Can Ducks And Geese Eat Sunflower Seeds?

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In addition to seeds, ducks and geese can eat insects, worms, and other foods to meet their nutritional requirements.

It is important to follow the following information and tips regarding feeding sunflower seeds to ducks and geese.

Can Ducks And Geese Eat Sunflower Seeds?

It is safe for ducks and geese to eat sunflower seeds, as they do not cause any harm to their bodies. 

However, you should avoid feeding them sunflower seeds with your hand. Instead, spread them nearby where they can reach them. Avoid salty seeds, since ducks do not prefer salty food.

You can feed ducks and geese peas, vegetables, and chopped fruit. Additionally, ducks and geese require nutritious foods. 

They should consume a diet rich in protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins. They can also eat seeds, especially sunflower seeds, which are also healthy.

Canadian geese:

Ducks and geese like sunflower seeds, so Canadian geese can eat them. 

In addition to sunflower seeds, you can feed the goose additional food.

Wild geese:

Geese can be fed seeds, fruits, leaves, vegetables, and geese supplements. Sunflower seeds can also be fed, but do not put them in water.

Leave them on the land. Although you don’t want to raise those, you can feed them seeds.

Baby Ducks:

Sunflower seeds can be added to the diet of baby ducks. There is no harm in feeding sunflower seeds to them.

Aside from that, ducklings eat worms, algae, and even bird seeds to meet their nutritional needs.

Wood ducks:

In addition to aquatic foods, wood ducks eat leaves, vegetables, and seeds, including sunflower seeds.

You can provide wood ducks with nutrition by adding sunflower seeds to their diet. Do not feed them access sunflower seeds because they are high in calories.

Sunflower Seeds Are Safe For Ducks And Geese To Eat?

Despite the fact that sunflower seeds are safe for ducks and geese to consume, excess consumption can cause damage to their bodies. Sunflower seeds are a good source of nutrition for ducks and geese.

The most abundant food for ducks and geese is aquatic food. Apart from that, they can also eat vegetables, leaves, and bird seeds. They will eat sunflower seeds if you give them to them.

Spread the seeds around rather than feeding them with your hands.

When ducks and geese are searching for food, they often come to land to find seeds. Seeds in water would float and become wet.

You can give them dry foods instead of wet ones. Seeds with shells can also be given to them. Seeds do not need to be peeled.

Can Duck And Geese Eat Sunflower Seeds With Shells?

In general, ducks and geese can eat sunflower seeds with shells unless they are molded. Molded foods can cause reactions in ducks and geese. Instead, give them dry sunflower seeds.

It is unlikely that ducks and geese can meet their nutritional requirements only by eating algae, worms, peas, and leaves.

Meanwhile, sunflower seeds with their shells can provide the necessary vitamins. Sunflower seeds are also high in phosphorus.

You can also give them sunflower seeds with shells. It will not harm them at all. They can eat sunflower seeds with shells without any problems.

You can even roast seeds with shells and feed them as a result.

3 Reasons Ducks And Geese Can Eat Sunflower Seeds

It is undeniable that sunflower seeds are good for ducks and geese.

In addition to the foods they regularly consume, they also need additional and nutritious foods to maintain good health.

Here are some reasons why sunflower seeds can benefit them.

Prevent malnutrition:

There are several types of vitamins in sunflower seeds, including vitamin E and vitamin B complex.

As sunflower seeds contain high amounts of phosphorus, they can also help to fulfill the needs for minerals. Sunflower seeds can enable them to retain vitamins in their bodies.

Also, sunflower seeds contain a small amount of protein and carbohydrates. However, those amounts are not very helpful.

Sunflower seeds may prevent malnutrition up to a certain extent if you also give them other sources of carbohydrates and protein.

Proper insulation:

Fats are abundant in sunflower seeds. Fats can be beneficial for them, but too much fat can be harmful. Fat provides insulation to the body.

Sunflower seeds can keep the body warm in winter, but too many can cause excess fat to accumulate.

Provides Energy:

There is a great deal of energy in sunflower seeds, and this helps the body perform its daily tasks as well as carrying out the functions of the organisms.

Sunflower seeds can provide enough energy for the ducks and geese.

Do Geese Eat Black Oil Sunflower Seeds? Do Canadian Geese Like Sunflower Seeds?

Even Canadian geese like sunflower seeds. They can eat sunflower seeds, as well as other seeds. In order to fulfill their nutritional needs, you should not only feed them sunflower seeds.

In addition to black oil sunflower seeds, roasted sunflower seeds are also good for the geese. They can even eat the whole seeds. It is not necessary to peel the shells.

Salted sunflower seeds can also damage their organs since geese dislike salty foods. They can also benefit from sunflower seeds as they can retain vitamins and provide nutrition.

It is possible to provide black oil sunflower seeds to Canadian geese, but in adequate quantities. There is already a high fat content in sunflower seeds.

Types Of Sunflower Seeds To Be Fed To Ducks And Geese

Sunflower seeds suitable for feeding to ducks and geese are listed below. Too much sunflower seed can damage the organs.

Roasted sunflower seed: It is better to feed roasted sunflower seeds to ducks and geese.

Shelled sunflower seed: Sunflower seeds can be fed to ducks and geese without having to peel them.

Unsalted sunflower seed: Ducks and geese should not be fed salted sunflower seeds. Instead, feed them unsalted sunflower seeds.

Black oil sunflower seed: The geese and ducks can also be provided with black oil sunflower seed. It is healthy for them.

Raw sunflower seeds: It is perfectly safe for ducks and geese to eat raw sunflower seeds.

What Not To Feed Ducks And Geese?

The majority of ducks and geese’s feed includes aquatic food, but they also gather food from dry land. Similarly to other animals, fast food should not be given to ducks or geese.

Furthermore, moulded foods should be avoided. They can spread and harm the body.

A shortlist of foods which should not be fed to geese and ducks is provided below.

  • Sunflower seeds salted
  • Bread
  • Crackers
  • Popcorn
  • Molded foods
  • Leftover corn


Sunflower seeds can be consumed by ducks and geese as long as there aren’t too many of them provided. 

Even though sunflower seeds are nutritious, they can cause harm if consumed too much of. Sunflower seeds can also prevent malnutrition.


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