Can Birds Eat Flax Seed? (Read This First!)

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Feeding wild birds takes some thought. They need different food than most other animals because their digestive system is different. 

Feed them items that are easy to ingest or they might reject it, harming themselves in the process.

There are many types of seeds that birds enjoy eating. However, you might be wondering whether it’s okay to feed flax seeds to birds. 

Let’s find out more about the parts of a flax seed and what happens if you feed them to your bird.

Health Benefits Of Flax Seeds To Birds: Can Birds Eat Flaxseed?

Flaxseeds have a lot of health benefits. Bonus: many birds love them too! They’re very safe for birds, and eating them is pretty easy. 

Just crack open the seeds and toss into their mouth when they’re done playing with them. Birds can handle these seeds very well.

Birds love to eat seeds, so flax seeds are one of their favorites too. Parrots especially love to eat flax seeds. 

However, these seeds are easy for them to handle even ground up. So if you grind the seeds up into a powder, the birds will get more nutrients from them.

However, flax seeds are completely safe for birds. They contain high-quality ingredients. That’s why they are often used in the seed mixes for indoor bird owners. Flax seeds could add extra nutrition to these seed mixes.

Seeds are an important part of a bird’s diet. So, if you add them to their food, they will get the right nutrition. Flax seeds can be a great option for feeding your bird.

Since some birds eat flax seeds, they’re a great addition to their diet. They can be grown or purchased and are easy to cook up and feed to your bird. 

They’ll provide lots of nutrients, making them an easy way to make sure your bird is getting the right nutrition.

The flaxseed can vary in size and shape, so it’s important to know which type is safe for birds. Let’s see if these types of flax seeds are good for birds.

Whole Flaxseeds:

Birds are able to consume flax seeds whole, but grinding them makes the seed more effective. There is a lot of hardness to the shell of whole flax seeds. 

Grinding the seeds and mixing them into their food will make it easy for birds to digest and become nourished.

Golden Flaxseed:

There is a slight difference in appearance between golden flax seeds and brown flax seeds, but they provide the same nutrition. You can feed your birds with golden flax seeds.

Brown flaxseeds can help relieve constipation. It’s a healthy supplement that has many benefits, such as providing protein and dietary fiber.

Flax seed are safe for birds, but you need to make sure that the seeds you provide to your bird are easy for him or her to eat. 

Flax seeds have a lot of vitamins and minerals, which is why they’re healthy and nutritious. But if you provide ground Brown Flax seeds to your pet, he or she will have no trouble consuming them.

Flax meal or flaxseeds:

Ground or milled flax seeds are more beneficial for birds than regular seeds. 

Flax seed is one of the favorite sources of food for birds, but sometimes it can be hard in some cases to access because of its small size, and because the shell is tough.

It is for this reason that birds are usually given ground or milled flax seeds.

Roasted flaxseeds:

Flax seeds are the perfect food for birds.

Usually, when you roast flax seeds, the outer shells of the seeds break and the inner seeds come out. The inner soft part of a seed is an easy meal for a bird without having to worry about its shell.

Can Birds Eat Roasted Flax Seeds?

There are many health benefits associated with flax seeds, and they are helpful in multiple ways. With minerals and vitamins, they’re good for humans and birds. 

For example, you should know that flax seeds have many healthy ingredients like minerals and vitamins.

Flax seeds are beneficial for birds because the seeds help to improve their feather and skin condition. 

Flax seeds also contain different kinds of omega-3 fatty acids, which balance the bird’s diet.

Furthermore, flax seeds come with omega-3 that helps to prevent cholesterol development in birds.

In general, flax seeds are safe for birds to eat. However, due to their high fat content, it is important be aware of how much you feed to them on a regular basis.

Flax seeds are not harmful to bird’s health, but the excess consumption can make your bird overweight.

As a healthy snack for birds, flax seeds contain fiber, plant protein, and vitamin B. So eating flaxseed will do your bird some good.

What Birds Eat And Don’t Eat Flaxseeds?

Flax seeds are good for many birds. But not all birds like them. 

It’s important to know which birds want to eat flax seeds before feeding it to your bird. So, let’s take a look at which birds like to eat them and which don’t want any part of it.


Pigeons love to eat flax seeds. They’re mostly safe for pigeons, with only a few exceptions. Flax seeds are even safe for baby pigeons.

Oil-based seeds are healthier and better for birds. In this case, a flax seed is an oil-based seed.


Flax seeds are considered oilseeds, so budgies love them. If you keep flax seeds in your budgie’s diet every day, it will really help their health. 

Also, flax seeds are full of fiber and nutritious nutrients. So, flax seeds are safe for budgies and a great addition to their daily diet.


Flax seeds are parrot’s favorite food. Flax seeds have many benefits, which include being a favorite of parrots.

Flax seeds are a perfect addition to a bird’s diet. They’re rich in iron and high in protein, which helps balance out what can be unhealthy for parrots. Plus, they maintain their skin and feathers.


Parakeets also eat flax seeds. Like other birds, they are safe and a good option for most birds. 

We recommend you keep the amount well-moderated; however, because they do not contain any toxic elements that can be risky to parakeets.


These friendly, attractive little birds are common pets. There are many colors to choose from, and they enjoy being with others.

Cockatiels also eat flax seeds. Generally, it’s best to give other seed mixes with the flax. It is therefore recommended to keep the flax seeds within 2-4% while mixing and provide ground seeds.


Flax seeds are extremely safe for finches. Finches are a type of small bird, so they can eat flax seeds without getting a stomachache. Flax seeds provide various types of nutrition to finches.


Plax seeds are also good for lovebirds because they are small in size. 

To make it easier, ground plax seeds can be mixed with other seeds. This way, lovebirds will have an easier time consuming the nutrients.


Most other birds like to eat flax seeds, too. 

They contain so many healthy nutrients and nutritional elements that people often use them with other food sources for various birds. Generally, these seeds do not have any toxic properties for doves.


To feed a cockatoo with flax seeds, you’ll first need to either grind or roast them.

And since the shells may be hard to remove, you should give ground-up flax instead of whole ones. Feeding it too much might also cause problems like constipation and diarrhea.


Conures can also eat flax seeds. They love the taste, just like human beings do.

You should give them a moderate amount of flax seeds per day so that it doesn’t increase the fat content in their body.


Birds love the taste of flax seeds, which is good news because they’re also beneficial to them. Moreover, robins like eating flax seeds, so it’s safe for them to do so. So, you can feed robins flax seeds.

Can Wild Birds Eat Flax Seeds?

Yes, wild birds can eat flax seeds. Moreover, they are good and safe for wild birds. Generally, wild birds have easy access to flax seeds in the field.

Whole flax seeds are better for wild birds than flaxseed oil, because whole flax seeds are able to be eaten from the field. Ground up, cracked-up flax seeds are good for them too.

Generally, it’s the wild bird’s beak that cracks the coat of a flax seed. But if they are ground in order to digest more easily, wild birds can easily consume and enjoy the seeds.

Can Birds Eat Flaxseed Oil?

While small birds can’t eat whole flax seeds, they can easily consume flaxseed oil. For this reason, you should typically feed flaxseed oil to a small bird rather than the whole seed itself.

Studies show that this oil has many health benefits for birds. But regular flaxseed doesn’t contain as many nutrients as the whole seed.

Can Birds Eat Old Flaxseeds?

Old flax seeds that have not yet expire and go bad, they can be eaten by birds. In general, the age of flax seeds determines whether they may become toxic.

If the flax seeds are expired, you shouldn’t give them to birds.

Do Baby Birds Eat Flax Seeds?

Yes, baby birds can eat flax seeds. Generally, flax seeds are tiny and easy to consume for anyone or anything. 

However, the shells of these seeds usually have a hard coat that can be tough for baby birds to break open.

Flax seeds can be super healthy for birds, which is why you should use ground flax seeds if you want to add them to your baby bird’s diet.

In Conclusion…

Flax seeds are one of the most common types of bird food. The best thing about them is that they’re safe and healthy, meaning you can feed your birds a little flax seed all the time. 

They’re good for wild birds in particular, so people tend to include them among their emergency survival pack or bug-out kit.


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