Can Hamsters Get Wet? 

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Can Hamsters Get Wet? 

Hamsters are loved by all, right? They are very cute and make for great pets as they are very well-behaved.

Hamsters are a very sensitive bunch. They get anxious or scared easily. So you may be wondering if they can handle getting wet. 

Let’s answer all your questions about if and when hamsters can get wet, so you can make an informed decision for your furry friend.

Hamsters Can Get Wet, Right?

Hamsters are not used to being wet. When hamsters get wet, they become very stressed and scared.

They also panic when they come into contact with water. Therefore, if you don’t want your hamsters to develop stress-related diseases, do not put them in water.

Hamsters like to live in dry spaces, which is why having them live in a wet space is not preferable. Also, they can’t swim because they fear water.

This means that, as a result of their unique anatomy, they can’t swim. They get very scared when they feel the wetness on their feet.

The fur of the hamsters is quite heavy. When they are exposed to water, they will remain wet for a long time if not dried properly. So, it can lead to various diseases and sicknesses.

The reason that hamsters can’t go in water is because the water will remove the oil from their skin. This oil helps them to groom themselves.

Hamsters will groom themselves when their natural skin oils are present. If not, they’ll become dirty and even contract scurvy due to their inability to groom.

If a hamster gets wet, it will develop fever and acute pneumonia. When a hamster’s body temperature isn’t regulated, it can go into shock and they won’t be able to control their own body temperature.

As a result, the hamsters can contract hypothermia if they are exposed to water and remain wet for a long time. It’s important you keep your hamster dry also because it can lead to wet tail disease. 

This is basically diarrhea carried by hamsters, which usually happens when they’re scared and stressed. The disease starts with having the rodent get wet.

Can Hamsters Get Wet Tail More Than Once?

You shouldn’t ever put a hamster in water. It’s dangerous for hamsters to be near water because they’re used to being on land. Most hamsters are afraid of water, so you will scare them and they can panic.

The water will remove the natural oils and wet fur found on hamsters, which can result in them not grooming themselves. If they get wet, they may also catch a cold or develop pneumonia.

The hamsters can get wet tails more than once if they get stressed on a regular basis. Hamsters usually get scared and stressed when they are kept in or when they get wet.

So, if you give a bath to your hamster after it recovers from a wet tail, there is a chance that it will get another wet tail in the future.

3 Reasons Why Hamsters Can’t Get Wet?

Some hamsters are illustrated to fear water, while others can’t get wet due to health issues. The problems with the hamster can turn serious and threaten their lives if they remain wet for too long.

Let’s take a look at 3 of the most prevalent reasons why hamsters can’t get wet.

Health Issues:

Hamsters are not used to being in cold weather and can’t handle low temperatures. If they get wet, there’s an increased chance that they can catch a cold. 

The cold may even develop into pneumonia if left untreated. Hamsters have very sensitive features and can’t handle quick changes in temperature. 

When the hamster gets wet, its body falls instantly and it won’t be able to control its temperature. If this happens, the hamster could suffer from hypothermia.

Wet Tail:

Hamsters are able to get wet tails. They’ll typically get wet tails if they are put in water, but they can also get wet tails if they become scared due to being wet. Hamsters may also get wet tails multiple times if they become too stressed due to being wet.


Hamsters can get very stressed and scared if they get wet. For them, the water is a nightmare. When hamsters become scared, they can have very bad health problems–even if they only got wet.

Why Do Hamsters Lose Their Life When Wet?

Hamsters can lose their life due to some diseases developed due to being wet. However, hamsters won’t lose their life every time they get wet or get into the water.

Hamsters can get panicked or get frightened when they get wet. If your hamster gets wet on a regular basis, it will remain scared all the time, which can result in anxiety-related diseases.

Sometimes, they can be so anxious that they stop eating or drinking water.

Hamsters can fall sick and different diseases can develop in their body if they get wet.

Even if the hamster dries off, their fur will stay wet for a long time. As a result, they can still get sick and even develop acute pneumonia if they happen to get wet.

How To Ensure Your Hamster Never Gets Wet?

Keep your hamster from getting wet! This will help make sure that it doesn’t have any physical or mental issues. 

While it can seem like a challenge to make sure your hamster never gets wet, it’s actually not that difficult. You just need some time and a bit of effort to do it.

Have a look at how you can ensure your hamster never gets wet:

Remember to keep hamsters near their cage:

Hamsters can easily escape from your hands. If they run around your house, there’s a chance that they could fall into the water or get wet by entering the bathroom.

You should make sure your hamster is always close to his cage while you’re handling him.

Choose the right bedding:

The ability to retain moisture is one of the most important properties of bedding and nesting material.

To keep your hamster dry, make sure to get high-quality bedding and nesting material. Change it once a week to keep your hamsters smelling fresh and clean.

Use bottle instead of water bowl:

Hamsters are not conscious of their environment and will chew and tug at any object they can get their hands on. 

For this reason, a hamster that is provided with a water bowl for drinking water may accidentally fall into the bowl when it tries to drink.

Our suggestion is to use a water bottle, instead of a hamster cage. Fill it up with fresh water and place it out of reach so your pet doesn’t accidentally have a bath.

How To Dry A Wet Hamster?

Most people would assume that dry a wet hamster is difficult. However, it’s actually not and only takes a few steps to do so. 

We’ll show you how to do this with various methods to ensure your hamster is safe and doesn’t get hurt during the process.

We’ll see how you can dry a wet hamster.

Use paper towels:

When your hamster gets wet, it will be running all over the place. If you try to hold him, you’ll end up with a wet hand. 

To avoid this, put your hamster in a box lined with paper towels, which will absorb all of the moisture from its fur.

However, don’t use toilet paper since it will quickly crumble and stick to your hammy’s damp fur.

You should also change the paper towels as frequently as possible for the hamsters to dry very fast.

Put the hamster in a warm room:

By placing a hamster in a room where the temperature is higher than the hamster’s normal body temperature, it can result in heatstroke.

If your hamster prefers a room temperature of 20-23 degrees Celsius normally, it will prefer a room temperature of 30 degrees Celsius when trying to dry.

Use a clean cotton cloth:

You can use a clean cotton cloth to gently wipe down your hamster while holding him in your hands.

You should do it gently so your hamster won’t get more scared. You won’t be able to completely dry off your hamster with the cloth, but you can still get most of the water off.

Final Thoughts

Hamsters don’t like getting wet. When they get wet and spend too much time outside their cozy habitats, it can be unsafe. 

Their increased heart rate from being so afraid will also lead to an unhealthy hypothermic state and pneumonia.


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