Can Dogs Eat Cooked Tomatoes? Is it safe for dogs to eat cooked tomatoes?

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Puppies sometimes become stubborn and sulky. When they are puppies, feeding only one type of food would be difficult, as they would not draw attention to themselves.

You can add tomatoes to your dog’s diet by following the below tips and information regarding cooked tomatoes.

Can Dogs Eat Cooked Tomatoes? Is it safe for dogs to eat cooked tomatoes?

Dogs can eat any cooked tomato, except for the green parts. However, a small quantity of tomatoes should be given to dogs as they can be toxic to them. 

You can help them grow if you feed them cooked tomatoes once a week without adding chemicals to them.

If you feed them one type of food every day, you might want to add variations. Well, that’s particularly not a bad idea. 

Dogs aren’t picky about food either. You can give them anything you want. But some foods might not appeal to them enough.

If you do not know which foods are toxic to dogs, you should not give them new foods. Some foods might contain allergens, causing severe health damage.

Stewed tomatoes:

Raw tomatoes can also be fed to dogs. Tomatoes are mainly toxic due to tomatines, especially leaves, vines, and any green parts.

When you remove the green parts from the tomato, you can feed it to the doctor.

When stewing tomatoes, the tomatoes become soft. You can then feed them directly to your dog. However, you should not add any additives. Even salt should not be added.

There are no additives or spices in this stew. You should feed your dog fresh stewed tomatoes without any sweeteners, additives, or other components.

Therefore, it can be safe for the dogs to eat. It is also possible to feed them only pureed tomatoes.

Roasted tomatoes:

It is not necessarily bad to roast tomatoes for dogs. Roasting would rather make them soft and edible.

Roasting tomatoes usually involves salting and seasoning them. You can’t follow the same method here.

Only giving them the roasted tomato is fine, but the amount should be small. Also, make them puree if you can as this will make them more likely to digest the tomato quickly.

If your dog is not allergic to tomatoes, you can feed it tomatoes. However, be cautious if any signs of toxicity appear.

What Is The Maximum Amount And Frequency Of Cooked Tomatoes A Dog Can Consume?

In a week, your dog should eat one to two tomatoes. For puppies, one tomato is enough. Tomatoes contain vitamins and antioxidants that are good for your dog.

Tomatoes can certainly be used as food to ensure their growth and to reduce their nutritional deficiencies.

Additionally, giving tomatoes to the dog too often isn’t good either. Cooked tomatoes should be given once a week at the beginning, and you should notice if the dog is allergic to tomatoes.

Do not feed the dog cooked tomatoes if it shows any allergic reaction.

You can feed the dog tomatoes if he or she appears to be fine. You can either make soup, puree, or cook them at your leisure and feed them to the dog.

What Happens If Dogs Eat Cooked Tomatoes?

In spite of the fact that you feed the dog cooked tomatoes, still the effect will be the same. That’s why only a certain amount should be fed to them.

In the event that you increase the amount, your dog may experience the following reactions.

It is possible for dogs to suffer from lethargy, diarrhea, vomiting, indigestion, and even severe health conditions due to eating tomatoes. They cannot tolerate tomatoes and allergic reactions can occur.

They can die from the toxicity in the worst case scenario.

It is better if you feed your dog tomatoes in small amounts with no frequent servings. The green parts contain toxic components, so avoid them.

It’s especially important when your garden grows tomatoes and your dog can reach them.

How To Cook Tomatoes For Your Dog?

You can generally feed your dog dog-food since it comes ready-made. It’s more reliable to feed your dog rather than foods with ingredients that might be toxic.

Using the method below, you can still cook tomatoes safely for your dog.

Clean the tomato:

Cleaning is of course necessary to prepare any food. Consuming food without cleaning could harm humans, but animals are generally resistant to this. Cut off all the green portions from the tomato instead.

In spite of the fact that raw tomatoes are said to be good for dogs, their toxicity is questionable. After cleaning and removing all the undesirable parts, you can cook the tomatoes.

Cooking tomatoes:

To make consumption easier, boil the tomato and make a puree. It is sufficient for the dog. You can also blend the tomato and give it to the dog.

Whether you roast the tomato or make stew from it, you should not add any extra ingredients.

In the case of the tomato, you might think that the other components, such as the tomato sauce, would also suit your dog. 

However, the tomato puree and the tomato sauce are totally different. Dogs cannot absorb the spices, and depending on their quantity, they may react negatively.

Therefore, dog food should not contain any spices or artificial ingredients.

In Dogs, How Do You Treat Tomatine Poisoning?

To prevent tomato poisoning in dogs, you should better avoid feeding your dog tomatoes. However, if they consume any, you can treat them as follows.

Veterinarian visit:

It might seem unhelpful, but you need to take your dog to the vet. You can first determine if the dog has been exposed to poison.

You might find your dog eating tomatoes from your garden and assume it is allergies.

Symptoms may not be apparent right away, so you might not be able to determine the cause.

Common signs include diarrhea, vomiting, lethargy, ingestion difficulties, abnormalities, and pain.

Depending on the condition of the dog, the doctors would make proper treatment decisions.

Apart from that, try to get them to vomit. As fast as possible, remove the portion of tomato from their stomach.

It is the priority here. However, don’t force them as they are already not feeling well.

The best thing you can do is calm them down, make them stable, and then take them to a doctor. The treatment would then be administered by a professional. 

Do not attempt to do anything on your own since any wrong measure could result in permanent damage. 

Furthermore, the condition might worsen before you see a doctor.


Since many are insured about the toxicity of tomatoes created in dogs, it remains questionable whether to feed dog-cooked tomatoes. 

Although only the green portion such as leaves and vines contain toxic components, you should only give your dog a very small amount of tomato.


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