Can Guinea Pigs Eat Grass from Outside? (Answered)

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Guinea pigs are generally kept in cages, so they don’t usually get a lot of grass.

However, their natural ancestors were natural grazers and their indoor lifestyle and eating habits require a lot of supplements, pellets and hay.

If you’re wondering whether guinea pigs can eat grass that’s outside or not, you came to the right place.

Today, we will have a detailed conversation about whether or not guinea pigs eat grass from outside. Now that the introductions are complete, let’s start the discussion.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Grass from Outside?

Guinea pigs can eat fresh grasses from outside, but your pets shouldn’t be fed just lawn clippings. 

You can feed them dry and fresh grasses. They will commonly eat Timothy hay or Orchard grass hay. These varieties of grass can make a great addition to a guinea pig’s regular diet.

Grass is a great source of nutrition. A pig’s digestive system is designed to process an immense amount of forage. As such, they can typically just eat and digest it without any problem.

Fresh grass is a problem, because you will need to deworm your guinea pigs on a regular basis. Grass normally has parasite eggs that can lead to worm issues in your guinea pig.

In addition, pigs like Guinea pigs require a daily dose of Vitamin C for fighting off stomach cancer and other illnesses. To keep them healthy, they also need quality timothy hay and vegetables.

From your yard:

You can feed your guinea pig grass from your yard, but there are limitations.

However, if your guinea pig has never been grazing on fresh grass before then he will need to be introduced more slowly. 

Change his diet too fast and it may upset his stomach and intestinal parasites could be a problem. If he is still eating the grass from your yard, check for microscopic parasites.

Guinea pigs that eat grass more often have to have their parasite eggs treated when they’re also loaded with them.

Guinea pigs should never be fed wet grass or clippings. The reason behind this is because they are in constant contact with wet food and it’s difficult for them to dry off.

Moldy grass is a huge problem as it can lead to hair loss, fungal infections, and fungal eye irritation. If you live in a humid area, the mold could be dangerous for your pet.

Is It Safe For My Guinea Pig To Eat Grass From Outside? Can You Feed Guinea Pigs From your yard Safely?

It’s fine if your guinea pig eats grass from outside. You can feed fresh greens to your pig and they will be safe to eat.

Grass and pigs always go hand in hand. Grass both fresh and dried can be safely eaten by guinea pigs. 

It is important for you to make sure that your guinea pig is acclimated to eating grass before adding it to the diet.

If you suddenly change your guinea pig’s diet, they may show several health problems. It is okay if they eat grass from outside, but make sure to worm them first if that’s the case.

But if you are providing your pigs grass from outside, then make sure they are regularly getting checked for parasites. Additionally, try not to feed your pigs wet grass.

Is Grass Good For Guinea Pigs? Do Guinea Pigs Like Fresh Grass?

Guinea pigs have mouths that are sensitive, so they will relish the freshness of grass.

Grass is a staple food for guinea pigs. It is also not a staple, but it’s important for gut health. Guinea pigs should be eating grass often.

In addition to these, grass also contains a high amount of vitamin C, which guinea pigs require on a daily basis.

Guinea pigs spend all of their day eating small herbs. As herbivores, they need lots of greens in their diet. They need roughage so that they can trim the constant growth on their teeth.

Not only is grass a decent source of fiber and good for their gastrointestinal system, but it is also easier to handle than fresh grass. When you own a pet guinea pig, it can be difficult to find fresh grass.

Some types of hay, such as barley and oaten hay, are good choices for your guinea pig.

3 Reasons Why Guinea Pigs Can Eat Grass From Outside

Grass and Guinea pigs are like potatoes and ketchup. They’re inseparable. Although they mainly eat hay, Guinea pigs spend half of their life grazing on different herbs.

Here are a some reasons why guinea pigs should eat grass from outside:

Natural Staple:

Grass is a natural staple and provides high amounts of minerals. It also contains lots of fiber, helping your guinea pig feel full.

Giving grass to your guinea pig is a great way of maintaining a balanced diet. However, you may find that it needs even more grass than usual. 

It’s important that your pet gets the necessary amount of greens, but it is necessary. Timothy, Barley, and Oaten are considered the best type of grass. 

However, try not to feed your pigs Clover or Lucerne because they contain an excess amount of protein and calcium, which is not good for your animals.

Helps improve gut health:

Fresh, green grass is high in fiber and promotes gastrointestinal health. You can also give them some leafy vegetables as an alternative, but make sure to do so organically.

Pesticides and chemicals can cause sensitive animals, like guinea pigs, to get sick. If they consume any pesticides or chemicals, the animal’s health might get damaged.

You must never feed your guinea pigs something called lawnmower clippings. Guinea pigs don’t like the taste of these clippings and it can give them a stomachache.

High in Vitamin C:

For guinea pigs to be healthy, they need Vitamin C. And what a better way to get vitamin C than fresh grass on a daily basis? 

Grass is the perfect food source of vitamin C. If you want your pet to remain healthy, try feeding them fresh grass on a daily basis.

Can You Grow Grass For Guinea Pigs?

It is possible to grow grass for guinea pigs. You could also grow grass for your guinea pig. 

However, be sure to choose the right type of seed before you start. Before you plan on growing your own grass, make sure it’s a high-quality type for your pets.

Apart from that, you should watch out for the weeds in your yard. You don’t want any of those to end up in your guinea pigs’ food bowl!

In order to make sure your guinea pigs are safe in their natural habitat, you must avoid the use of any pesticides. 

Make sure you’re only applying organic techniques for the growth of your grass, and that you’re not using any chemicals. 

If you do, it can have terrible effects on your guinea pigs, like causing them to become ill or even die.

If you can grow your grass, it will be easier for your guinea pigs to get their dosage of vitamin C regularly.

How To Grow Grass For Guinea Pigs?

For your guinea pigs, raising grass is simple and nutritious. You don’t have to grow it all in your yard; one place will suffice. 

Proper nutrition is also important, so you might want to grow various types of grass. Here are some steps to follow for growing grass for guinea pigs:

Get seeds and trays:

The first thing you need to do, before starting your indoor garden, is to get a sprouting tray.

Trays are available just about anywhere, and they give you the opportunity to grow your organic grass while indoors.

The best thing about growing grass indoors is that you don’t have to worry about it coming into contact with parasites or your guinea pigs eating any toxic plants.

This package contains 1lb of seeds. With that, you can grow grass multiple times.

Soak seeds

Soak ¼ of the seeds in water for at least 8-12 hours. Once done, you can place them on the pan and put them in a shaded area.

Whenever possible, move the plant to a sunny location when it starts showing signs of distress. 

To store the trays properly, you need to put a clear lid on them and then put on the cover.

Spray your seeds routinely:

In order to maintain their moisture level, feel free to spray the seeds every day. You can use any kind of spray bottle for that. 

Within a week, you’ll notice little green sprouts coming out, and when the spouts turn green through and through, you can remove the lid.

Whenever possible, it’s best to let the plate sit in a sunny spot so that the plastic can receive enough UV light.

Final Thoughts

Guinea pigs can eat grass, but it needs to be dry, and they should not eat wet grass or lawn clippings. 

Grass is a great natural staple because it’s high in fiber and vitamin C, which helps them stay healthy. But the grass they eat can’t contain any pesticides.


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