Can You Use Cat Litter Box For Rabbits Or Bunnies?

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Rabbits are a fun indoor pet for sure. They’re funny, happy and harmless to keep inside your house. But don’t be fooled, they still require care and attention to live well.

To ensure that your little white friends are happily organized and trained, you must make sure their using a litter. 

There’s some common misconception that one can train their rabbits or bunny owners to use their cats’ litter. Is it safe for those little bunnies?

This topic will be discussed here.

Can You Use Cat Litter Box For Bunnies Or Rabbits?

You should not use a cat litter for a rabbit or bunny. They’re made for cats and most brands of this product – such as clay, clumping, crystal, zinc – are dangerous for rabbits and bunnies if ingested. 

If these litters are swallowed, they can cause digestive and intestinal problems and may even result in death. 

Using cat litters as rabbit or bunny litter might seem harmless, but it’s not safe. 

Most of the cat litter composition is crystals, clay, clumping, zinc and so on. Some even contain pine and cedar wood shavings. 

These are not rodent-friendly if you want to use them for litter. Approximately a third of rabbits have a habit of chewing or tasting everything they find. 

If one is given cat litter box that includes the mentioned items, it will by nature try to eat and chew those.

If consumed, these will get stuck on the rabbit’s throat or stomach and make it uncomfortable.

When ingested, cat litter can lead rabbits and bunnies to unhealthy consequences. Crystal, pine wood, and clay are full of toxic particles which can eventually lead to respiratory troubles for the rabbit.

Clumping is the most harmful item in cat litter box. When consumed by the rabbits or bunnies it enlarges inside the stomach and messes up with their digestive system.

In the worst case, clumping can cause blockage in the intestinal area and thus may take away your pets’ life.

Rabbits have a sensitive respiratory system. The dust from clay and wood shingles can enter their lungs and cause breathing problems. 

Furthermore, zinc, an ingredient found in crystal healing, is too poisonous for rabbits and is responsible for many complicated health problems of rabbits.

Rabbits are known to have sensitive digestive systems, and because of this they should never be fed cat litter. Instead, safe materials like paper or hay would be better choices.

Is Cat Litter Box Safe For Bunnies Or Rabbits?

Cat litter box isn’t a good option for your bunny or rabbit. It is uncomfortable, most of the time made of materials that aren’t friendly to their feet and digestive tract.

If you want to keep your rabbits or bunnies from spreading their droppings everywhere, the best solution would be some cat litter. But if you don’t want to hurt your pet, this isn’t a good idea.

Cats’ litter box are usually made of clay, clumping, cedar, crystal, or pine. Some cats also include zinc.

These materials are not made for rabbits because they chew everything and can get them stuck in their stomachs and throats.

Since cat litter is unsafe for rabbits, you should use paper litter, which is made specifically for rabbits and bunnies.

Can Rabbits Go On Cat Litter Box?

Rabbits should not be near cat litters because cats have different litter preferences.

Sometimes, rabbit owners look for a suitable cleaner for their rabbits. But, cats and rabbits cannot use the same type of litter because cat litters are designed for cats, not rabbits.

Cat litter box is usually composed of crystal, clay, and clumping. These materials are safe and beneficial to cats, but if a rabbit uses this type of cat litter, it will chew the items continuously.

When you’re in a panic, it can be difficult to remember the right thing to do. That’s why we’ve included tips on how to deal with choking on something.

So rabbits cannot go on cat litter box . You can use some types of cat litter too, such as paper or wood-based ones, if you really need to.

What Happens When Rabbits Use Cat Litter Box That Is Not Safe?

Many people use cat litter for their pet rabbits, but they’re unaware of the danger. Popular cat liters that include zinc, clumping, clay or crystals are not safe for rabbits. If you have a pet rabbit, it’s best to avoid these cat liters.

If you still use an unsafe cat litter for rabbits, the issues your pets may face are similar to these:

Intestinal Blockages:

One of the harmful materials for bunnies is clumping cat litter. It can cause blockage in a rabbit’s intestines if they eat it by mistake.

Clay from cat litter is the culprit of blocking rabbits’ stomach areas, which lowers their appetite and can result in death as well.

Breathing problem:

With a sensitive respiratory system, there are some cat litters that should be avoided. These litters are made of clay, clumping, cedar, or pine which can lead to respiratory problems in rabbits. 

Among these are crystals and clay particles that are poisonous enough to create health-threatening respiratory problems in rabbits.

Using cedar or pine shaving, which also produce scented fumes, can lead to respiratory issues for rabbits.

These scents, which are released from all of these types of wood, can be dangerous for the creatures and cause them to fall ill.

Digestive Issues:

As rabbits have a tendency to eat anything they see, cat liters often contain zinc and crystal. This can result in digestive problems for rabbits as well as high mortality rates.

What Type Of Cat Litter Box Is Safe For Rabbits?

Most cat litters are harmful to your sensitive pet. However, if you must use cat litter for your bunny or rabbit, there are a few that don’t contain toxic and harsh ingredients.

Cat litters that don’t have the items mentioned below are safe for rabbits.


The harmful effect of clumping cat litter for rabbits is that it creates an uncomfortable environment for the animal’s digestive system. This makes clumping cat litter not suitable for rabbits.

In addition to that, clumping when eaten will get bigger in the stomach causing an intestinal blockage.

This can cause serious problems so you should use cat litter that is non-clumping.


Zinc cat litter is poisonous to rabbits. Cat’s bodies can tolerate it, but it’s toxic for rabbits and may have adverse effects like bloody stool or digestive problems.

Non-zinc cat litter is safe for rabbits, though they may not prefer it over their regular litter.


Crystal is not suitable for rabbits because the particles may cause an allergic reaction. This is dangerous to the rabbit’s health, so make sure to use a cat litter when cleaning your rabbit’s cage if crystal litter is not available.


Clay cat litters can cause various problems for rabbits. The dust can enter the lungs and make breathing difficult, or if consumed, lead to digestive issues. 

You should keep them separate when using clay litter in a rabbit’s cage, so they are not likely to come into contact with it and also does not get hurt by any accidents that may happen.

What Can I Substitute For Rabbit Litter?

Here are some substitutes that can replace rabbit litter:


We believe Litter with Paper is the safest paper to use for bunnies. It’s comfortable and highly absorbent and does not contain any harmful toxins, so if it’s consumed it will not harm rabbits. 

Moreover, when you buy paper for your pet’s needs you’re doing right by the environment. You can recycle paper, which helps to keep nature clean!

Rabbits can be given paper-based or Paper-based pellet litter.

Wood Fibers:

Two popular options for rabbit bedding are natural wood fiber and ground-up newspaper.

Wood fibers are free of any toxins, environmentally friendly, and biodegradable. Wood fiber has an excellent absorbent capacity, and many types are even scented to produce a pleasant odor.

Litters that are made of natural wood can be used for rabbits as if they consumed it, the rabbits won’t get poisoned.


Hay is a good choice when it comes to lining a cat’s litter box. It’s soft, and if the animal eats some hay it will not harm them in any way. 

Rabbits are accustomed to being around hay, and they hardly ever react negatively to eating some of it.

Not only is hay non-allergic to rabbits, but it is also absorbent, natural, and good for them. It’s a safe option for rabbits or bunnies.

Final Thoughts

Cat litters are often toxic to rabbits. Some common ingredients that can poison cats include clumping, crystal, clay, zinc, cedar or pine. 

These toxic materials can cause different health problems for rabbits, including digestive issues, respiratory problems and blockages of the intestines. So please don’t use cat litter for rabbits.


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