Can Guinea Pigs Eat Jicama? (Read This First!)

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Vegetables are a common food source for Guinea pigs. They love some of them more than others. 

However, one vegetable they’re especially fond of is jicama. A common question people ask is whether or not guinea pigs can eat jicama.

We searched the internet for this information and found true answers. These are some things that you should know before using your jicama for the first time though:

Jicama is a type of vegetable. Like all beans and other healthy vegetables, it would be great to slice it up and offer it to your pet. You can add some food for your pets with it.

Do guinea pigs eat jicama? Let’s see how they consume it and what benefits they get.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Jicama?

The guinea pig can eat jicama, which pet owners should know. It is not only nutritious, but actually highly favored by guinea pigs. 

You should not allow your pet to overeat for this reason, as it may increase the sugar levels in the blood and have adverse effects on the health of the animal’s internal organs. 

Install a routine with your pets and offer them a bit of jicama. Jicama is not a healthy food for guinea pigs. 

It does come with a lot of sugar, however, and so it’s quite tasty. That’s why if you’re willing to let your guinea pigs eat jicama, they’ll be able to sustain themselves on it alone.

A regular serving of jicama is around the size of a slice. Jicama should be offered once or twice per week, but not for more than that. 

Significantly, when you offer guinea pigs pet food and they turn it down, you can add some jicama to make the food more interesting. It’ll work like magic!

On the other hand, vegetables are best for pets. But their leaves and slices will create gas in the pet’s stomach. That’s why you’re responsible for controlling your pet’s eating habits.

Is Jicama Good For Guinea Pigs?

Jicamas are good for guinea pigs, but not if they’re over-eaten. Overeating jicama will cause serious health problems, including weight gain, elevated sugar level and more. 

That’s why jicamas are not an ideal food for guinea pigs.

The jicama is a type of bean, so it comes with sugar. This can put your guinea pigs at risk for stomach gas and high blood sugar levels when they overeat it.

Aside from guinea pigs not being able to digest too much jicama, they will also lose the ability to digest food properly. For this reason, jicama is not an ideal food for them.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Jicama For Guinea Pigs?

Jicama has some excellent health benefits for guinea pigs. They are:


Jicama has many nutrients that make guinea pigs healthy and happy. Added to this, pet food cannot provide all the necessary nutrients your pet needs; that’s why it is best to add jicama.

Boost digestion power:

Jicama can help boost guinea pigs’ digestion power if you give it routinely. Although there can be some side effects, a little bit of jicama will help improve your pig’s digestion power.

Reduce the cancer risk:

Eating jicama can reduce the risk of cancer. It’s one of the most significant benefits for guinea pigs, which is why pets and humans can also eat it in different ways.

Versatile vegetable:

Jicama is a great vegetable for your guinea pig. You can use it in different ways and for different purposes. It also has a lot of health benefits, too!

High in antioxidants:

Jicama is high in antioxidants, so it’s an important part of the diet for rabbits. That’s why you should add it to your pet food.

Kill bacteria:

Jicama can help to restore guinea pig gut bacteria. Besides, it can remove undesirable and unhealthy bacteria as well. If you want to save your guinea pigs from bacteria, include some jicama in their diet.

Guinea pigs are quick to eat jicama. You won’t have any issues with it whatsoever. It’s soft, and a type of fruit like pet food (it’s bean-like in texture). So you should add some guinea pig food.

Do Guinea Pigs Like Jicama?

Guinea pigs love eating jicama. In essence, it’s a sweet bean-type vegetable derived from the yam family. Every pet loves to eat it, including guinea pigs. It’s the perfect food for them.

Jicama is an excellent vegetable and has some health benefits. However, you should not offer your pet too much of it because it will not be good for their health. One of the main reasons is the high sugar content.

Sugar can have a damaging effect on the inside of your guinea pigs. Since it increases their blood sugar levels too much, it will also make them more prone to conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure.

Despite the fact that many people frown upon giving pets jicama, it is actually possible to offer your pet a small number of pieces. 

They can be diced up and added to their food – and it’ll taste delicious! Your guinea pigs will love eating this vegetable.

How Much Jicama Can Guinea Pigs Eat At A Time?

Guinea pigs can eat a lot of jicama at once, but you should not let them. They will become unhealthy. Instead, 3-4 slices per feeding is enough energy for your guinea pig to consume at one time.

A lot of jicama means a lot of sugar. More sugar equals more sicknesses, because too much will make your pigs sick. That’s why you shouldn’t feed your pigs with too much jicama all the time.

On the other hand, guinea pigs can eat 8-10 jicamas at a time, but it won’t do any good to their health. 

Instead, it will ruin the internal and stomach system. If your guinea pigs start living on jicamas, they will suffer in the long run.

How Often Can Guinea Pigs Eat Jicama?

Guinea pigs should not eat 2-3 jicamas per week. They can only eat three in total. This will adversely affect the gastrointestinal system of the animal. Estimated sentence length: 8 words

Guinea pigs can eat jicama every day, but that’s your decision to make. Otherwise, the poor animal is going to suffer later on.

Guinea pigs need enough sugar in their blood to stay healthy. If they don’t have enough, they will get sick. 

In such a case, it may be necessary to head to the doctor for advice. If your doctor suggests starting them on a regular diet of jicama, then make sure you offer them the right amount.

How Can I Feed Jicama To Guinea Pigs?

You can feed jicama to guinea pigs in many ways. But the best way is to slice the ingredients and mix them with pet food. That’s how you feed jicama to guinea pigs.

Different types and categories of jicamas exist. Let’s explore how to feed them to your guinea pigs.

Fresh Jicama:

One of the best ways to feed guinea pigs fresh jicama is to slice it up and mix it with pet food. You can feed fresh jicama to guinea pigs this way, and this is the best way to do so.

Jicama is a root vegetable and a great source of nutrients and minerals. It’s safe to give this to guinea pigs.

Frozen Jicama:

Frozen jicama cannot be sliced easily. You need to either defrost it or cut it into manageable pieces. If you’re going to feed frozen jicama to guinea pigs, you’ll need to defrost it first.

Cooked Jicama:

Cooked jicama is a great way to feed guinea pigs. You can feed them the cooked jicama on its own, without adding any other pet food.

But for pets, cooking jicama is necessary. Feel free to add a little salt or sugar if you want. But don’t use any spices – they’re not good for animals.

Dried Jicama chips:

Dried jicama chips are for human consumption. You cannot feed dried chips to guinea pigs. They cannot digest them, so they must eat a primarily wet diet.

Dried jicama chips are great for dieting, and are a beneficial part of any healthy living plan. NEVER feed this to your pet.

Can Baby Guinea Pigs Eat Jicama?

Baby guinea pigs can eat jicama. Once you peel it, they enjoy the thin peels, but avoid feeding the hard skin. 

The skins will make baby guinea pigs stomachs feel bad. Baby guinea pigs cannot digest jicama skin.

Cutting the jicama and removing the skin is important. Offering it to your Guinea pig, you must take care of these steps: Cut off the skin, peel the jicama, and cut into small pieces.

Baby guinea pigs have a lower level of digestive power than adults. As a result, they can’t eat everything like an adult one. They need ideal pet food for baby guinea pigs, then.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Jicama Fries Or Jicama Pickles?

Eating too much jicama fries or jicama pickles is hazardous for guinea pigs. It will increase the sodium content in their body, which can lead to serious health concerns.

On the other hand, jicama fries are for people. It’s not a snack that you can offer to your guinea pigs. Guinea pigs can only eat fresh jicama.

However, both the jicama fries and pickles are harmful. Guinea pigs can’t digest them, so you should definitely avoid using them.

Final Thoughts

Jicama is a root vegetable from the bean family, and guinea pigs love to eat different vegetables. 

That’s why guinea pigs can also be fed jicama. However, you should always peel off and remove the skin before offering your pets any portion of the root. 

Remember, though, that over-feeding jicama could be unhealthy for your pets.


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