Can Squirrels Eat Avocados? (What About the Seed?)

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Omnivorous mammals include squirrels. It is known that they eat just about anything. They can eat a large variety of food when they follow a vegetarian diet.

Can they consume everything, however?

Today we will be looking at the avocado fruit. Our focus is on the benefits of avocados for squirrels.

You can learn how to feed squirrels avocados and if they are allowed to eat avocados by reading on.

Can Squirrels Eat Avocados?

Some people will argue that avocados are bad for squirrels because they contain saturated fat, but this fruit has many nutritional benefits and can provide necessary nourishment. 

Avocados contain healthy fats, carbohydrates, and fibers as well as potassium which are essential to the health of a squirrel.

Avocados are a favorite snack of wild and pet squirrels. These animals will eat the soft fruit, but they might discard the skin or stones. 

In summary, your avocado fruit may be ruined if you do not protect it from wild squirrels.

You should also consider including this fruit as part of your pet squirrel’s diet because it is nutritionally sound for them.

Many people believe avocados are not a good food for squirrels, because they contain high amounts saturated fat. 

But remember, these fats only cause harm when you feed your squirrel an unnatural diet.

If you see a squirrel that is in pain or with soreness in its teeth and jaws, avocados can be beneficial. This fruit is soft to eat, delicious and well-balanced.

Avocado trees:

Squirrels eat avocados that are either hanging on the tree or on the ground. Sometimes, they’ll fly up and get an avocado straight from its branch.

Squirrels will often eat the flesh of avocados, leaving a little and then move on to something else. It may also be difficult to save an avocado garden if you can’t control the squirrels.

Avocado skins:

Squirrels only eat the flesh without eating any seeds. They’re eaten by squirrels because they contain a natural toxin known as persin. 

These glycosides cause the heart to work more quickly and erratically, pumping blood faster.

The consumption of persin by squirrels can lead to digestive problems, respiratory distress, and heart failure. 

Sometimes it even leaks out of the fruit’s flesh. But that’s negligible when compared to how much it would be harmful for a squirrel.

Can Squirrels Eat Avocado Pits Or Seeds?

All the animals love avocado, but there’s a problem with the pits. Pits contain a toxic element called persin, which is responsible for cardiac glycosides that can cause heart failure in squirrels. 

It also causes digestive issues and respiratory illness. So don’t feed squirrels the persin part! Feed them the flesh of avocados instead.

Squirrels are only permitted to eat the flesh of avocado fruit; wild squirrels only consume the flesh and leave behind the skin and stones. 

A lot of them, especially flying ones, also eat a bit of the fruit that is hanging on trees, but they leave most of it behind.

There are various health issues associated with squirrels’ consumption of the seeds and skin. Make sure you only feed your squirrel flesh if you have one as a pet.

The skin and seed of an avocado both contain a harmful compound known as persin. It is soluble in oil, so animals can’t harm the fruit by chewing on it. Hence, the avocado relies on persin to protect itself.

Persin pills are poisonous and can make squirrels sick. Ingestion of persin may lead to digestive distress, respiratory illness, and heart failure. 

Persin contains glycosides which force the squirrel’s heart to work faster, overwork, and pump more blood than normal. Heart disease is a potential side effect.

Even though unripe avocados may have a higher amount of persin, you should be safe to eat it.

The concern that persin may leach into the flesh is negligible because the amount is not worrisome enough for any concern in a squirrel.

Can Baby Squirrels Eat Avocado?

Baby squirrels can eat avocados, just like adults. Their most preferable avocado will be the ripest ones over the unripe ones. 

Once again, feed the flesh of the avocado only to your baby squirrel. The ripe ones are much softer, which will make it easier for your baby squirrel to eat it.

Rather than giving the skin and seeds, which are toxic to their health, it is advisable not to do so. In addition to tasting better, the ripe ones are also less harmful. Baby squirrels should eat them.

Avocado contains healthy fats, carbohydrates, potassium, zinc, and vitamins. Baby squirrels can also obtain the same benefits from eating avocados.

Avocado is an excellent source of saturated fat, great for the health of both baby and adult squirrels. Do not give them artificial sources of this healthy fat, found in processed foods like cookies.

Are Avocados Harmful To Squirrels?

Avocados are healthy for squirrels. They’re not just tasty and soft, but they also contain all sorts of nutrients like healthy saturated fat, carbohydrates, and potassium.

Squirrels are typically safe from any health risks when it comes to avocados. It is difficult for any type of squirrel to get ill, including wild and pet varieties. 

Even young baby squirrels can eat avocados with no negative effects.

The avocado’s skin and pit are poisonous to squirrels. The persins included in the skin and pit can cause adverse health issues like digestive, respiratory illnesses, and heart disease.

One cause of atrial fibrillation or irregular heart function is a cardiac glycoside, which comes from persins.

These parts will not be eaten by your wild squirrel. Pet squirrels should only be fed fleshif you have them. 

If your squirrel accidentally eats any of these toxic parts, look for symptoms such as diarrhea, and less activity.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Avocado?

Avocados are great because they taste good and help promote healthy body maintenance. In addition to fibre, vitamin C, carbs and various micronutrients, avocados contain polyunsaturated fats which have been found in weight management studies to enhance satiety.

Omega-3 fatty acids are generally good for animal health. They’re great for eye sight and keeping fur, skin and heart healthy.

Some other nutrients worth mentioning include: Folic Acid, Sugar, Calcium, Phosphorus, Vitamin-K, Vitamin B6, Niacin, Fluoride, Zinc and water.

Do Squirrels Like Avocado?

Avocado is a favorite food of squirrels. They prefer ripe avocados over unripe ones because they’re more tender and tasty. And since ripe ones have less toxicity, they’re healthier to eat.

Squirrels are known to eat avocados for their healthy nutritional value. The fruit is high in fiber, carbs, potassium, zinc, and omega-3s. 

However, the squirrels can only eat the flesh and not the skin or pits. A paint’s toxic elements can pose health risks to humans.

Squirrels have learned to avoid eating skin and seeds. They only make a small hole to get at the meat inside the nut.

Some people believe that wild squirrels eat avocados in small bits and leaves the remaining for the next animal. 

Some babies, who also love eating avocados, will be born and grow without ever being able to taste one.

How To Feed Squirrels Avocado?

When a squirrel is hungry and it finds an avocado, it usually bites into the large fruit and scoops out chunks of pulp with its tongue. It won’t eat the peel or seeds.

If you’re thinking of feeding your pet squirrel avocado, then you’ll need to know how to do so. 

Feeding a domestic animal can be different than what they normally eat in the wild, so we’ve discussed how to feed a pet squirrel using this fruit.

  1. Slice the fruit in half, remove the flesh, remove the seed and skin.
  2. Remove the seeds and skin of the skin and stone of the avocado are not safe to use for feeding the squirrels.
  3. Cut the flesh into small pieces to make sure they can eat comfortably, without choking.
  4. To enhance the avocado flavor, make sure to avoid eating it with other strong flavors like garlic.

How To Deter Squirrels Away From The Avocado Trees?

Squirrels are adorable, but they can be a nuisance to your backyard orchard. This is the case with avocado trees; squirrels love them.

So how do you keep them away from coming? There are ways. Many may attempt lethal ways, but it is not advisable. So here’s how you should do it.


Scare the squirrels away. In this way, you are not hurting them but simply letting them know that it’s not a good place for them to dwell.

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Final Thoughts

Squirrels like to eat avocados! Not only are they satisfying but they’re health benefits. Just make sure they don’t eat the skin or seeds which are definitely toxic. 

If you let them, wild and captive squirrels will thrive on avocados for their taste and health benefits. Good thing there’s plenty of avocados around!


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