Can Squirrels Eat Salted Peanuts? (Read This First!)

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Squirrels love nuts because they contain a large amount of protein and other nutrients, as well as being a tasty food.

It may surprise you to learn squirrels enjoy nuts, especially if you own a squirrel or own pets. In fact, they love to eat a lot of nuts at once.

The question arises when searching for salt peanuts. Most pet lovers want to know if salt peanuts can be fed to their pets.

One thing you should know is that salt is not the best food ingredient for pets. Therefore, you should not feed squirrels with salt.

Can Squirrels Eat Salted Peanuts?

Although squirrels can eat salted peanuts, they do not have a lot of nutrients. Salted peanuts, on the other hand, can damage the digestive system and destroy the squirrel’s natural immunity. 

They do not digest correctly. This is why you should not feed salted peanuts to your pets.

When salt is added to peanuts, it makes them inedible. Peanuts are a type of nut that has a good amount of protein. They also help to increase muscle mass.

Salt should be avoided when making pet food. It’s only used to make the food taste better. It has no nutritional value. Using salted peanuts will cause health problems for your squirrel or pet.

There are different categories of squirrels. Seeing if they can eat salted peanuts will be interesting.

Wild squirrels:

Because wild squirrels eat everything, including nuts, they can also eat salted peanuts. However, salted peanuts are not good for their health.

As wild animals mostly eat fresh fruits and vegetables, they do not need salted foods. Therefore, if you give them salted food, it can ruin their stomach.

Squirrels that fly:

A different type of squirrel eats peanuts, but not salted ones. However, they can eat salted peanuts as well.

When it comes to eating habits, flying squirrels are the best, since they can eat anything, including vegetables, fruits, and nuts. That’s why they can even eat salted peanuts.

Why Are Salted Peanuts Bad For Squirrels?

There are some specific reasons why salted peanuts are bad for squirrels. Let’s review them.

Salt is not an ideal pet food ingredient:

Pets’ stomachs and digestion are hindered by salt. Therefore, you should avoid feeding them extra salt or salted peanuts. Squirrels, in particular, cannot digest salt.

The first reason salted peanuts are bad for squirrels is because they are salty.

Salt is not safe for the kidneys:

Because squirrels have small kidneys, they cannot process salt properly. This is another reason why salted peanuts are bad for them.

High amount of saturated fat:

Pets shouldn’t eat salted peanuts due to their high level of saturated fat. In the long run, they suffer because they cannot digest it properly. This is why squirrels shouldn’t eat salted peanuts.

Increases blood pressure:

Peanuts that are salted can raise the blood pressure of squirrels, which can lead to heart disease.

Immunity systems will fail:

Squirrels’ immunity systems will fail if you continuously feed them salted peanuts. That is why salted peanuts are bad for squirrels.

If Peanuts Are Lightly Salted And Still In Their Shell, Can Squirrels Eat Them?

It’s okay for squirrels to eat lightly salted peanuts in their shells. However, it’s not ideal to offer salted nuts to squirrels.

A squirrel that eats lightly salted peanuts in the shell will also consume salt. Because it has tiny kidneys, it will not be able to filter out all the salt. As a result, the squirrel’s health is at risk.

Once a week, you can treat your squirrel with lightly salted nuts.

Do Squirrels Like Salted Or Unsalted Peanuts?

Most squirrels live on berries and nuts, so they prefer unsalted peanuts. Squirrels like both salted and unsalted peanuts.

Moreover, salted nuts have a better taste, so squirrels love them as well. Now, here’s the tricky part. You have to control their eating habits and let your squirrels eat a limited amount of salted nuts.

If that is the case, you can make a routine diet where you can add unsalted nuts twice a week. Once a week, you might consider offering salted peanuts.

Are Unsalted Peanuts Safe For Squirrels?

Despite its health benefits, unsalted peanuts are not safe for squirrels. They can cause allergies and other heart diseases.

As a result, you should make a diet chart and prioritize unsalted peanuts. Add some as a treat, but don’t let your squirrels eat them every day.

Unsalted peanuts are healthier than salted peanuts, so you should avoid using salted peanuts and add unsalted ones instead.

What Kind Of Peanuts Should Squirrels Be Fed?

The best peanuts to feed squirrels are unsalted peanuts. You can find salted peanuts, unsalted peanuts, raw peanuts, shelled peanuts, and unshelled peanuts in the market.

The best type of peanuts to feed squirrels are raw peanuts and unsalted peanuts. However, squirrels can eat all types of nuts and peanuts.

Neither raw peanuts nor salted peanuts are healthy. Raw peanuts can cause heart disease. 

However, salted peanuts can be harmful to the kidneys. That’s why unsalted peanuts are the best alternative for squirrels.

How To Feed Peanuts To Squirrels?

Getting squirrels to eat peanuts is the easiest thing you can ever do. You may wonder how to do it. Nuts and peanuts are the favorite foods of squirrels. Therefore, you can feed them in any way you like.

Still, there are some guidelines that you can follow to feed peanuts to squirrels.

Scatter the peanuts:

Spread peanuts in front of your squirrels. They will eat them one by one. It’s the easiest way to feed squirrels peanuts.

Mixture of different seeds and nuts:

Make a mixture of seeds and nuts. Add peanuts too. Then feed your squirrels. They will eat the variety. This is the second-best way to feed squirrels peanuts.


Feeding your baby squirrels with a feeder is another option. A squirrel feeder can be filled with different nuts and seeds if you have baby squirrels. In this way, you can feed your squirrels peanuts.

Hand feed:

Hand-feeding squirrels can be done if they are friendly and trust you. Before you do that, remember that squirrels can bite. And that will hurt. Avoid hand-feeding wild squirrels, especially if you have them.

There are more ways and tips to feed peanuts to squirrels in the row. It is up to you if you want to add some and figure out the best way to feed your squirrels.

What Nuts Can You Feed Squirrels?

All nuts can be fed to pets, except salted peanuts, which contain saturated fats and salt that are harmful to their health.

Nevertheless, we found some excellent nuts that squirrels will surely enjoy. You can find it here.

Raw peanuts:

There are many health benefits to giving squirrels raw peanuts. They contain high amounts of protein and help them grow quickly.

Unsalted peanuts:

A third excellent source of natural protein would be unsalted peanuts or nuts. A squirrel needs a minimum amount of protein every day to grow properly. In that case, unsalted peanuts would be a great choice.


There is no better natural pet food than walnuts. Squirrels love them unshelled, so you can buy some walnuts and feed them to your pet.

Almond nut:

It is recommended that you feed squirrels almond nuts because they contain a high amount of protein and vitamins.


If you would like to reward your squirrels with some dessert, hazelnuts would be a good choice. The use of hazelnuts as a dessert item is possible.

Among the best nuts to feed squirrels, these are considered the best. You can find more, but try these first.


Squirrels can eat salted peanuts. In fact, they love them. However, you should make a diet chart and feed your squirrels salted peanuts once a week. 

Any more than that will result in severe health problems.


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