Potatoes?

It is a given that bearded dragons can eat potatoes, as this consumption of potatoes can help with issues such as bone repairment, hydration boosting and vision/eyesight. 

There’s no such thing as overdoing the amount of potatoes you feed your bearded dragon, as long as you don’t give it an excessive number of potatoes.

If you’re looking for information on baby bearded dragons, it’s important to know whether or not they can eat potatoes for the sake of avoiding any confusion.

Baby bearded dragons:

Baby bearded dragons need healthy food to grow. Adding potatoes in their diet can help them form properly and can offer benefits such as better eyesight, stronger bones, and hydration.

There are more disadvantages to feeding your baby bearded dragon potatoes than advantages.

One disadvantage is that it can cause your baby bearded dragon to lose energy and damage their teeth. 

Their diet also has a misbalanced ratio of calcium to phosphorus which can leave them with metabolic bone diseases.

Are Potatoes Safe For Bearded Dragons?

Potatoes are safe for bearded dragons if they are consumed in small amounts. They can cause serious health problems if they’re overdosed on, so keep a close eye on your bearded dragon when you give it veggies.

It’s not good for your bearded dragon to eat an excessive amount of these foods, either. They are filled with a high amount of sugar, phosphorus content, starch, and so on that can lead to stomach troubles, obesity, vomiting – and so much more.

In addition, potatoes help to hydrate your bearded dragon and increase vitamin A and C levels.

It’s important that they’re eaten as a simple snack by your bearded dragon once or twice every month.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat All Types Of Potatoes?

It’s important for bearded dragons to eat safe foods and you should know whether or not all types of potatoes are safe. Knowledge about the preferred types of potatoes will help you make informed decisions.

Sweet potatoes:

One of the reasons that bearded dragons enjoy eating vegetables is that vegetables have less carbohydrates and contain more nutrients than other foods. 

A good example is sweet potatoes, which are a great addition to any wild-caught food because they provide more vitamins and minerals.

Raw potatoes:

Raw potatoes are more beneficial than cooked ones when you own a bearded dragon. In addition, you will need to give them raw potatoes once or twice a month as well.

Raw potatoes can cause the following: overconsumption can lead to digestion problems, lethargy, obesity, and lack of appetite.

Mashed potatoes:

Bearded dragons have been known to eat mashed potatoes, but it’s not really nutritious and bearded dragons typically prefer food that is fresh and raw.

The addition of mashed potatoes to a bearded dragon’s diet can fill up the bearded dragon’s gut, but it will not provide any additional health benefits.

Aside from the fact that mashed potatoes don’t provide your bearded dragon with the right ingredients that they need in a heavy dose, they also taste terrible to them, which is why bearded dragons won’t eat them.

Cooked Potatoes:

Bearded dragons only eat fresh, vibrant foods, not cooked ones.

A bearded dragon will not technically eat cooked potatoes, but if you happen to feed them some in their diet, they may eat them. However, it won’t provide the same benefits that a raw potato would.

Red potatoes:

Red potatoes can be given to bearded dragons as a snack, but feed them red potatoes sparingly. This is because red potatoes contain less of the key nutrients that are essential for health.

A bearded dragon doesn’t need to eat carbs, which is why red potatoes are not the best food choice.

White potatoes:

Bearded dragons have a diet that is typically filled with meat, legumes, and plant-based foods. White potatoes are also a fruit and contain high levels of carbohydrates which can be bad for your bearded dragon’s diet.

Baked potatoes:

While it seems like your bearded dragon would love to eat a baked potato, the process of baking will reduce its nutritional value.

Baked potatoes are high in carbs, which can fill up your bearded dragon’s stomach quickly. For a healthier alternative, feed it green vegetables.

Accordingly, this overconsumption of baked potatoes will also lead to obesity.

Potato skins or Potato peels:

Bearded dragons will not eat skins or peels of potatoes, since these are hard for them to chew.

Another concern with the consumption of these peels/skins is that it may actually cause choking in bearded dragons. We recommend not giving them potatoes where the skin has been removed because they’re at risk of choking.

Potato leaves:

Potato leaves are edible for bearded dragons, but it would be best not to give them potato leaves because some toxic elements in the leaves could harm your bearded dragon.

Potato Chips:

Bearded dragons are not susceptible to a human taste for potato chips and will especially not choose them over insects. 

While bearded dragons have a very low chewing ability, potato chips also consist of high levels of fat and carbohydrates which is the other reason why bearded dragons are not attracted to the goodness in potato chips.

4 Reasons Bearded Dragons Should Not Eat Potatoes

Bearded dragons should not eat potatoes on a regular basis. Understanding the reasons behind this decision helps you make the best decisions for your pet.

Excessive Phosphorus:

Excessive Phosphorus can produce symptoms like bone fragility, depression, and hair loss. One of the main reasons bearded dragons are not supposed to eat potatoes is because they contain too much phosphorus. 

This exceeds their nutritional requirements, potentially causing a dangerous amount of calcification in their bones.

A bearded dragon’s tissues, bones and other functions are made up of a balanced ratio of both calcium and phosphorus. There are many foods that are appropriate for bearded dragons. 

However, if you feed them potatoes frequently, your bearded dragon will be consuming high levels of phosphorus and low levels of calcium. They’ll end up with a messed up ratio which is not healthy.

High in Carbohydrate:

One of the very best reasons why bearded dragons should not eat potatoes is because they contain high levels of starch and carbohydrates. In addition, bearded dragons need the correct amount of exercise to live a healthy lifestyle.

When bearded dragons consume potatoes in a large amount, the high level of carbohydrate and starch will lead to a decrease in activity. This will eventually lead to obesity.

Excessive Amount of Sugar:

Too much sugar can lead to serious health issues, including obesity and tooth decay. Yet, bearded dragons should not also eat potatoes because of the high sugar content of potatoes. 

The high sugar content of the potatoes will cause several issues including dehydration, tooth decay, digestion problems, and so on.

Overdose Of Vitamin A or Vitamin A Toxicity:

When ingested in small quantities, vitamin A found in potatoes can help bearded dragons have better bone health and so on.

If you see your bearded Dragons having unusual symptoms, such as nausea, lack of appetite, and vomiting, it might be an indication that they’ve overdosed on Vitamin A.

How Often Can You Feed Potatoes To Your Bearded Dragon?

You need to make sure you’re feeding your bearded dragon at least once or twice a month. This is because the beneficial elements in potatoes can be overshadowed by overconsumption of them.

When bearded dragons eat potatoes in small quantities, they can get a much-needed hydration boost.

Additionally, papayas are also a great source of fiber for your bearded dragon. This can help keep its digestion system working smoothly.

If you give your pet bearded dragon potatoes frequently, it could lead to a phosphorus-calcium imbalance.

How To Feed Bearded Dragons Potatoes?

You can try a few different ways to make potatoes more palatable for your bearded dragon.

Choosing the right potatoes for your bearded dragon is important. Potatoes need to be fresh.

First, wash the potatoes very thoroughly and them either cook or serve them raw to your bearded dragon.

However, you should keep in mind that cooking your vegetables will result in less nutrients and vitamins. 

Nevertheless, if you use raw potatoes and finely dice or grate them before adding them to your bearded dragon’s diet, it will produce more wonderful benefits.

Final Thoughts

Your bearded dragon should usually eat potatoes sparingly. However, too much may cause diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, dehydration, and obesity.


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