Can Guinea Pigs Eat Oats? (Read This First!)

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Guinea pigs are tailless rodents that are domesticated and primarily kept as pets.

The usual diet of a guinea pig consists primarily of hay, fruit, and vegetables. Today we’ll talk about the diet of guinea pigs.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Oats?

You might think that guinea pigs can eat oats, but this is not the case. Oats contain harmful elements which can damage their urinary system. 

They contain a high amount of carbohydrates, phosphorus and minerals which are not suitable for their digestive system. This may affect their growth.

The guinea pig is a South American rodent with a short, hairy coat. It is often kept as a pet because of its ease to manage. 

This tailless rodent must eat a lot of hay and hay-based food, so one should pay careful attention to these dietary needs.

One good way to help keep your guinea pig’s gut healthy is to feed them oats. Again, not all guinea pigs can eat oats– you may only feed them to skinny guinea pigs who have little appetite.

Oats are bad for guinea pigs because they contain harmful elements which may affect their health. Feeding oats to a guinea pig may result in excessive growth.

Below is a brief overview of different types of oats, and whether or not they are safe for guinea pigs to eat:

Oats and Honey:

Do not feed the guinea pigs oatmeal and honey. Honey isn’t right because it contains harmful additives and preservatives.

Porridge oats:

The guinea pigs don’t eat grain, so you can’t feed them porridge oats. That’ll make them gain weight.

Rolled oats:

Guinea pigs should not eat rolled oats, because they contain fiber which can cause damage to the guinea pig’s urinary system.

Quaker oats:

Quaker oats provide a high-energy meal, which is not a suitable staple food for guinea pigs. Guinea pigs can be given oatmeal if they’re underweight.

Raw oats:

Raw oats are high in calories, so the guinea pigs usually like them a lot. But providing raw oatmeal to guinea pigs can affect their weight.

Quick Oats:

Plain, quick-cooking oats are not suited for guinea pigs. They contain a large amount of phosphorus which is bad for their health.

Dry oats

Dry oatmeal and regular oatmeal have the same nutritional values because they both come from oats. So, if you start giving your children the dry variety instead, it won’t make a difference in their health.

Steel-cut oats:

Guinea pigs are not recommended to eat steel-cut oats, so you should avoid feeding them steel-cut oats.

Plain Oats:

If you want to keep your guinea pig healthy, do not feed them regular oats.

Old fashioned oats:

These oats are more grainy in texture, and contain a higher number of grains. The guinea pigs do not enjoy this type of food, so it is better to avoid feeding them old-fashioned oats.

Do Guinea Pigs Like And Eat Oats? Are Oats Good For Guinea Pigs?

Guinea pigs can eat oats. They like the smell and flavor of these grains, but not all guinea pigs enjoy them. 

That’s because oats are mostly grains, so other guinea pigs with more refined tastes might reject them.

Hay and herbs are more popular with guinea pigs than grains. Oats are only consumed by guinea pigs in times of desperation to find food.

It is bad idea to feed guinea pigs oats. The oats contain harmful elements such as phosphorus and minerals that may affect their urinary system. They enjoy eating hay, which contains proper nutrition.

The guinea pig’s growth is negatively impacted by oats’ high fiber content. Consuming oats may cause your guinea pig to gain excess weight, which is bad for them.

3 Reasons Why Guinea Pigs Can Eat Oats

Some might say that it’s not a good idea to feed guinea pigs oats because they are not designed to process them and it’s easy to get carried away. 

However, there are benefits to giving your pet oatmeal. For example, in special cases, you may want to give oats to your guinea pig if you want. 

But it should be noted that oatmeal is not part of their diet and can have adverse side effects on the body.

It’s better not to feed them oats because they can cause various issues. In addition, eating oats can lead to bladder problems, as well as abnormal weight gains in a guinea pig’s body.

To prevent your guinea pig from getting sick, don’t feed them oats regularly. The following are some reasons why guinea pigs may be fed oats:

To gain weight:

When guinea pigs don’t eat properly, they grow thin and frail. They might look healthy on the outside but inside they’re undernourished and are more susceptible to getting sick.

That is why odds are recommended with a specific regular diet to help them gain some more weight.

To help skin-related issues:

Guinea pigs may experience hair loss or skin-related issues, but oatmeal can address that problem. It can make their coat shinier and thicker, and promote hair regrowth.

Nutritional value:

Oats are a nutritious food which can provide many benefits to guinea pigs. For example, oats contain a high amount of iron, magnesium and folate.

What Are The Nutritional Values Of Oats For Guinea Pigs?

Oats are great for your guinea pig as they help with weight control and digestion. In some cases, oats have also been known to improve a guinea pigs pancreas function.

Generally, oats contain protein and iron in high amounts. Typically, such an amount is a great option for a human to start the day with.

However, guinea pigs need such large amounts of carbs and protein if they are underweight or hungry.

Additionally, oat is an excellent cereal that has high levels of fiber. That is great for digestion and reduces any irritable conditions in the gastrointestinal tract. 

A moderate amount of fat is also contained in this food, which helps to keep the cardiovascular system of a guinea pig healthy.

Oatmeal is not only a great source of fiber but also provides us with many vitamins, like thiamine and vitamin. 

These essential nutrients help convert carbs into energy and keep our heart, nerves, and muscles healthy. Additionally, oats contain no cholesterol.

How Much Oatmeal Should Be Given To Guinea Pigs Eat? How Often Can They Have Oats?

You should not feed a large number of oatmeal to guinea pigs because it has harmful elements which could affect their system of health. Half a handful would be enough.

If a guinea pig suffers from weight loss, or if they are having hair-related or skin issues, then you can give them oats to eat. 

This will not only remedy the issue at hand, but it will also improve the quality of their hair and skin. That’s why a few oats should be given to your guinea pigs every once in awhile.

When feeding your guinea pigs with oats, it is recommended that you don’t provide them with oats on a regular basis. Rather, try feeding them twice a week.

Eating too many oats will make the guinea pig overweight, bruise their growth system, and even damage their urinary system. This is why you shouldn’t feed your guinea pig oats very often.

What Kind Of Oats Cannot Guinea Pigs Eat?

All oatmeal is prohibited for guinea pigs to eat. This is because oatmeal contains phosphorus and minerals that may cause damage to the guinea pig’s urinary system.

Oats are high in carbohydrates, which guinea pigs are not able to break down. This can cause them to gain unwanted weight and may lead to other health issues.

You should avoid giving your guinea pig oats because oatmeal can cause issues with their heart and stomach. In addition, oatmeal is not a regular part of the natural diet of a guinea pig.

Underweight guinea pigs and those with the skin-related issue need to eat only a little number of oats per meal. 

Other than those two types, it is not recommended for the rest of the guinea pigs to feed their diet with oats.

What Happens If Guinea Pigs Eat Too Much Oats?

Guinea pigs can eat too many oats and become fat. They also might get sick. Prevent future illness by not feeding oats to guinea pigs.

Oats contain phosphorus, which is damaging to a guinea pig’s urinary system.

In some cases, the consumption of oats may cause guinea pigs to gain weight. That’s why we recommend avoiding them when feeding your guinea pig.

Guinea pigs should not be fed oats if they have any sort of skin problem or are underweight.

Oats are high-value foods and they’re not suitable for a guinea pig’s regular diet. Avoid feeding oats to the guinea pigs.

Final Thoughts

Guinea pigs can eat oats even though it does not provide everything a guinea pig needs for nutrition. 

However, it is not recommended to feed them oats because the high-value fiber, calories, and grain may negatively affect their health system and cause them to gain excess weight and face obesity.


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