Can Iguanas Eat Watermelon?

Can Iguanas Eat Watermelon?

Iguanas are herbivores and naturally eat leaves from trees as well as different varieties of plants. In the wild, iguanas almost always consume vines and some fruits and flowers.

Though most of them are safe, a lot of insects are not suitable for consumption. They’re forced to make due with a few that provide their daily nutritional requirements. 

Being so limited, they will sometimes eat little bugs and even eat them along with other bugs that happen to cross their path.

People love iguanas as pets because they only eat greenies, but most people don’t know that they tend to do incredibly terrifying things.

Iguana’s health and happiness are very important goals for us. They won’t be happy with a diet that includes watermelon, which is why we offer this info to you.

Can Iguanas Eat Watermelon?

Iguanas love watermelon. They really enjoy eating it. But there are only a few fruits that iguanas eat regularly, which is usually less than 10%. 

Watermelon should be given to iguanas in small amounts and as a treat, not as a regular food. If treated this way, watermelon won’t cause harm to iguanas.

Unlike some fruits, watermelon is not toxic to iguanas and can be eaten without fear of harming the animals.

That’s because it’s an amazing fruit at countering hydration during very hot weather.

Some people love summer, but it’s not always so great for all of the animals. For example, iguanas seem to dislike it just as much as humans do!

Some iguanas like the Green Iguana love watermelon. Others, such as the Common Black Iguana, do not mind having some.

Iguanas eat mostly greens, with watermelon making a mere 20% of its diet.

While not harmful, watermelon is not as nutritious as other fruit, and igaons aren’t prone to it. That’s because their stomach will reject it if they eat too much.

When an iguana is sick or has a temperature, it may be offered apples, bananas with skin, pears, mangoes, and other fruits as a way to help prevent dehydration.

It’s okay to give iguanas watermelon on a hot day when they might need it. We can’t mess with their diet because of the watermelon though, no matter what.

The lack of fat and protein as well as the low volume of fiber in watermelon make it an unfavorable choice for iguanas, whose diet should consist of more high-fiber foods like banana.

Do Iguanas Like Watermelon?

There are few fruits with higher levels of water content than watermelon, which is why it is a great choice during the heat of summer. Watermelon juice and fruit can help keep us and the animals hydrated.

Unlike iguanas, watermelons just can’t get enough green iguanas. In fact, they will happily eat any melon presented to them.

This, however, isn’t so uncommon. That’s why we should avoid giving them too much of it as responsible pet owners. Too much non-ideal food will not be good for an iguana’s health.

Can Rhino Iguanas Eat Watermelon? Can Green Iguanas Eat Watermelon?

Iguanas are exotic, plant-eating animals that can eat a variety of food. They’re essentially herbivores, but they do occasionally eat fruits and other plants.

Wild iguanas rely solely on the leaves of trees and vines to survive. Rhino and green iguanas can also eat watermelon.

This is especially true for the green iguana, who loves watermelon. The rhino iguana will eat small insects like other bugs, but they’re more likely to enjoy watermelon than any other fruit.

3 Reasons Why Iguanas Can Eat Watermelon

The thing about giving iguanas watermelon is that sometimes it’s a treat, but other times it can be bad for them. 

Because watermelon doesn’t contain any special nutrients for iguanas, it isn’t ideal to feed them all the time. However, if you want to give them a little slice of watermelon as a snack alternative, that’s fine too.

In some cases, a watermelon is okay to give your iguana. Here are a few of them. 

  • It’s cold outside and there’s nothing to eat but frozen watermelons. Your iguana is really hungry and anything will do.
  • A really hot day has passed which led to your iguana being stuck outside in the sun with no shade or water to drink.

Easy to Consume:

It is easy for iguanas to consume watermelon because it is soft and does not require any additional labor.

There are a few options when we want to give our iguana watermelon. We can give them the whole fruit, the rind, or we can freeze it.


Keeping hydrated is essential to feeling healthy, and this rule applies to all living beings. When it’s a hot summer day, an iguana can eat some fresh watermelon and stay hydrated and full.


With all its protein, Vitamin A, and C, watermelon as fruit may not be a lot of nutrients for a person to eat, but it is an option. Ensure you occasionally give your iguana a bit of watermelon to keep them well-nourished.

What Are The Nutritional Values Of Watermelon For Iguanas?

Watermelon is a fruit that consists mostly of water and carbs. It’s low in calories, and doesn’t provide significant amounts of protein. Because it’s just water and carbs, people should consider eating watermelon only if they need to stay hydrated.

Although plants are not necessary for animals to survive, there are still some healthy nutrients that the fruit provides.


Containing nearly 90% water, the watermelon is a human favorite during hot summer months.

But iguanas can also enjoy the fruit to stay hydrated and treat themselves rather than entirely relying on it for sustenance.


Five slices of watermelon contain at least 12 grams of carbs for every 152 grams. Carbs are usually broken down into sugars like glucose, sucrose, and fructose. This can be good for iguanas.

Vitamins & Minerals:

Watermelon is a nutritious fruit that offers Vitamin C and A, as well as other good vitamins and minerals, including Potassium and Vitamin B5.

Amino Acids:

Iguanas need a diet that provides some amino acids and watermelon provides a good supply of citrulline.

Furthermore, the highest concentration of this acid can be found on the thin, white part that surrounds the flesh of the watermelon.

Can Iguanas Eat Watermelon Rind?

Yes, it is true that iguanas will eat watermelons as long as their skin and rinds are included. They eat all types of fruits with their skin and rind.

The iguana’s diet consists of only 20% fruit, while the rest is other greenery. Since they primarily rely on tree leaves, iguanas will often eat fruits and unlike us, they do not need to consume the entire thing.

To iguanas, a watermelon is just food. They either eat the whole thing or take bites out of it depending on how hungry they are. In other words, don’t expect any iguana to care about the rind.

How Much Watermelon To Feed An Iguana?

Watermelons are excellent sources of natural hydration during the summer. Just 100 grams of watermelon will contain 91 grams of water.

They’re also a great treat for animals that might come across it during the summer season.

As a reptile, iguanas don’t have very much fiber in their diet. And watermelon has an uncomplimentary calcium to phosphorous ratio, which is bad for iguanas.

Considering the small amounts of healthy nutrients found in just 100 gm (0.22 lb) of watermelon, it’s not safe to say that watermelon is a good food source for herbivores who need other important minerals, fiber, and protein.

Therefore, watermelon should be given to iguanas in small amounts such as 20% of their diet, as well as treated as a treat, not as a regular diet.

Final Thoughts

The best treat for your food-loving iguana is watermelon. They will gladly eat it up, but you’ll want to watch your intake of the fruit so that they don’t eat too many and end up with ants in their pants. 

This is because of the unfavorable ratio of calcium to phosphorou, which can create indigestion and digestive problems.

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