Can Chinchillas Eat Bananas? (All You Need to Know)

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When it comes to our pets, one of the common questions is which foods are safe.

Our pets can’t eat most human foods due to their digestion system, but luckily fruits tend to be eaten by chinchillas.

Chinchillas can eat bananas. However, there are some important health benefits you need to know about before feeding them to your chinchilla.

That’s why learning about the nutritional properties of bananas and the consequences of feeding chinchillas bananas is also important.

Can Chinchillas Eat Bananas?

Chinchillas should not eat bananas in large quantities. Bananas have a high sugar content and are not suited for their digestive system. 

Furthermore, the calcium-phosphorus ratio of bananas is poor. That’s why eating bananas is not a good choice for chinchillas.

Bananas are available in different forms, some of which are more appropriate for animal consumption than others. 

For instance, bananas in the form of dried fruit, banana chips, peeled bananas, frozen bananas and so on are more appropriate as animal food. Let’s see whether chinchillas can eat them or not.

Banana chips:

Bananas are delicious and nutritious. But they’re not recommended for chinchillas. Bananas contain too much salt and sugar, which are not good for chinchillas.

In addition to containing a high level of fat, fried chips are also very high in calories. This can have negative effects on their health and is definitely something that may make them feel guilty.

Banana peels:

Chinchillas also need to avoid banana peels. While banana peels aren’t a healthy choice for chinchillas, banana peels do have other ingredients similar to bananas. 

For example, the banana peel has a low calcium-to-phosphorus ratio. So, chinchillas should not eat banana peels.

Dried bananas:

Chinchillas also can’t eat dried bananas. They have even more sugar than fresh bananas. For example, fresh bananas have 12.23g of sugar in 100g of bananas.

However, dried bananas contain even more sugar. So, 100g of fresh bananas contains 34.35g, while 100g of dried bananas has 59.25g of sugar. This is not suitable for the digestive system of chinchillas.

Fresh bananas:

Chinchillas should not eat bananas. Bananas contain a low percentage of calcium in relation to phosphorus.

This makes them bad for chinchillas because chinchillas need a high level of calcium in their diet.

However, the high amount of sugar in bananas is not suitable for chinchillas.

Frozen bananas:

Some chinchillas may eat frozen bananas, but remember that they can also be high in sugar and fat. 

That can contribute to obesity and lead to other health problems. For the overall benefit of their health, this would not be a healthy food choice for chinchillas.

Do Chinchillas Like Bananas?

Chinchillas are allowed to eat bananas. However, the amount should be reasonable. A small portion of banana is okay for chinchillas. 

Moreover, you may give them a banana as a treat. This does not mean that bananas are a suitable food for chinchillas.

Bananas are not healthy for chinchilla. The sugar and the fat in a banana will cause long-term problems for the chinchilla.

If you feed your pet a lot of bananas, these issues can become chronic.

While chinchillas love bananas and their sweet taste, they should be careful not to eat too many because bananas are high in sugar.

Bananas have a bad ratio of calcium to phosphorus, and don’t provide any health benefits for chinchillas. 

Therefore, bananas are not a nutritious food for chinchillas. You should only feed them bananas rarely.

How Much Bananas Can Baby Chinchillas Eat?

A small amount of bananas can be eaten by baby chinchillas. However, bananas aren’t the best food for them–they should avoid bananas until they’re older.

Baby chinchillas require a less-sugar diet than grown-up chinchillas. The sugar content of dried bananas is 34.35% per 100g. 

Between fresh bananas and dried bananas, it’s safer for chinchillas to opt for fresh bananas.

However, because the sugar and fat in bananas can lead to long-term health issues, you may not want to feed them to your baby chinchillas. 

However, as long as you feed them bananas occasionally or in a small amount, it will not cause any problems for your chinchillas.

Giving a baby chinchilla bananas can be harmful for the animal. For this reason, you should never give your pet baby chinchillas more than one banana per day or in large amounts.

Do Bananas Pose Any Health Risks To Chinchillas? Why Shouldn’t They Eat Bananas Too Much?

Some people think that bananas are a good choice of food for chinchillas. However, bananas are not the best choice of food to eat as they contain too much sugar and are not high in calcium. 

The calcium to phosphorus ratio is also poor which makes bananas a very average food.

Bananas are really high in fat and sugar, which can lead to health problems in chinchillas. In some cases, even the chinchillas themselves can develop digestive problems after eating more bananas.

Chinchillas should not eat bananas. Know why here. So, let’s take a look at the reasons why chinchillas should not eat too many bananas.

Digestive issues:

In general, chinchillas should avoid bananas because they are not suitable for their digestive systems. Bananas can even cause stomachs to become upset.

Unhealthy Ingredients:

Bananas don’t have much of a benefit for chinchillas. They contain high amounts of sugar, and only about five different nutrients. 

That’s not much good info at all. Bananas are not recommended for your pet chinchilla.


Chinchillas need to eat fruits that are low in sugar like apples, oranges, and other citrus fruits. High sugar content in foods can lead to obesity. 

Since it’s difficult for the chinchilla to recover once they become obese, it’s important for them to stay away from bananas.

How Often Should Chinchillas Eat Bananas?

Feeding bananas to a chinchilla is not recommended. Though they appear harmless, these fruits are not an advisable diet for chinchillas. 

If you give your pet bananas on a regular basis, then their health could be compromised and the animal will develop disease symptoms.

You can give chinchillas bananas on occasion. For example, they make a good treat. You shouldn’t give them bananas more than 2 times a week, or they will risk getting constipated.

If you don’t feed your chinchillas bananas, it won’t create a problem. 

However, if you want to provide them with bananas, you should give in a small amount. You should only feed them one banana for every week.

To grow, chinchillas do not require compulsorily fed. They will be okay with the essential nutrition and diet. 

Moreover, bananas have very few health benefits for chinchillas. The fewer bananas they eat, the better off they’ll be!

What Is The Right Amount Of Banana To Feed Your Chinchilla?

You need to feed your chinchilla a minimal amount of banana. They should get one teaspoon of banana at a time. 

It is recommended that you do not feed them more than one teaspoon of banana per day. When you feed them less than one teaspoon of it, they’ll be better off. 

So, you should not feed your chinchillas many bananas at the same time. You might have known the harm of feeding chinchillas a large number of bananas.

When it comes to your pet, you’ll do the same. However, bananas should be avoided because they can lead to digestion problems. 

Moreover, long-term health problems could arise if your chinchilla eats an excessive amount of bananas. It’s best so avoid giving them bananas.

If your chinchilla eats a banana occasionally as a special treat, and doesn’t do it all the time, it’s not a problem. 

However, if your chinchilla over-indulges in bananas to constantly feed their sugar obsession, they can develop health problems.

How To Feed Bananas To Chinchillas?

Now that you know that chinchillas like small pieces of banana, you might be wondering how they’ll enjoy bananas.

Well, let’s find out how much and how often you should feed your chinchilla bananas.

Fresh banana:

If you know that dried bananas have even more sugar than fresh ones, then you should feed the chinchillas fresh banana when possible. 

Feed them small quantities of banana and make sure they have access to water at all times.

Small portion:

When a chinchilla eats bananas, you should make sure not to give them a lot. One teaspoon per day is all they need. 

If you’re cutting the fruit so it lasts for multiple feedings, you can cut it into 4-5 pieces and provide one piece for each feeding.

Final Thoughts

Bananas are acceptable to chinchillas in small amounts. Generally, one teaspoon of banana per week will not harm chinchillas. 

But overeating on it can lead to health problems. Large amounts of sugar in bananas can be bad for chinchillas’ health because chinchillas generally don’t need large amounts of sugar in their diet. 

Moreover, bananas also lack the nutrition that chinchillas need for good health.


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