Can You Use A Diaper Genie Instead Of Cat Litter Box?

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No one wants to be stuck with the nasty, stomach-turning smell of a dirty litter box forever. 

That’s fortunately not something you have to worry about for very long! If you think hard enough, you’ll find the perfect solution – the diaper genie!

Can You Use A Diaper Genie Instead Of Cat Litter Box?

Diaper Genie can be the best solution for getting rid of cat litter as well as dog poop. Along with this, the product is great for disposing of diapers and other sewage products. 

Thanks to the seven protective layers made from carbon filters, which work to trap the worst odors from the litter and dispose of them.

Though there are other alternatives, like the litter genie. Both options have their benefits and drawbacks.

When it comes to safely cleaning all that mess off your kids and cats, nothing beats this one.

The most frustrating aspect of cat litter is that it doesn’t just get scooped from your cat’s litter box. 

The diaper genie is an incredible pet lover’s helper. It has a high level of engineering and it uses a 7-layered carbon filter to get rid of any smells.

A good way to avoid that unfortunate smell is by using an odor eliminator. It’s the best way to trap all of those smells in one place.

As it is made for versatile uses—baby waste and litter—the canister will have enough space for any needs. This means you’ll get a larger canister than other competitive brands.

In order to correctly use a trash bin, one needs to put the right amount of litter in and change the bags occasionally. Trash bins need to stay clean and maintained.

The most important part of bringing your own bags is that you always need to check them.

Unlike ordinary plastic bags, these can be heavier than expected and might also spill out of their sleeves.

This is a bit dangerous because if you keep packing the diapers too full, they won’t be able to hold everything. 

To fix this, simply make sure to keep an eye on how much litter you’ve packed in your diapers.

Some people change the vacuum cleaner bag long before it needs to be replaced. 

This is quite logical and will help the canister work effectively for years after years. Being budget conscious, you may ask yourself the question- How can I afford so many refills?

There’s a very easy way to make this too. These bags come in different lengths, so if you want a certain length, just cut and then tie the ends with a knot. 

That’ll give you a customized bag without any extra effort. When it comes to diapers, the best thing you can do is diaper genie. 

Regardless of whether your pet is a big cat or a small dog, these will keep things nice and sanitized in your home.

Diaper Genie Registry Gift Set | Includes Diaper Genie Complete Diaper Pail, 8 Refill Bags, 1 Carbon Filter | 1 Year Supply
Diaper Genie Registry Gift Set | Includes Diaper Genie Complete Diaper Pail, 8 Refill Bags, 1 Carbon Filter | 1 Year Supply

Can A Diaper Genie Handle Cat Poop?

Correct. Diapers of all kinds can benefit from the genie; specifically, panty-liners for toilets with caregivers and safety of cat poop. 

It’s been designed to be used by pet owners as prevention has been taken for a safe product.

This durable filter is made of seven layers, with elements like carbon. It’s more than a disposable bag to protect your stuff and it’s heavier, so it’ll last as long as you need it to.

To cleanup after your cat’s bathroom breaks, you definitely need a diaper genie. Diaper genies are designed to handle the nastiest and smelliest of dirty diapers.

With the large canister, your cat’s waste will get disposed of faster. It’ll handle large amounts of diapers at a time too, so you won’t need to deal with them all on your own.

Usually, owners are able to change the bag while they have some time to spare. You can ensure a better pet experience with this diaper genie by using simple bags and canisters.

Not sure which waste receptacle is right for you? Read more about the diaper genie and the litter genie here!

Both diaper genies and litter genies are powerful choices for pet lovers; this is the only way to go if you want a clean home and a healthy pet.

Knowing the difference between these two products (a diaper genie and a litter genie) will help you decide which one is best for you.


Different packages offer different rates. Though it may be more expensive up-front, economic pricing on the diaper genie is sure to be a hit for those who prefer lower prices.

The best part is that you get a larger pack at a decreasing cost in the genie diaper. Even though the litter genie is also reasonably priced, it couldn’t possibly beat the diaper genie in this case.


The litter genie packs are often smaller in size (rather than larger). That can be disappointing for some owners. If you’re looking for a bigger pack, you should consider buying the diaper genie version.


There is a great opportunity for diaper genie to develop a system that caters to different needs. The litter genie is also more expensive. Both brands have this striking difference.

Carbon Filter:

Though, both the bags have a great representation of the seven layers, the litter genie lacks a carbon filter.

There is no doubt that diaper genie has a better mechanism for trapping odors. It’s loved for that reason!

Cat Litter Diaper Genie Pros And Cons

Lots of people are focusing on the amazing benefits of the diaper genie. Yes, it contains many advantages. But then again there’s a downside too.

All in all, the HubSpot software is great. In addition to the benefits I mentioned earlier, it also has some drawbacks that may not suit your needs.

So you might want to learn more about these before deciding whether or not Hubspot is right for you.


Hands-free system:

Without a doubt, one of the biggest benefits is that you don’t have to touch anything in order to close up the canister – your foot is all you need!

Diaper Genie has extra-large refill bags. It’s a relief knowing that your cats are using it again after a heavy flow of litter and poop. Undoubtedly, the diaper genie deserves praise for this.


Considering that this pack offers a more affordable price than the rest of their competitors, you never seem to run into any budget issues.

It’s available anytime, in any situation-and it’s always able to provide you with the best service while sticking to your budget.


Needs more space:

For someone living in a small apartment, this diaper genie can consume a lot of space. This is why you need to be extra considerate about the space if this is the case for you.

Refill last no longer than 1 month:

As replacements seem not to be enough, it seems increase the cost. Though many brands are reluctant to offer these, we can still save some money. You may sometimes need to pay a bit more for the special diaper genie refills.

How Do You Use The Diaper Genie For Cat Litter?

Just because you’ve never used the diaper genie for cat litter before, it doesn’t mean you can’t. With a little guidance, cat owners have been able to get the job done with relatively few problems.

In order to avoid any potential mistakes, why not take a look at our step-by-step guide? It can give you a detailed overview of the procedures.

Assembling the parts:

Assembling something is often a very simple process if you read the instruction manual closely. Usually there will be detailed instructions in the manual on how to do this.

Whenever you’re trying to assemble a cabinet and you’re feeling confused, try one of these simple techniques. 

First, attach the top and bottom cabinets with hinges and make sure they’re flush against each other. Then, flip the top and it should be ready for you.

Prepare the refill:

The refill needs special care if it’s going to last. To do this, you should prepare the ink before using it in your printer.

To use a bag, start by pulling the refill down and backwards. Most of the time, 18 inches is enough for this. Then tie the end off with a knot and you’re good to go.

Dispose of the diaper:

Now that you’ve changed the diaper, it’s time to properly dispose of it. You should use a safety zip lock bag like a Ziplock or Glad to avoid any accidents.

When you prepare to put your baby in a diaper, roll it tightly into the shape of a ball. Use adhesive tapes to secure the edges and tighten using your full strength to create a secure diaper.

Remove the refills:

Once your refill is filled with waste and dirty diapers it’s probably time to replace the system. To do this, remove the top of the pail and cut it down.

Next, tie it into a knot, and use the entire thing with a new refill.

Cleaning the canister:

The canister needs to be taken care of so that it’s clean and sanitized. For best results, wash it weekly. Otherwise, it can become a home for harmful germs.

Final Thoughts

A diapering genie should be your first choice for disposal methods for cat litter.

From the budget-friendly packs to the hand-free canister, it has all the aesthetic aspects that pet lovers could want. These are the ultimate relief from any stinky smells your cat may create.


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